Monday, November 12, 2007

Before Our Very Eyes

For those who believe that terrorists are "out there" somewhere, disconnected from us, inexplicably bent on destroying us, and for those who find it beyond belief that our own government would do us harm, it is time to look at some basic facts and see things again for the very first time.

Let's start with our so called "Intelligence" agencies. If you're like most people you've never had any first hand experience with FBI agents or the CIA. Yet, in spite of knowing nothing about them first hand, you are of the belief that they are necessary and law abiding, and everything they do is to protect you and to protect the nation from harm. You might want to ask yourself where your ideas came from if they didn't come from first hand experience.

How did you get those ideas?

A lot of us believe we know what the CIA and FBI are because we share the same sources of input about them. Namely, our television sets. There have been hundreds of television shows over the last 50 years based on law enforcement and intelligence agencies and they have been undeniably popular. Dragnet (1951), The Avengers (1961), The Saint (1962), The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964), Get Smart (1965), I Spy (1965), The FBI (1965), Mission Impossible (1966), Hawaii Five-O (1968), Columbo (1968), Streets of San Francisco (1972), The Six Million Dollar Man (1974), Charlie's Angels (1976), Police Squad! (1982), Remington Steele (1982), Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983), Miami Vice (1984), The Equalizer (1984), Sledge Hammer! (1986), Law and Order (1990), NYPD Blue (1993), Walker Texas Ranger (1993), X-Files (1993), Monk (2002), to name a very small few. There have been literally hundreds of shows in this genre. Something for everyone.

We've all seen a variety of law enforcement/intelligence shows over the years going back decades, and they're still going strong. It's all been well ingrained. Whether it's "gritty and realistic" or slapstick comedy, we've been brought to know and love the faces of hundreds of TV cops, detectives, spies, under cover agents and many others, and have invited them into our homes countless times.

Hollywood depicts law enforcement officials as likable, dedicated, ethical, decent, benevolent, honest, upright people, so it's no surprise our own perceptions are strongly molded along those same lines. Without equal but opposite mainstream input depicting enforcement officials as corrupt, violent, psychopathic, or rotten to the core, we have no frames of reference for such contrary notions. We'd find data like that hard to believe, even though it's true. We see all law enforcement officers as our friends.

The fact is, this is powerful brainwashing, the molding of widespread public opinion through fantasy. Don't forget that every TV show you've ever seen on the subject is pure fantasy. The actors are not agents or officers. They are actors. Regular people reciting lines from a script written by professional story tellers and writers. The entire show is produced by people who are in the entertainment industry. They are not presenting factual people, events, realities, or the day to day truths of what goes on behind official closed doors.

Yet these entertainment series, all pure fiction, still directly and deeply mold public opinion. The end result is unquestioning public acceptance and support of our country having powerful secret police agencies and the widespread belief that all forms of policing, local and federal, are lawful, important, necessary and completely acceptable. So much so that openly questioning anything they do is likely to make you very unpopular, and in very short order.

Fantasy television shows have nothing to do with reality. So, more than likely you don't actually know anything about any of these agencies. You don't know the organizational structure, the history, the truth of who's connected to who in the upper echelons and what major corporations they're from or directly related to. You don't know what kinds of projects they're working on, what goals they've been given, what forms of corruption are ongoing and rampant. You don't know who works there, how much of our money they're given annually, or what is done with that money. You wouldn't even recognize the head of the CIA if you bumped into him on the street.

Since you don't honestly know anything about any of these agencies or the people in them, why should you so easily believe only the best about these organizations? What is there to base that opinion on? They are all complete strangers to you.

Every mother teaches her children at a very young age not to trust strangers. It's simple common sense. As adults in a functional democracy, we do not owe unquestioning trust to the perfect strangers on our payroll. Just the opposite. We need to ask questions about everything or we risk losing control over our own lives. They are accountable to us, not the other way around.

All of the people in enforcement positions are ordinary human beings, your citizen equals, endowed with all of the same weaknesses and flaws that the rest of humanity has. Not only are they liable to succumb to their own worst characteristics, they are also faced with constant, strong temptations unique to their positions of power and credibility; and they are in positions to do serious wrong.

