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I find it very odd that US "health officials" put out such consistently grim and frightening messages. Whenever they address the public it's always about something horrific. Just when we finally manage to let go of the last semi-traumatic announcement they've made, out they come to remind us again that the future looks impossibly dreadful, and there's no way to escape it. It's disconcerting and I think it undermines our collective emotional energies. It kind of sucks.

I have never been so endlessly alarmed by so many things at once in my entire life, not even when Russia had all those nukes pointed at us. Between the CDC and the bush administration, I'm ready for sedatives and high blood pressure medication.

Take for instance this article on April 27, 2007 from Reuters, U.S. health agency stages bird flu WAR GAME. It begins, "A leading U.S. health agency staged a war game this week to test its response to one of the worst health emergencies it could imagine -- an outbreak of avian flu on American soil. The exercise, which ended on Friday, was designed to simulate how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would marshal its resources, coordinate with other branches of government and, crucially, reassure the public while preparing it for a possible pandemic.

"If we were at the beginning of a pandemic this is exactly what it would look like," said CDC Director Julie Gerberding at a news conference early in the 48-hour drill, which involved hundreds of officials.

If things turn out wrong it could lead to a "catastrophe beyond our planning," she said."

Julie Gerberding, as you may recall, is the evil step twin of Katherine Harris, both of whom make me spontaneously spit whenever I hear their names.

Now I ask you, did anything about the above mentioned article so far seem reassuring to you? It struck me as more scary than reassuring.

In the first place, the use of the words "War Game" is a bit unsettling. It's not very comforting to see ourselves as under siege, as in a battle, as in a war, with the CDC riding gunner in the Abrams Medi-Tanks. I really prefer their old image, the mild mannered compassionate, dedicated, brave medical scientists wearing white coats under hermetically sealed space suits, watching us melt into our sheets while they say things like, "Ewww! Well, he's a goner!"

It may not have looked good for us, but at least we weren't abandoned in that old imagery. Dustin Hoffman was there, and most of all, the doctors weren't carrying machine guns. I'm finding it difficult to believe I could relax and endure a 104 degree fever while watching a bayonet being slung over the nurse's, er, medic's shoulder. It's just not an environment conducive to healing, or hope. Or even life.

The whole news article is heavily studded with military words and images, and with graphic extremes that couldn't reassure anyone. No, I'm sorry, this article was purposely crafted to scare the bejeebers out of us.

'One of the worst health emergencies it could imagine'. Isn't imagination limitless? This isn't subtle. It's literally the worst thing I've ever heard in regard to public health. And what is this 'worst thing' health emergency? It's an outbreak of Avian Flu on American soil.

All right, wait, two questions.

1. Are people catching this from people yet or is it still just a bird disease? The last I heard, bird is the word. You'd have to come into direct contact with an infected bird in order to get these germs into your own body, and you know how that happens, right? It means you have to handle and ingest bird doody. I know for a fact, I don't eat bird doody. How about you? I'm not feeling particularly threatened by bird flu; because it's a bird disease that you have to eat bird doody to get. Really, I'm safe as can be.

2. The avian flu hasn't even jumped species yet. How can they be so all fired sure it will not only jump species to humans, but will be So Virulent that we'll be turning into pink jello by the thousands? Do they have a crystal ball or something? A Ouija Board? Is The Amazing Kreskin on staff with the CIA? Because that's one HELL of a leap to take. Human Avian Flu doesn't even exist yet but it's going to cream us in droves? How would they know?

Didn't they say similar scary stuff about the Swine Flu too? And didn't it turn out that the only thing killing people was the nasty vaccine they started passing around? Yes it did turn out that way, and it was a bit of a scandal too because big Pharma & the Gov't both knew that vaccine caused heart attacks before they started sending it out all over the country, and they quashed any voices trying to reach the public to warn us. It took some bodacious brave guy from Australia to leak it to the press here, and just in the nick of time. People died of heart attacks, but not nearly as many as would have, if the word hadn't gotten out. See? Our government was a slimy batch of skunks even way back then, it's nothing new.

This war game took the form of a 48 hour drill which involved "hundreds of officials". That's a whole lot of officials. This was one big preparedness drill. They didn't say what kind of officials they were. Were they medical officials? State officials? Government officials? Military officials? You know, if it were any of my first three guesses, they would have just said so. It would have been reassuring. But if they were my last guess, military officials, I can see why they chose to leave that out. It would definitely NOT be reassuring. It would actually spark a panic, at least in my choners it would.

Excuse me but I'm not seeing the auto-connect between a public health crisis and calling in the troops. Do you see a logical link there? If you do, please fill me in, I'm at a loss. Are they just going to shoot us all if we get sick? Is that their big plan? I have to say, I would really have a problem with that.

What "other branches of government" did they coordinate with? They didn't choose to mention that either, and I'm funny because I like details. I really like facts, names, dates, specifics. It makes it so much more meaningful when they give you enough information to be able to see with your own two eyes the real messages in articles like these.

