Sunday, April 22, 2007

Goofy Tired

I am so very bored with the Big Game Show, it's hard to stay awake sometimes. I know I know, Rome is burning and the fire departments all got shipped off to Iraq along with all the kindergartners. What can I say? What else is new?

It's just that every single time some elected/appointed commodified marketed fictitious character who takes a federal paycheck from the people opens their mouth, it doesn't even matter what they're saying anymore. We've heard every last bit of it so many times before I can't stay awake through it.

It's the same with the (cough) "news" media. It's kind of like watching the static on your TV set after the stations go off the air.

"Carol Ann! Can you hear me?" "Help me Mama!"

But no, nothing even that barely interesting comes out of these cartoon characters mouths. Not even as vaguely uncomfortably interesting as a rousing canned rendition of the national anthem with the stars and stripes whipping in the canned wind on your TV set and it wakes you up and you think, "Am I supposed to stand up and put my hand over my heart? Because, I have no pants on at the moment and I'm just not sure it would be proper to stand there like that..and..". Not even that amusing. Less amusing. More like watching a shoe horn, or a soap dish, just, sitting there, for weeks. About like that.

The mainstream BigLiesNewsCorps is still playing the same moldy old festering game of lick the chosen few and say "YUM!" on TV like you have no brains whatsoever; but we aren't watching anymore. And they know we aren't watching, we're holding our noses and dashing for escape pods by the tens of thousands every day.

You'd think they'd care about that and try to straighten up their act, but no. They will not stop tossing handfuls of brain clogging psyops into whatever remaining heads are too stupid to avoid tuning in. Either that or their channel changers are broken. The Big Boys shrinking stranglehold on the media is all they've got and they're not going to give it up.

If this were a REAL media, they'd be reporting EVERYthing and fighting each other like rabid hyenas to be the first to get a story out there. If we had a real media we'd all know about the nuclear plant emergency shut down two weeks ago, and we'd know about the long string of accidents and lies, how they kept saying the critical warning alarms going off left and right were always "just a boo-boo", everything was fine. But no one heard about it. I'm sorry, but that's news. Brad and Mz. bigLips aren't news, they're irrelevant twits from another planet who are absolutely unimportant and I'm sick of seeing their faces, hearing about them, and hearing about anyone like them. They are not news.

The mainstream "news" media is still reporting roses and daisies and republican communal orgasms of happiness joy and God - woo hoo - more bombs please!, and still pretending that EVERYBODY feels that way. Only icky freaks would fail to agree with us in every way. Frowny face time!

They're acting cheaper than street hookers, gushing phony adoration over the chosen stars of the political soap opera like they're some kind of political centerfolds or something. Hillary "She's a woman AND a Clinton", Barack "Who The Hell Is This Guy?" Obama, Time For Meds Mccain, kissypants Lieberman, Harry the weenie boy, Alberto V05 Tejano At Law, One Armed Fitzgerald, "Tip of the Iceberg" Abramoff, You Should Know Better Kennedy, Rabbi Pelosi, the aipac pay as you go plan, Rice the Hologram Woman, Wolfowitz the Comb Sucking Ear Flapping Doing Every Job On Earth Guy, Scooter "Knife Me" Libby, Hastert "the ick"... and even though they sh*t canned old drunk Rummy he's still there, Guantanamo is worse than ever, and more people are dead than we ever thought possible. And all of these cartoon characters are so unbelievable, so offensively disconnected from all known forms of reality, all of them, all of them, are just PUKE people. They all make me sick to my stomach. What a booby hatch of liars; looting and pillaging our country to death while taking our paychecks and stabbing us in the back. I'm sick of it.

Has there ever been an uglier bunch of corrupt, psychopathic, self absorbed, immature, duplicitous, dishonest, blood thirsty, greedy play actors to set foot in our nations capital? The closest any of them ever should have gotten is outside the white house, whitewashing fences.

THEY KNOW the jig is up too, can't you see it? The movie is running faster now. They're all talking faster, moving in and out of view faster, the scandals are coming in so thick and fast they barely get a week between this one and the next one.

The stupid game of "Dear Me It's Another Scandal" goes like this. "Oh you're busted now you bad guys" says some congressional committee, and then comes the high drama of congressional testimonies with easy-to-hate sleazy nazi bushitrons and earnest dedicated government lifers at each others throats.... one looks as guilty as oozing sin and some right winger in the senators seats always eulogizes the good old days and chastises the revenge obsessed dems for their mountains from mole hills tactics; and some other senator gets all wooky and testy and snarls and says something sharp enough to leave a mark, and then they all fade away like puffs of smoke because the movie is over now. What's playing next?