If you or I are somewhat corrupt, it couldn't have much impact on the world. We don't dabble in anything beyond the mundane simple things of our own lives. But if people like this are corrupt, they can do very serious damage affecting many or all of us.

These are the only people in our country who can legally use deadly force. If they become corrupt, then what happens? They will get away with it. And the fact is, they do get away with it. You won't be seeing that on your favorite television show because it would challenge the carefully propagated, widely held belief that all is well with our secret police, and that's not something this government would benefit from.

The partnership of government and Hollywood is well known and long standing. There is an enormous amount of money and power in both camps. Hollywood expertly entertains us, distracts us, and easily manipulates our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. They are able to redefine things, literally recreate them by dreaming up new perspectives that can make us accept or reject anything and all the while have us believing it was our own idea.

Things as unacceptable as having dozens of secret police organizations, or waging war when there is no threat to us can be stripped of their objectionable attributes by fabricating spectacular stories that glamorize them and completely divert our attention from the simple truth. These stories instantly bring us to the point where we can no longer see the obvious right in front of our eyes. Instead of seeing what's really there, we see something that isn't there and never was there, something that's been put into our minds by these powerful media organizations. This is no accident.

Hollywood along with the wealthy, powerful, ever more monopolized broadcast and print infotainment "news" media keeps us docile, diverted and oblivious in exactly this way, leaving us trusting and happily willing to put up with whatever the government throws at us. We never catch on either. And if you're like most Americans, you do put up with it all, you don't challenge anything, and you'd never doubt anything they're doing no matter how strange it looks. And that's just naive.

What we see with our own eyes is no longer defined by our own private critical analysis but instead is explained and presented to us by the media, projecting an orchestrated wall of xeroxed solidarity. This, in and of itself is an impossible occurrence if we're to believe it's not all totally contrived. The odds of completely independent news organizations coming up with the exact same stories day after day, year after year, all promoting the same perspectives, even using the exact same verbiage, is astronomically impossible. The corporate media has become one great big national scale psychological operation.

Unfortunately, it's been going on for so long that we've been habituated to having our thinking done for us and served up by familiar television news personalities. Yet we still believe our perspectives and beliefs are our own, natural and real, not ideas that are implanted in our minds at the exact times our critical defenses are down to openly receive whatever is coming in at us from those star studded screens.

A perfect example of this in regard to the CIA is the fantasized Hollywood portrayal of James Bond, the most famous spy on earth. The major corporate media expertly romanticized something that is from the outset extremely disturbing, as well as blatantly against our constitutional principles. After watching a few James Bond movies people become very open to the idea of spies and spying. They see the glamour, the adventure and suspense, the colorful bad guys and heroic handsome good guys, the fancy expensive hi-tech gizmos, the fantasy sex and lavish wealth and they come away almost envious of the hero. A hero who is an infamous, world class, very glamorous spy. Without even noticing it, the idea of an armed man going around spying, breaking in and stealing and killing for his government is seamlessly transformed from a very ugly concept into a thrilling fantasy adventure.

Once this romanticized version of spying has been laid in the mind it will be very difficult to look seriously at the spies we have on our own national payroll. Somehow, that reality becomes diluted down to something we give no thought to. Our own feelings of comfort with the capable heroic James Bond character and the dozens to hundreds of our own beloved TV enforcement characters effectively blocks us from perceiving our massive and powerful intelligence agencies realistically. This is how they get you. They've literally shut off your critical thinking ability.

James Bond is to spying what Disneyland is to reality. Spies and espionage in the real world bear little resemblance to our fictitious heroes. Espionage is dangerous. Every country on earth perceives spies and spying as one of the highest crimes that can be committed. Governments have no sense of humor about it whatsoever. They aren't distracted by thoughts of fantasized glamorized espionage. If spies are caught in any country, what happens to them? They are executed, probably after being thoroughly and repeatedly tortured in inconceivably horrible ways.

Spying is illegal all over the world, that's what makes it so dangerous. Spying is serious crime.

So look again at what the CIA is. It's a spy agency. The meat of what they do, the really secret stuff, is by all definitions illegal. That's what they're there for. It is literally an organized crime syndicate that is a direct part of our government. It is not a public agency, it is a secretive organization that works directly for the president. It is the president who directs the activities of the CIA and the FBI both of whom excel in committing all manner of covert crimes. If you or I did anything they do, we would be put away for life. And it's not just the CIA and the FBI, there are many more "security" agencies in our federal government. The NSA, DIA, NRO, NIC, the list goes on and on. Every branch of the military has a "security/intelligence" agency and there are security agencies so secret that we aren't even allowed to know about them.

