Saturday, May 05, 2007

March of the Illegals 2

When I saw the first "march of the illegals" last year in 2006, I knew it was wrong in more than one way. Everything about it was impossible, from the size of it, to all the matching white shirts and identical little flags, to the total lack of interference by any of our well paid with full benefits public servants.

How could this enormous nationwide protest have been organized and coordinated? It takes years to spread the word from person to person nationwide about anything, if the last five years I've been observing the 9-11 truth movement is any indicator. Without big corporate dollars and professional level coordination, how could a network of non-English speaking illegal status aliens, without computer access or technical knowledge be able to pull off these huge dress alike protests and get the media to show up? How did they even manage to contact each other? Is there an "Illegals Yellow Pages"? It doesn't make sense.

We've had countless well attended peace protests not even register as a hiccup on CNN or any corporate news channel. When the big boys want you out, you're out. Without cash and connections, gigantic movements like this just aren't possible. It becomes quickly obvious that these "protests" have received all the right kinds of help.

Generally speaking, and I'm no history buff, but when a million people from another country cross over the border, isn't that usually taken as a very threatening thing by government? If the word "defense" could ever have been used in it's truest sense by our Defense Dept., they certainly missed their chance. They slept right through it.

Unconcerned with a foreign invasion now totaling well over 30 million, the defense department and the entire federal government continues to sleep right through it even though we've now had a second formal march of illegals in our cities, who were again petitioning our government to redress their grievances. How do non-citizens have the right to demand anything from our government?

I'm confused by our officials total lack of interest in these marches. What exactly constitutes an invasion that would get the government's attention, and what constitutes an invasion that doesn't? I'm not clear on this. Is there such a thing as a "good" invasion? If so, how can we tell the difference and could the DOD possibly be troubled to make a public announcement to clarify which type we have going on here today, and what their official position is on it? We were unaware there was more than one position on these things.

If millions of largely unwelcomed foreigners came here without an invitation, which they did, if they came here knowing they were breaking the law, and they did, if they lay low once they get here, and they do; and if American citizens are suffering the destruction of private property, increased violent crime, a rash of various treacherous diseases, gang violence, murder by car, hospital bankruptcies and closures, and none too subtle economic impacts, which they are, and if the government has no response to this, then it's obvious we need the word "security" redefined. We need the word "law" redefined as well, because it appears there is a sudden and wide gray area where there has never been one before. Is this a natural and expected legal loop hole, or is it an engineered one without the knowledge or consent of 99.9% of America's taxpaying citizenry? Because, it really does matter.

I'd like an answer to that please.

The real problem I see is that during this time of bush's War on terror, where American citizens caught jay walking are now doing prison time on terror charges and absolute strangers who clearly aren't from here, are coming and going, traveling and working, finding housing and funding, receiving free medical care for entire families that follow behind them... our mr. bush is absolutely unfazed by this. Is he or isn't he the terror meister? Does he actually fail to see the glaring rift in our national security in the form of our green light wide open borders? Because without so much as one security briefing under my belt, I couldn't possibly miss it.

With estimates of somewhere between thirty million to sixty million illegal residents living in our country today, and thousands more coming by the week, I'd say we have a big security hole to plug. This isn't something that's happened one or two times, it's happened thirty million times. Successfully. Does anyone else see an opportunity to correct a serious flaw in the security system here?

In spite of what appears to me as a five alarm security breach, our FBI continues to surveil church going peace activists and continues to come up empty handed for any 9-11 terrorists. In fact, we've uncovered precisely zero actual "terrorists". Yet no more than a few miles from any major police department across the country, there are myriad crimes being carried out by illegal trespassers and I don't have to ask their victims if they feel any terror. It goes without saying.

While our federal, state and local law enforcement agencies turn the other cheek to this illegal invasion, they are increasing their brutality on our own citizens, and forcing the constitution up against the wall with it's hands behind it's head. We are stopped, searched, roadblocked, scanned, surveilled, photographed, filmed, ordered, mandated, required, recorded, wiretapped, x-rayed, retina scanned, finger print scanned, flying barefoot, passport chipped, and Federal ID carded to the point that it feels more like Berlin in the 30's than the "land of the free". This phrase needs updating too. This is now "the land of the once free".