Oh goody, Bible Stories of Republican Corruption, Series Six, volume 9,911: "bush fires decent attorney generals to install his own hand picked pro slavery nazis to serve at his pleasure". Kaboom, big finger wagging coming from Feinstein and the regular circulation of the same old actors and actresses. "They won't get away with this, we're going to make them sorry for this. We've got them this time! Hahahaha!" And then they fade away like puffs of smoke into the night.

And Alberto says, "Nuh-uh, I din know nuthing about it, I'm just the boss. Just ask mi tejano Horhay." Horhay, is this true? "Uhhh, yep, by golly it is. He's doing a heck of a job, I'm proud of him. You're a twit for questioning his intergerty, ingertudy, honestness. So knock it off or I'll send black booted thugs to your house at midnight to snap your hamster's neck and leave it's dead carcass on your breakfast nook table, you get me sister?" "Well if the president says so it must be true. Never mind!" Then we'll hear a very brief, very dirty rendition of "See how corrupt Feinstein is!" playing in the background for two days, and then that disappears like a puff of smoke on a windy day, but she keeps coming back to work, taking our money and being obediently amnesic.

They're all amnesic. And blinder than dead people. And math challenged too because they haven't yet noticed that 5 trillion dollars is a whole lot of money to just be missing from the pentagon. What, did you have a hole in your pocket and drop it on the sidewalk? And where's the media, oh that's right they're dead too.

All we've got is this dog and pony show:
"Step right up ladies and gentlemen, have I got a deal for you! Look at these lovely new missiles, ain't they beauties?" The audience goes, OOOhh! and applauds. "You can get your dear government bunches more where these came from and they need em bad folks, to support the troops, (sniffle), and them poor little Eye-racki babies who need some of that good old freedumb and demonocracy like what we got right here at red white and blue home sweet home! Aint there enough to go around?" (Hell yeah!) "Well open up your pay checks and let dear old uncle sammy reach on in there and help himself to some mo of that money, all right now? Don't be stingy, we need bullets too! And custom range rovers in purdy colors, and we need to pay them contractors who are prit nearly half starving to death over there and workin their fingers to the bone!" (Gasps from the crowd) "Take my whole paycheck mister! I don't need it! I live in the richest country in the world and darn it, if we need more bombs for freedom then heck yeah, I'll do my part gladly". And everybody passes their paychecks up to the man in the straw hat who then twenty three skidoos it out the back door and disappears into the night like a puff of smoke.

This stuff qualifies as reruns. It's the same story over and over and over. It's like Rocky 4,521. You just can't expect to get away with it after a certain point, especially when Burgess Meredith is showing up on the set with his penguin nose going, "I'll get you yet, Batman!". "Um, wrong movie Mr. Meredith". "So what, who cares, this sucks so bad even I can't stay interested". "You've got a point sir, but still, the CIA insists that we go through the motions. So if you please... here's your scruffy stinky torn up sweats, and can you curl your lips a little to the side please? Yeah like that. Try to look, you know, tough and stupid but big hearted. That's it! You've got it, no wonder you get the big bucks!" "That's right pal! Weah weah weah!"

I know. I'm sorry.

I sound all...cynical and jaded and hopeless. But I'm not hopeless. Not for a minute. It ain't over till it's over, and it ain't over. We're still in the game and our team is huge. And it's growing like wild fire. Those washed up old vaudevillian players are dancing faster and faster, trying to keep the audience from leaving, the hats and canes and tap shoes are clacking away. But the tomatoes and rotten eggs are flying at the stage from every direction and people are going "Boo! Get off the stage! You stink!". But they pretend it isn't happening, as if the audience will be fooled into believing they DON'T really hate those people. They keep dancing faster and they keep on smiling.. and all the while you know they're afraid for their lives. And they probably should be.

So no. Hopeless isn't a part of this. Boredom is. And being up all night fixing a hard drive that committed hare kire for no reason is. I'm goofy tired. Can you tell?

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  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Ang, THANK YOU for your piece on "goofy tired" I loved it! You express yourself so well! I really liked your vaudeville-esque portrayal of the psychos who wish they ruled over us. I laughed at the visuals in my mind of the circus that our national "debate" has become. No, I do not think you are cynical and jaded. And don't be sorry! If you are sick of the whole thing , then say so! :) Please don't stop posting your opinion, it is simply eloquent! You have such a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. Thank you. Peace.