At this point we have enough refreshed perspective to face the uncomfortable fact. The federal government is deeply involved in organized crime through a network of "intelligence" agencies that are engaged in criminal activity all over the world, and right here at home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The murders, bribery, extortion, removal of foreign governments and installing preferred governments all over the world, spying, bribery, wiretapping, surveillance, arms smuggling, kidnappings, payments to and protection of criminal informants, etc., all illegal. Every bit of it. The United States government is deeply woven into this incredibly secretive and very powerful network of crime agencies. You and I are simply to believe that when the government does it, it's not crime.

How could it not be crime based on who is doing it? Either something is illegal or it's not. Murder is illegal everywhere in the world, as is spying, wiretapping, kidnapping, etc., so how can it be that when they do it, it somehow isn't wrong? All of those things are illegal in our own country. No one has a pass to murder or break any of our laws at will, including every one of those "intelligence" and law enforcement agencies. That's the law.

It takes some serious doublethink to separate out a nonsensical idea like having good crime and bad crime. It's crime when they do it, it's crime when anyone does it. Just placing a label on it that says "intelligence" or "national security" doesn't change anything. This is the very reason they do everything they do in secrecy, they're engaged in criminal activity and they don't have the right to commit crimes.

All of those things are criminal here, nobody has the right to do them or give anyone else permission to do them. Not a single person in this country has any such right, it doesn't exist, no one is above the law. So how can it be that widespread crimes are regularly being committed behind our backs, without our knowledge or consent, and the president directs it all? Who placed him above the law? No one exists above the law, so no one exists who could pass that "right" to the president.

Did you vote to allow the government to break the law at will? Well Congress did. How could they authorize something they themselves have no right to do? Is there really some legitimate need for our government to commit crimes? Why can't they do their jobs without breaking the law like the rest of us do? Can't they perform their duties without using the threat of lethal force and/or imprisonment over even the smallest things? If not, why not? Why have laws at all if the government doesn't uphold them or excuses itself from obeying them? What's going on here?

It's taken a whole lot of TV propaganda, multimillion dollar movies, best selling fiction, professional broadcast and print news media with lots of specifically contrived framing of issues and expert glamorization techniques to thoroughly sell us the idea that crime is only crime when someone besides our own government does it. They walk a tricky line by telling us they uphold the law while at the same time they're very busily, openly and secretly breaking it.

We've been mentally manipulated into accepting the blatant criminality of our government without question. We even believe it's necessary and noble and right to have people on our payroll who break any and all laws they desire, without being accountable to us, and while also claiming the right to keep everything about what they do locked away from public view for years. This is about covering up crimes. Crimes against us.

Spying is not glamorous. It's crime. Beating people, kidnapping and torturing them, it's all crime. If our spies get caught doing what they do abroad, they'll pay the price. Our government can't even attempt to intervene to try to save their necks because spying is indefensible. Even more, it would mean confessing that the US Government is openly engaged in organized crime, which would effectively end all US credibility in the world. While we here at home are too propagandized to see it for what it is, every other country out there watching is not suffering under the burden of our cognitive blindness. They see it all for what it really is, and what it is, is as plain as day.

Our government's official position has always been that it does no spying, it commits no covert crimes, it does not torture or kidnap, it does nothing of the kind. All governments say that. They all say they do no wrong and yet at some level we all know that's not true. They continue to deny it every time they get caught red handed, and when it's our own government, we continue to not see it for what it is.

Remember Iran/Contra? Ronald Reagan kept assuring everyone he knew nothing about it. Either he was lying, or our spy agencies are running rogue and out of control, against the direct laws of this country. Either way we're in a heap of trouble. The fact that no one was honestly punished for Iran/Contra, and that no one is ever honestly punished for any of the endless criminal scandals that occur in high levels of intelligence, defense and the executive branch, proves the criminality of this government and makes plain that all of it is condoned and directed from the top.