Every simple error a legal citizen makes on American soil is now greeted with unneccesary brutality and force, and mandatory sentencing. All crimes are considered terror now. Except, it seems, crossing illegally over our borders. That is no longer troublesome to the authorities. It would behoove the government to make a general announcement when it decides to make major changes of this kind. Illegal trespass during a terror clamp down is NOT considered worrisome, but 5 people handing out home made flyers to end the war in Iraq are getting full workups and security jackets at the FBI.

I am confused.

Something else that confuses me about these highly publicized protests is how foreign trespassers get off petitioning my government for anything. It's a bit surreal. They aren't legal citizens. They don't vote. They can't possibly be greasing the palms of our loyal and dedicated Congress because what kinds of jobs can they have without legal status or the ability to speak English? They simply "broke in" and helped themselves to our country, illegally, without an invitation, and we're footing the bill for it; and that amounts to federal level theft and trespassing at the very least. By every definition of logic and law, they and we alike should expect nothing more than their immediate arrest and deportation upon our discovering them here.

But instead of vans and buses pulling up to surround these illegal residents of our country, they were actually allowed to give dozens of speeches in front of the white house last year, undisturbed by Immigration officials, police, security guards, or hate mongers. They were splashed across televisions and newspapers everywhere, and their illegal status was embraced with teary eyed humanistic warmth. No newscaster, emcee, or famous face, political or otherwise, appeared to rebut the claims of illegal foreign occupiers having some "right" to be here and to demand anything of our government whatsoever. Can you imagine what would happen if a million Americans entered some other country illegally and massed in their streets demanding that laws be passed to accommodate us?

Perhaps our law enforcement people were just as stunned as I was. They were all simply too stunned to move a muscle. That must be it. Either that or the obvious. The bush administration has revoked the borders and is not only welcoming foreigners here to perform next to free labor for major corporate interests, they are assisting them and protecting them from arrest and deportation regardless of the serious crimes and damage being done to our legal citizenry.

I'd say we have a huge variance in our ideas of what national security and sovereignty mean. Can someone please send mr. bush a dictionary? Send dictionaries to Congress too, if you have spare ones lying around. It appears there's an utter dearth of dictionaries to be found anywhere in Washington DC and we, the people, will be happy to help these folks out. And by the way mr. bush, Congress, look up security and sovereignty, and if we're not on the same page anymore, you need to let us know.


  1. Evolve Past Hate

    "I wonder how she got the money to buy all those groceries?" asked the perplexed white elderly shopper of yours truly in the supermarket checkout line.

    "Probably because her husband went out and worked for it," I replied with a look that made her recoil into the "some of my best friends are Hispanic" defensive position. "If she was a white woman, you probably wouldn't have batted an eye," I added, laying a guilt trip on her she so correctly deserved. "Oh, I'm a Christian and I would never think like that!" she backpedaled.

    Christ-like, yeah right.

    True, the woman with two beautiful little children did stock up with over $200 worth of groceries, but I'm guessing she probably dreads going out to public places more than she has to because of all the low-voice comments she has to put up with. I could tell she understood at least some english. The woman quoted previously wasn't the only one I heard making racial slurs: "It's OK if she's legal," I heard one elderly man say.

    This kind of hate speech is so adolescent, to hear it from so-called 'mature' people is really disgusting.

    The woman who was taking all the abuse did not look like a descendant of the Spanish 'conquistadors'. She was obviously of indigenous origin. And when you think about it long and hard, she has a right to be here more than any of us people of European descent.

    So let us suck up our ethnocentric bigotry, face our guilt of being 'settlers' in this land, learn how to get along with, and treat, with dignity, those who were in the 'Americas' before us. We should be thanking them for sharing this land instead of spitting on them.

    If we need to find people to blame for the mess this world is in, we need to look no further than DC and Wall Street. This 'issue' is just a ruse to set us up for acceptance of the gestapo-like, papers-please, REAL ID Act.

    Frank Gubasta
    Fraught Myers, FL

  2. You wrote:
    "...and absolute strangers who clearly aren't from here,..."

    My question to you is what does one look like who IS clearly 'from here'?

