Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Corruption. Bribery, pay offs, extortion, intimidation. Abuses and scandals, breaches of ethics, conflicts of interest, incestuous party line criminal cover ups. Deceit by the book, limitless arrogance and hypocrisy, claiming God spoke to them and said, "I want war".

Police dragging people away for what they say; pushing people to the ground, breaking bones, bodies left beaten and bloodied, and they speak to us of freedom and democracy.

Secret police pulling people off the streets, pushing them into secret airplanes blind folded and drugged, dropping them off to be tortured in some dark foreign prison, while they speak to us of human rights.

A dead woman in the airport security cell, she beat and strangled herself to death, as they spoke to us of national security.

It's a Xerox copy of Hitler's to do list, executed with steadfast precision.

Insane with power, immoral and immune from prosecution, none of them will ever be held responsible for their crimes. They are above the law just as we are beneath it, so says the king. Depraved indifference for life and for truth, open disdain for the people, taking away our children pumping pharmaceuticals into their bloodstreams until they are in a walking coma. Child abuse they say, while it's child abuse they do.

Secrets and suspicion, censorship and manipulations of cold hard facts, history rewritten before our eyes as often as they desire. Reunited felons back together and hard at it again. It's time to own the world.

They are treating us the same way that an experienced farm cat toys with a mouse until it doesn't move anymore. And then he eats it.

This is only the beginning of a list to describe what has become of our once respected political process. Things are about as far away from our Constitutional ideals as they can get. It's an inverted image, a negative on a film strip with black skies and people with black teeth and black holes for eyes. It's blood chilling.

There is so much more. Open bias, flinging insults, smear tactics delivered in unison daily. They pardon the guilty then reward them with promotions - while punishing the innocent and silencing them with gag orders. It's whistle blower and reporter open season boys by all means shoot to kill.

Tyranny and self delusion, Mafia tactics and mind games. Whatever works. Nothing is sacred. They came to get what they want and they won't be stopped until they get it. Anthrax for Senators, threats for the rest, and fear mongering for all using the same exact lies as last time. Defending and denying the war profiteers, infantilizing the public with celebrity gossip and counterintelligence brain cell neutralizer, refusing to acknowledge those pesky coequal branches, making treaties with foreign governments behind our backs... it never stops.

It would take a very long time to construct a database of the No Shit Sherlock evil deeds that I have seen during the last several years. No doubt there are exponentially more that I know nothing about. I realize it's nothing new. It's just never been so visible, or brutal, or pervasive or shameless. And it just keeps coming. It never slows down, it never stops. In fact it feels like it's ramping up.

The Chaos team is everywhere, like hundreds of precision tornadoes destroying everything they touch. Their targets are specific and predictable. Every beautiful, noble, natural, and real thing; every sensible, decent, honorable, pure, just and good thing; every irreplaceable critical thing that supports life; and every shining victory that was made into law which was so hard fought for and so hard won over the course of some 230 years; these are fixed in the cross hairs of this new form of deranged serial killing.

So many of these beautiful things have taken the political equivalent of a bullet in the head. Only tell tale traces of a struggle remain, the knocked over furniture, the blood spattered walls, the broken lamps and vases, and the front door left open all night until the corpse is finally discovered. What's different is that we all know who did it. But nothing is ever done to stop them. No all points bulletins are issued, no faces are being shown on the TV screen, not a word is spoken in the wake of the incredible damage they've done.

When it comes out in the newspapers the official sources will say it was suicide.

It's never suicide.

Those entrusted with the weapons, tools and vigilance required to detect and prevent high crimes and to stop them are at peace, smiling at us like Stepford Wives. Perhaps they drank the kool-aid, or buckled under the threat of blackmail, or just took the money instead of risking the lives of family or friends or grandchildren. Who knows, perhaps they made the kool-aid. The reasons will not be told to us, but whatever those reasons are, the destruction continues unobstructed. They're enabling it, funding it, giving speeches in support of it, slinking around in the dark places reserved for making the kinds of deals that should land people in prison for life. They are profiting and prospering as the nation slowly comes apart in bits and pieces, like a long intricately laid line of dominoes falling one by one in a steady flowing stream, the rhythmic clicking never pauses. It's a 33 alarm fire that no trucks are dispatched to put out. It's a 2,012 car pile up on a major freeway at rush hour in the pouring rain, but no one notices. No one responds.

Where are the sirens? Why are the frenzied calls to 9-1-1 unanswered? Where are the ambulances and the fire trucks and the National Guard and the noble stand up men who do right and risk their lives to save complete strangers? Where are the heroes and the patriots? Where are the leaders who know right from wrong and won't tolerate the wrong?

Oh, that's right, they've all been assassinated.

Or subjugated.

Or outsourced.

This is a serial murder spree in full swing, and the cops are helping the robbers. Where is our expensive security system? Who is guarding the purity of our food and water and air and drugs? Who is blocking the depraved indifference of corporate greed waging warfare against the people? Where are the trained devoted people who know just what to do? Why aren't they doing it? None of the things we expect to happen in response to crisis are there any more. They're gone. There is nothing there but silence, all blank and sticky like thick summer fog in the middle of the night.

The only ones who do show up are carrying machine guns and ordering people to submit, or else. Or else what? Die?

Listen up! This is for your own good. There will be NO due process, NO warrant searches, NO bid contracts, NO body counts of innocent civilians. There will be ANOTHER senator caught in another bathroom, ANOTHER high ranking official caught in another child porn scandal, ANOTHER trillion missing, ANOTHER degradation of human dignity, ANOTHER unjustifiable war being propagandized in the press, and ANOTHER nuke missing.

None of this is supposed to happen. Aren't these things intolerable and loathsome anymore? Aren't these the reasons that we put a government in place? And isn't that government supposed to rise up and prosecute the offenders with it's swift mighty sword?

But what happens when the government IS the offenders?

It's all broken and dirty and ugly and I am weary. Someone turned the lights out and when they came back on, everything was different. Good became bad, and evil became policy. The police are the offenders and the public is the hated enemy. The rich feed on the husks of destroyed lives and extol a future of non human beings in a commodified world. They apparently want hell on earth.

No one asked for this. No one wanted this. But there it is.

I am sure of what I see, there is no doubt about it. There is no question. I can see what's right in front of my face. It doesn't matter a whit how they try to package it, I still know what's in the box. I still know right from wrong, it's never been in doubt. And so do the vast majority of my countrymen and countrywomen. We have not transformed.

Our hearts have not grown black and dead. We have not lost our compassion or our intellect or our morality. We do not feel confusion when we see the phonies acting like kings and despots. We know what we're seeing. It is not the country that has lost touch with reality. It is not the people who are insane and blood thirsty. It is not the citizenry who is consumed with greed and blood lust. It is not the people who are immoral.

It is the government.

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    You wrote: "It would take a very long time to construct a database of the No Shit Sherlock evil deeds that I have seen during the last several years. No doubt there are exponentially more that I know nothing about."

    See this link for a list of 259 Bush administration crimes:

    Excellent blog, as usual. Thanks.