The few men convicted of felonies after Congressional hearings and highly publicized show trials are routinely pardoned or receive very light sentences. Those same men show up again and again in critical high level government, intelligence, national security, legal, defense and foreign policy positions making it all the more plain. They are convicted felons being hired right back into high level government jobs, picking up right where they left off. Clearly, the official opinion, albeit denied, is that no crimes were committed by these people. On the contrary, many of them receive generous promotions.

That may surprise you, but it's standard operating procedure. You just don't know about it. It only requires the corporate major broadcast and print media to not mention the prior felony convictions, to overlook the heinous dark histories, and to portray these people as credible and respectable. They laud them as though they were American heroes. That's dishonest enough to be criminal in it's own right.

Calling the dark meat of what these agencies do "Intelligence" or "security" is nothing more than a subtle but powerful word game. This is high level organized crime being run from the top levels of our own government, presented to us as perfectly normal. The fact is that crime is crime no matter who does it, and that's the reality it's time for us to see again.

There are a lot of highly paid agents, individuals and agencies inside and outside of our country who are committing the worst kinds of crimes in the world under the auspices of these various quasi legalized crime agencies. This means they are going to get away with everything they do if they're doing it on the orders of the president, and he's the only person they take orders from. Are you putting two and two together yet?

It doesn't require every single person who works for the government or one of these agencies to be involved in criminal activity. In fact the majority of civil servants are normal, regular people who aren't even aware of what goes on at the top and none of what they do is criminal. They are compartmentalized, what they don't need to know they aren't told, and they simply follow orders without knowing a thing about the bigger picture more often than not. It only requires that individuals in upper level management positions are installed or recruited, willingly or unwillingly, to carry out the tasks they are given. The unwilling ones however, don't seem to last long on the job these days, as a recent spate of firings and disgusted individuals quitting in protest indicates. History also shows that a noticeable number of high level intelligence types end up prematurely dead. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's not, but you can be sure we won't see any governmental investigations taking a closer look at it. None of this is buried, it's all hidden in plain sight. The place least likely for most of us to be able to see it.

PART TWO - The People In Charge
Next, let's look at the kind of people who run this country. The ones in the top level positions, both known and unknown to us, the ones who control what others do and don't do, the ones who do the hiring and firing, the ones with the power, prestige and credibility of their official titles and positions.

People in power are not like you and me. Theirs is a wholly different existence. They are people who are used to the finest things in life. They live in luxury, travel in luxury, and vacation in luxury. They hobnob with the rich and famous, have servants, assistants and secretaries, security clearances, limousines, armed body guards, private airplanes, and above all else, these are people who have a lot of power. They are used to people jumping at their orders, not being questioned or challenged, and having people groveling at their feet for a variety of different reasons, or just to get some brownie points. They can hire and fire anyone they want at will and leave it to someone else to make it look reasonable. They are used to sitting in high level meetings with others in power and deciding the fate of the world. These are people used to getting their way. Whether or not it's legal concerns them a whole lot less than we'd hope.

They have very little in common with most of us, they don't even think along the same lines as we do. All of the basic worries of day to day existence are far from the minds and lives of these people. They never give a thought to where their next meal is coming from, or how they'll make the rent, or how to afford medical care. They don't worry about needing a lawyer, or being screwed by a bank or local store. These things are worry free, whatever problems that might come up are dealt with by employees.

These are the kinds of worries that occupy a huge percentage of our ordinary lives, and we spend day after day engaged in activities to keep food on the table, keep the car running, keep the children fed and clothed and healthy, keep the mortgage payments on time, along with the car insurance, the life insurance, the demands of the IRS, the auto registration fees, the smog checks, the list is really quite endless. What you and I experience as the major bulk of our lives, are things those people in power never give a single thought to. Ever. And that leaves them free to look at the world in a whole different way. It also leaves it up to them entirely what they are going to do with their lives, with each day, and allows them to pick and choose whatever it is they want to achieve.

It's no secret that powerful people love their power. They also love their wealth and face it, you can't have one without the other. It's logical to assume that what they choose to focus on above all else is retaining and increasing their wealth and power. Since they're powerful and wealthy already, and they have at their disposal unlimited access to the full force of our military might, all of the covert agencies, every department of law enforcement and government, the finest scientific and professional minds in the world, hand picked loyal committed staff, an army of "think tanks" to strategize and devise for them, and all the best of the best connections in existence, what do you suppose they're doing all day?

