Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fighting Propaganda

I used to get frustrated at times when talking to people about ugly truths that aren't commonly known; for instance GMO's, vaccines, or false flag terror. The facts are different from the hype and propaganda that most Americans take as the gospel truth. Facts are facts, I don't make them up. I discover them, or uncover them, because the truth is routinely covered up. There is always a downside to everything and yet, Americans are supremely naive about that. We just swallow whole anything we're told. If it's some expert, or some politician, or some talking head on a TV news channel, we shut down every brain cell connected with critical thinking and just accept the download like little robots. You can't tell people anything to save their lives, they just refuse to click in and hear it.

For me, hearing something once that goes against the grain is something I take note of. But when I hear it over and again I have to find out what the deal is. Is there a problem or isn't there? Who is saying these things and why? What are the facts?

I think that's where I'm in a minority. Most never get to that point. They're exposed to the same public media as I am, so they hear exactly the same things I hear. They see exactly the same newscasts, read exactly the same newspapers, and hear exactly the same speeches from the mouths of politicians. But when the anomalies start popping up, they just tune them out, as if they were not there.

I can't respect that and frankly it's led me to realize, and I'm sorry if this sounds offensive, it's not my intent, but what other conclusion can I draw... most people aren't very bright. Forget IQ tests, they're not a very good indicator of intelligence. Intelligence is not something you get in a classroom, you either have it and use it, or you have it and don't use it. Or you don't have it at all. I think it's unlikely that too many people don't have it at all, so it boils down to making a choice to use it or not use it. When tens of millions of people consistently choose to not use it, that is not an intelligent choice. It's not very bright at all. It's not even acting in one's own best interest to ignore what could be very critical information that could save your life, or your children's lives, or prevent disease, or stop the government from doing some unforgivable wrong.

If you ask people, would you choose to get sick? They'd say no. Would you choose to allow fraud to be perpetrated on us by government? Of course not. Would you choose to be informed about what you're eating and drinking when it's been tampered with and turned into something creepy? Of course. Then why do you refuse to make those choices every single time they come up? Why do you consistently opt to get sick, support the fraud, and keep eating toxic waste and feeding it to your kids? That's when they look at you and blink, and get this blank expression on their face. The little wheels in their head are turning and facts are having an arm wrestling match with the programming we all have so deeply embedded in our brains. And with far too few exceptions, the programming over rides tangible, provable reality, time after time after time.

Every time this happens their eyes glaze over a little, and they just change the subject. It's scary as hell to watch it. They often show a little hostility too, they will flat out tell you they don't like having their sacred belief systems poked with a stick. It is I who is threatening them, not the reality I'm trying to alert them to. I'm the one who's trying to ruin their comfortable routine. After all, if I'd just shut my mouth, they could go to Walmart and stop by McDonalds on the way home which would make their kids happy. They could plop down in front of the TV after wards and stay happily oblivious, and get their daily download from the media bath we love to soak in every single day of our lives.

It makes my skin crawl.

I don't get frustrated much anymore because I finally understand I can't do anything about it. If folks want to choose to poison their own children, I can only take the time and trouble to print off pages of personal first hand testimonies, make CD's, and urge them to take five minutes out of their lives to read about the other side of vaccines, and put an end to the continual trips to the pediatrician and all that suffering and expense. But am I helping? Nope. Not a damn bit. Am I trying? Damn straight. And I'll never stop trying. Why? Because I have to. I cannot adopt an attitude of "Oh well, I guess you're on your own Sparky. You're walking right over a cliff and I'm just going to stand here and watch". Not a cell in my body could stand still and do nothing to prevent another person from impending doom.

It's interesting too that what it would take to stop them is literally physically stopping them. Grabbing them and forcing them to get a grip. But that's illegal, and it's also pointless. It's like the old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink". I can bring people critical facts and information, but I can't make them think. But just like horses need water to survive, people need information critical to their lives in order to make intelligent choices for themselves and their communities, and frankly, some choices affect the world for a very long time. You have to keep leading those horses to water, and you have to keep putting the information in people's hands whether they decide to go for it or not.

The only risk I run is making people dread laying eyes on me, so I have to go slow, be unwavering, and keep my mouth shut no matter how stupid they're acting. And it's hard sometimes. But it is their life, not mine. I'm just sorry that so many people don't seem to recognize who their real friends are. I mean, why trust someone you've known for years, decades even, who you respect, like, and find very credible, who is concerned for your well-being and has nothing to gain by trying to influence you to make choices that could potentially benefit you; when you can just flick on the 6 o'clock news and let a perfect stranger who doesn't know you exist pump the daily download into your brain? Obviously they're a much better choice.

When people are no longer able to recognize who their friends are, it doesn't look good for us. And you know what? It doesn't look good for us. At least I'll go to my grave with a clear conscience, that's all I can take with me when I go. We've been lied to so much for so long it feels normal. That makes me mad enough to know I'll never stop trying to set things straight, as unlikely as it is I'll succeed. Every now and then, someone comes around and that makes every last bit of it worth it.


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Most people do appear to be stupid don't they?

    I think it is likely that the one's who aren't, who are smart, simply do not care.

    They don't care or don't want to face the truth that they may even actually suspect, because they like their lives the way they are.

    Certain groups of people have it pretty good here in modern civilization.

    This general dissatisfaction with the 'way things are' pushes some people to look for reasons why.

    Keep forcing the issue.

    Peace out


  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    A man who tells the truth must have a very fast horse.

    To make sense of this, you have to understand that 85% of the people in this culture have an unconcious death wish. Several psychologists have stated this.

    They want to die, thats why they persist in this vegetative state.

  3. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Interesting theory. I might look into that.

    What is the psych. term for this 'unconcsious death wish'?

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM

    when people’s eyes glaze over, it’s an indication that you’re disrupting their live telecast; creating disorder to their regular programming.
    The world is dominated by ‘sports and entertainment’, don’t you know that? It is what motivates and influences lives—heck, even the news is grand entertainment…so behave yourself and stop injecting your brand of reality into these people, the only true reality is on the ‘telly’; anything more beyond is taxed.

    …off topic: today i developed this sinking feeling that Phoenix, AZ was Phoenix, Mexico… “Oh Well” time for a commercial.

    Ang you’re a sign that there is still ‘intelligence’ in this country of drones; i recently found your blog (the title lured me here!) and i’m glad that happened; so keep on with your rants, it’ll wake people up (maybe some), me i was jolted—caused me to comment.

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I just read your "fight propaganda" wow! you are so decent! Thank you!! I like the way you think! I know it is a struggle, but you are making a difference, even if unseen. Peace

  6. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Yes, Ang it is very disheartening and frustrating to try and warn people of what is happening and they dismiss you with a weird look as they, like lemmings, elbow each other in their mad rush to see who can be first to dive off the cliff. Thank you for your courage.

  7. Ang,

    You are truly gifted in your ability to see truth as it really stands. Thank you for your intelligent and thought provoking blog. Keep it up and STAY SANE!!