Wait a minute. This war game ended on the 27th, which means it overlapped with Operation Noble Resolve '07 which started two days earlier and also ended on the 27th. They were doing major war games exercises too, simulating a terrorist nuclear attack on American soil. I highly doubt this is an unrelated coincidence. Why on earth didn't the papers mention this? That would be news. So what are they expecting, that we'll get nuked and bio-terrorized at the same time? Are these people nuts? Yes, of course they are, but still, this is crazy. Is there really no better use for our tax dollars?

Can't they try diplomacy just once instead of bombs?

What am I saying? What a ridiculous notion.

So now hundreds of officials have been put through these major military/CDC exercises, and the officials among us are prepped and conditioned to expect the worst health crisis on American soil imaginable. What kind of prep have WE gotten? I've gotten none. Did you get any?

Do you know what to do if you get this horrendous strain of flu? Do you know how to tell if that's what it is? Do you know how the flu will play out? Or how "deadly" it is? Or whether you'll be forcibly confined to home and not allowed to break quarantine or you'll be shot? Because they will shoot you, according to UCSF's Dr. George Rutherford's Pandemic Preparedness lecture, as given to some doe eyed baby med students. It aired on UCTV on April 9th.

It made me hyperventilate frankly. The last thing I'd ever have expected to see is such crass and blatant disregard for human life becoming something so acceptable. The students, hearing about healthy people being caught up in a sweep and taken to death tents during the next flu pandemic, found the idea funny.

I didn't find it funny.

Something that has bothered me from day one with this bird flu thing is how they can claim such all fired certainty that a major pandemic is unquestionably coming. They say they are positive to an unprecedented degree. "It's just a matter of time", they say, "It's long over due". "It will happen, there's no doubt about it, it's just a matter of when".

They all say it together too, in perfect harmony. Where are the scientists who disagree with our heroes? I know they're out there. It's always a danger signal to me when anything is served up to us in perfect unison and without plenty of strong, credible dissenting voices to add to the chorus. It's simply not possible that everyone agrees on this. When has this country ever agreed on anything in one giant voice? I'd like to hear all takes on this, because I don't understand how they can go around telling us to live in abject terror over a nonexistent threat from a bird virus, and expect me to believe this isn't a hand job.

Okay you Amazing Seers of the Future, when is the next crop blight going to happen? And which crop will it smite? Will it be global and catastrophic or just hit America? Will a bunch of us die? Will you call out the Army? Are you doing anything to stop it from happening, or to stock pile the crop for us while the blight lasts? Can you predict earthquakes too?

Where are they getting this unshakable certainty from? I'd like to see their data. Do they even have any data? This can only be based on some statistical formula, and who put it together? Is it legitimate? Has it been vetted by independent outside sources? Because the fact is, statistics can be made to say ANYthing. Anything at all. They're nothing more than a constructed, carefully crafted means to an end. It's always political. I mean, when was the last time you remember something happening and you thought, "Dang! That statistical data I saw once was right on the nose!"

It never happens. Because it's all crap.

These health agencies all paint very threatening pictures of a bird flu pandemic, just the kind of thing that pulls the rug out from under us and keeps us all anxious and afraid. They say it could be huge, and roll across the country like a giant bowling ball, sending us flying to hospitals and quarantine areas like snot dripping coughing bowling pins.

They say, it could be too much for even WE, the "great" CDC to predict it's destructive capacity. It may very well exceed our mental ability to comprehend, it's that huge.

How big is it? Why, it's bigger than CHINA. It's bigger than THE MOON!!!! It could sweep through our county in the blink of an eye leaving a devastating trail of pus oozing corpses, bleeding from their eyeballs in it's wake. But we don't want to scare you, we want to reassure you.

It would be very unprofessional of us to come out here and be alarmists. We are Scientists. We're professionals. We know what we're talking about and we need to make sure not to scare the wits out of you without absolute need. We're only bringing this up to encourage you. Yes, it could kill practically everyone. No, there is absolutely no way to defend yourself against it; and yes, it is extremely deadly. Yes, it could bring on martial law, because martial law as you know is excellent at stopping pandemics in mid spread and making everyone well again.

So. That's why they've teamed up with the entire joint forces of the United States Military and engaged in simulated, interdepartmental War Games. They want to reassure us.

Yeah, maybe so. But of what?

Is this what they call predictive programming? Are they gently releasing the idea of the country going in to full blown martial law with troops and militarized police in the streets, ordering us around and shooting us at will? Are we supposed to express our outrage now, before it happens, so it will fall on deaf ears and be dismissed as politically motivated nonsense? And each consecutive time the CDC, the government and the news media want to remind us to be very afraid of impending doom, will we become less upset, more hopeless, and finally numbed? When they finally do pronounce martial law and the end of all rights, will we just go quietly along believing it's best, or that it makes sense, or that we can't fight them? Are we simply being conditioned to accept the idea of the game plan they've got lined up for us?

It sure looks that way to me. I'd say we've been formally notified of exactly what they intend to do when they release their ultra deadly defense department made flu Bio-weapons on us. Are the boys at the top all on Cipro again, like they were before the anthrax mail scam was pulled?

It is clear that this government is not being honest with us. It's non-debateable that we are steadily and endlessly lied to. It will end when we decide to end it. But we won't. It's about that simple.


Here is an interesting link to a quick read that puts the safety of vaccines in real perspective.
The $75,000 Vaccine Challenge.

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