Now throw in the simple reality that the richest, most powerful people in the world are connected to each other, a symbiosis of power, because they all share very similar goals. It's far more advantageous to work together than to fight each other, and that's exactly what they do. The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve are so highly influential over our government and our lives as to quite literally control them, and none of these are elected or even much known by the people. They are immovable, invisible, powerful organizations exclusively comprised of the wealthiest most powerful people in the world and they are infinitely more likely to rub elbows with our high level government officials than you or I ever would be. Their influence writes our legislation which then becomes our law.

Throw in the fact that our current government is arrogantly unashamed of its powerful web of covert "intelligence" agencies. Various branches of Intelligence are involved in numerous secret projects, spanning from defense technology to medical research, corporate/government IT security partnerships, the funding of university scientific research of all kinds, level 3 and 4 biological weapons research labs, extremely cutting edge high tech things like robotics, computers and Nanotechnology and an amazing variety of completely bizarre things including mind control, invisibility shields and robotic spy cows; basically anything that can potentially come up with ways to get richer or achieve more devastating levels of total military dominance. We fund all of it so they may personally profit. Realizing that nothing they do can ever be prosecuted, that they will likely never even be questioned about any of it much less found out, and knowing that no matter what happens, no matter how much harm they do they will never be held accountable for anything, then tell me again these people are benevolent and worried only about you.

The unbridled greed of this country's corporatocracy is supported, protected, defended and covered up by our so called security agencies as well as our enforcement agencies. Our military might is abused, no profaned, used as an extension of corporate will to smash helpless nations into oblivion to plunder their natural resources for their own personal profit. That's what war, greed and power have always been about and right now, today, these people are in a filthy dirty orgasmic hog heaven, having a merciless orgy of greed the likes of which have never been seen before in this country.

If you were in their place, would you be thinking about anyone else?

It's not that this is new, it isn't new. It's just that it's never been done so openly and ravenously before. Their true criminal identities are fully exposed to all who have managed to extricate themselves from the imposed official fantasy perspectives we've been spoon-fed all our lives. Our government is infamous around the world for training and arming the worlds worst terrorists and dictators. They sell arms to friend and foe alike and also teach oppressive regimes how to crush their native populations when they rise up to demand legitimate democratic governments. Psychological operations are a very scary reality not confined to the battlefield, and its techniques are taught and propagated to the last people on earth we'd want to see have them. The horrors perpetrated on simple people all over the world are often directly connected back to the US Government and its "intelligence" and "defense" activities.

These are the things the wealthy, powerful corporate owned mainstream news media will not tell the American people, and because of that, we are grossly uninformed to the point of possessing childlike naivety.

Wealth and power are not with us, they are against us. The more you look around and see the evidence, the more obvious it becomes, and the more it all starts to make sense.

PART THREE - Terrorists
As for terrorists from backwards third world places putting everything they've got into somehow getting here to do us harm, we have to know that it would be literally impossible. With so many intelligence/security organizations on our payroll, how could they even get into the country unless we wanted them here? How else could they hope to succeed?

In the first place, it takes a lot of money, specialized know how, and deep governmental connections to be able to pull off something like committing acts of terror in a foreign country. How could they possibly do it on their own? If they're just regular people like we are, they have no money, no special access or privileges, no way of getting through customs or passport checks, no chance of buying or smuggling such highly controlled things as nuclear weapons, aircraft, delivery systems, bio-weapons, in short, they'd have no chance of getting any further than you or I would.

How could they know anything about or gain access to complex specialized cutting edge technologies, highly developed military strategies, military ultra high grade anthrax, classified internal governmental schedules and war games plans, or C4 and other strictly controlled explosives? How could they afford any of that? We're talking serious money here, bribes are very expensive and very tricky and the purchase price of any of these things would be astronomical. Where would that kind of wealth and those sorts of insider connections come from, a cracker jack box?

How could they devise and coordinate such successful plans for hijacking multiple airliners simultaneously, standing down the most powerful defense forces on the face of the earth with mere box cutters, and then successfully demolishing three enormous skyscrapers all in one single day? As if our unrivaled multitrillion dollar defense structure was rendered helpless in the face of a group of miscellaneous goat herders from some underprivileged barren desert, brandishing sharp sticks, with some crazy ridiculous ax to grind. The odds are literally so far fetched as to be patently ridiculous.