    Someone perhaps like a Hopi, or an Aztec, or an Apache? Or is it an ethnocentric person like you that thinks the only real 'american' is a 'european-american'?

    You've been watching too many Archie Bunker reruns.

    Read about how the U$ empire stole the west (where you are now a 'settler') from Mexico in the so-called 'Mexican-American' war.

    Give it a rest sweetheart until you learn more about the history of 'our' country and then you can talk like an informed, concerned, caring, human being like you claimed to be on Vyzygoth's radio program who wants to help people (excluding 'illegals' of course), not like an ignorant O'Reilly-like wacko.

    "Only guilt admitted accepts truth."
    Malcolm X

  3. My response to Frank:

    When I wrote "absolute strangers who clearly aren't from here", I said nothing about the way they looked. You chose to go off on a tangent about race and racism that had nothing to do with anything I said. It's obvious you're out looking for people to drag through slime that you're happy to create as needed. No thanks, I'll pass.

    I did not mention race, but you are clearly obsessed with it. Just for your edification, I'm an immigrant to this country too.

    You asked "Or is it an ethnocentric person like you that thinks the only real 'american' is a 'european-american'?" My answer is no, I don't think anything of the kind and never have. I'm not talking race here, I'm talking legality and the purpose of my article was to hold government responsible for being sleazy slime balls. Race is irrelevant to the issue. I can see that but it appears you're incapable of seeing that. I'm afraid you're the one who fits the description of ethnocentric far better than I do.

    As to Archie Bunker reruns, you're wrong again. I don't watch television.

    Thanks for the heads up on our European origin friend, but it's hardly a secret. Your opinion is that since people came here hundreds of years ago and took away this land that it's all our fault and we should all immediately apologize and leave. I don't share that opinion. The dirty deeds of elitist rich european men that brought us to where we are now are history, which means it happened long before I was born. It's over. It happened. Now we have what we have. I don't believe in reparations for crimes committed by people long dead and gone.

    This is because there are few people alive today who couldn't make a claim for being treated to death and destruction at the hands of despicable despots and thugs. Every race, creed, sex, color and religion has been murdered in droves throughout history. The only people who have been spared are the rich bastards who's families are largely responsible for all of that carnage. They have engineered all of it, so why are you attacking me for it? My family history comes from a long line of peasants who never had anything, and worked hard to survive without help from any government. I know what struggle is. Race has nothing to do with it, greed does, and being jerked around by psychopathic elites does.

    I do believe in making decisions based on fact and rationality. I wish no one harm. Our country is our home. We put a lot of hard work into it and we work hard to build lives and futures for ourselves and our families and for the general future well being of this country. We currently allow a million people a year to migrate here legally, we're hardly refusniks. No other country on earth is as generous and welcoming to immigration as we are.
    I'm not sure what your general problem is. But just throwing the doors wide open to any and all that will come is suicidal.

    You appear to be suicidal. I am not. As this is my home I reserve the right to limit visitors to it, to those who are invited. Those who break in are doing wrong. The numbers doing wrong are growing at staggering rates and it can't come as a surprise to you that it is we who are stuck with the bill and the ever decreasing quality of life we face now, not only for us but for them. We all deserve better than that.

    Flipping out and calling me racist is not only barking up the wrong tree, it's not doing anything to solve the basic lack of ethics and honesty in our government. I'm going to assume you're deeply concerned for the rights of the Mexican people. If you really want to do something for them, why don't you petition the Mexican government to take care of their millions of hopeless poor? Mexico is incredibly rich, in fact the richest man in the world lives there. They have abundant natural resources and the only reason anyone in Mexico is going without is because the deeply corrupt Mexican elitist government doesn't give a damn about their own people. How you think it's my fault and my responsibility to make up for Mexico's governmental failures is unclear to me. Perhaps you can explain it to me. But if all you have to bring to the table is history that cannot be changed, then you're not helping.

    We should fix the problems at their true genesis, not by committing national suicide via government tyranny. If you want to interpret that to be racist then see it as you will. Race is not the issue. If you were as honest as you claim, you would be able to see that.