When the less advertised facts of 9-11 are considered, there is no other rational conclusion to draw than we've been egregiously and blatantly lied to by our government regarding the facts of that day. Dozens, if not hundreds of websites have sprung up over the last five years cataloging the voluminous facts, discrepancies and unanswered questions about that day, I don't need to repeat any of those things here. There have also been a record number of books written on the subject of this illegal administration, any of which will enlighten the public as to just how evil these people, pretending to be our government, really are.

The only thing I'll mention is the information blackout imposed by the bush administration. So much of what happened on September 11th has been classified, and that makes no sense at all. If they had nothing to do with it, if they knew nothing about it, they would be acting in complete transparency. They would be working hard to assist the public with answers to all of the questions. They would also be working to care for the heroes of 9-11 who are sickened and dying, not forcing them to take settlements attached to life long gag orders and forfeiture of all their legal rights. Who forces anyone to give up their rights except ignominious weasels? That alone is a flashing neon sign that who we are dealing with are criminals in heart, mind, thought and action.

Classifying anything about that day means that the only people who really know what happened in detail are the government and the terrorists. It is only you and I who are being kept in the dark. As knowledge is power, you tell me who the government is working for.

All in all, without even getting into the details of the countless overwhelming facts, it becomes simple and clear. We are being lied to. And those people who we have been brainwashed into believing are our dedicated, caring, noble, selfless friends, above and beyond all suspicion, are nothing of the kind.

But would they hurt us straight out? In spite of all the evidence that it is we who are under attack, not by outsiders but by our own trusted government, many people still find it impossible to believe they would ever hurt Americans out right. It's unfathomable to think that anyone could have such depraved indifference to their own people. A normal mind would find it incomprehensible. But we aren't talking about normal minds here. Normal is not the kind of thinking these people do.

Let me ask you this. If you were responsible for the accidental death of another human being, a small child, a pregnant mother, an entire family, how would you feel? If you're at all emotionally normal, you'd be beside yourself, probably for the rest of your life. Being responsible for the deaths of innocent people is an unbearable idea.

Yet, our government is always fully ready for war and more war, and this current administration is unabashedly war happy. There was no cause to go to war in Iraq, so they contrived one, created it out of thin air and then did something this country does not believe in. "Preemptive war". Claiming there was an impending threat they terrified the nation into engaging in this astronomically expensive debacle of shame and gluttonous greed. It's just another word game. It means attack without cause. And now they want to do it again.

The number of innocent people dead in Iraq has reached over a million. If it was up to you, could you order the deaths of a million innocent children, women and men without cause? Could you bear that weight? Could you order the continued slaughter of innocent people and the total destruction of their cities and homes and futures? Or wouldn't you in fact do anything possible to avoid armed conflict?

Do you see any hint of reticence by this government about keeping this war going? Do you hear anything but more vicious lies, more drum beating for war, and more propaganda pointing us to use nuclear strikes in Iran, another country that is not bothering anyone? This government's desire for a hundred year war has been plainly stated and well documented. Is anything about that "normal" to you? Isn't it in fact, frightening as hell? Aren't these people obvious psychopaths?

We do not see a president or a congress pale from tears and stress, heartsick from tormented consciences weighing the need to "prevail" against the staggering cost in lives. We do not see a government sleepless at night, aching over the loss of life, terrible violence and wide scale destruction. Not a trace. On the contrary. They don't care enough about the innocent deaths to bother counting the bodies. We see an arrogant, power grabbing, dishonest, conniving, manipulative, cheating, duplicitous government, playing ego games, grandstanding, being disrespectful of our wishes, our rights and our lives. They have lied cheated and stolen in our faces, have been caught repeatedly, and are unashamed. They know we know they are liars and they don't care at all. They are well dressed, well fed, well rested, wealthy, healthy, out of harms way, and enjoying the adoration of a clueless manipulated public. These are not people of conscience.

Hundreds of thousands of dead people do not appear to bother them at all. For this government today, human life has no value. It is obvious, look at it. Working class and poor lives are expendable in large numbers, without remorse, in the aim of achieving their own private goals and ideologies, on our dime, with our military, with our credibility, with our good name, against our will and without our permission. Without justice, without good cause and without good reason our constitution has been stretched and weakened to the point that it's nothing more than a goddam piece of paper. It no longer protects any of us. How can that be considered good for national security?

If a million and counting deaths are not enough to dissuade these people, then the deaths of 'irrelevant' others, to them is an entitlement in the name of personal success. Can you really doubt their capability to kill Americans if it would instigate their much desired plan to destroy the Middle East? Every step of that plan is clearly stated in the Project for A New American Century, which they authored and completed a year before 9-11 even happened.

How much more evidence can anyone need to see what's so audaciously staring us in the face?

Lost human lives don't matter to them. That includes ours, friends. Who do they send abroad to do all the killing for them and to be killed in the name of their personal greed? It is us. You don't send someone you value and want to protect off to fight and die in a hell hole where no one even knows who the enemy is, for a reason that doesn't even exist.

Whatever the facts may eventually prove to be, we won't be able to get to them unless we can detach ourselves emotionally from our comfortable, lovely, habitual, erroneous beliefs. We do ourselves no favors by refusing to take a fresh objective look at what we think we know, especially when there are so many urgent signals telling us the time has come to do so. There is no reason to be afraid, whatever is there is something we can handle, it is something we are perfectly capable of dealing with.

Dealing with it now, before things worsen to a point of no return, is in our own best interest. That's our job, to see to our needs, to ensure our future is bright, and to leave our children a better world than the one we found. This is not something to leave in the hands of strangers. Because the simple truth is that no one can do a better job of seeing to our needs than us, and no one is anywhere near as interested or motivated as we are.

The desire to see right being done in our name is not relegated to a small minority of Americans, it is the overwhelming need of the vast majority. We don't need to worry about our differences, we need to worry about what we all have in common. It starts by wanting to know the truth more than wanting to remain blissfully ignorant. Whether or not we choose to see what's right before our eyes, it will still be there. We serve ourselves and each other best by simply deciding to take a fresh honest look at what's right before our eyes and define it with our own critical thinking abilities instead of swallowing the officially provided definitions of our world, our country, our values and our lives.


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Excellent post - thank you.

    I came across this quote on another blog recently -
    'LeMay said, "If we'd lost the war, we'd all have been prosecuted as war criminals." And I think he's right. He, and I'd say I, were behaving as war criminals. LeMay recognized that what he was doing would be thought immoral if his side had lost.
    But what makes it immoral if you lose and not immoral if you win?'
    - Robert McNamara

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Thankyou for your inteligent compasionate and insightful writing about very important things we cannot afford to ignore.I am not sure what can be done by the masses of people working just to survive who get home at night tired. I think of that analogy of the frog in boiling water. What will it take.
    I think of gahndi and what he did in india as an example of the people moving against the power. If alex jones's end game is what they have in mind something like the french revolution might be a more aproipriate response.

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM please review these websites, ang as they deal with the parasitcal vermin shutting down bloggers thru electronic warfare, the other one is which deals with the total elimination of free speech by probability. I love your blog, ang! and I don't want to see anything happen to it. Thank you for continuing to inform us of the current social events. I got these websites via

  4. Thank you for your comment. I did go read both of the pages you left links for. The current legislation is very scary indeed. It is yet another end run around our right to speak our minds, and to have our own thoughts and feelings regardless of who likes them or doesn't. It's very dangerous stuff. We've placed our lives and futures in the hands of a few elected individuals who we hoped had the intelligence and intestinal fortitude to stand up for what's right and now we'll see what happens. Indeed, if they ever do figure out what it takes to squelch our freedom of speech in the name of some good and pure sounding thing, we will immediately proceed to slide down the bunny hole. If I ever don't post for 30 days you'll know they got me. Either that or my hands fell off. The thing is that all I'm doing is speaking the truth as I see it. I have to do that and anyone who thinks that's wrong isn't anyone I can respect. It can't be wrong to say what needs saying politically. My intent is not to hurt or lie or undermine, it is only to tell it like I see it and let others decide for themselves. I will always speak the truth I see and if they criminalize that, it won't change what I say. I can't accept being forced to live in a big fat lie anymore and if I have to hang for it, I guess I will. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.