Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zionist Imperialist Crime

One of the most painful things to endure is betrayal, and one of the most frustrating things to endure is witnessing an intolerable wrong taking place and not be able to do anything about it. Either of these alone is enough to break hearts and spirits, causing a swift descent into paralyzing depression. But both of them together at the same time can be too much to bear.

Today we have an overabundance of both of these things overwhelming our collective human dignity, identity, and humanity. "Shock and Awe" is the philosophy behind it. A philosophy of cruelty and violence specifically aimed at destroying the rightful self-will of others. A belief system anchored in mental and physical torture for the sake of establishing the dominance of the torturers over trapped, helpless victims. The goal is to use violence and injustice to so exceed all parameters of reason, need or justification in order to break the will of the victims, as well as those who are aware of what is being done to them.

The normal human mind cannot function or hold on to hope in the absence of reason and fairness. It disables people. It causes them to exist in traumatized limbo brought on when negative feelings are so intense and unbearable, when the onslaught is so vicious and so cruel, that people must shut down on the inside to withstand remaining alive and conscious inside their own skin. Their spirits, souls and minds do not have the capacity to consciously experience such an unfathomable degree of pain and suffering inflicted on them without cause, and without end. Because the torture is relentless and inescapable, the hope is that people will give up self-will and resign themselves to servitude and obedience to their torturers.

It is easy to understand the effect of pornographic, unjustified violence on human beings. It is easy to know what is happening to them is wrong by all rational definitions. But what is not so easy to understand is the type of person who desires to carry out this strategy of total destruction from the inside out and the outside in.

What kind of errant mental defect makes it seem desirable to set about creating strategies to destroy people's minds and lives? What manner of cold, calculating heart desires to cause the pain, suffering and death of others? Not of others who have done personal wrongs to this assailant, innocent others. This assailant neither knows those he kills nor does he care to know them. This assailant kills randomly and viciously. This assailant openly lies and distorts reality, in the foolish attempt to reconstruct reality into a false, contrived version that serves his purposes.

What he fails to appreciate is that it is not possible to reconstruct truth in real time as it is literally being lived and witnessed by all who observe him. No one believes his lies. No one supports his violence. No one sides with him who understands the simple difference between right and wrong, between fair and unfair, between reason and unreason.

No one stands in support of the betrayal of others, nor do they support intolerable wrongs being done to others. This assailant stands naked to the world bathed in shame and dishonor as he perpetrates unimaginable horrors on innocent people in their own homes. Homes that he has broken down the doors of, forced his way inside, and as each home is filled with the sights and sounds of his shock and awe doctrine, with every blow, he cries out that he is only defending himself.

In defiance of ordinary reason, he claims to be the victim as he lashes out in horrible violence against those he kills and steals from. In his twisted self delusion he tells himself that any effort of his victims to defend themselves or their homes against his intrusion, his killing, his policies of enslavement, depredation, degradation and cruelty, is an unwarranted act of aggression against him. Their rational self defense becomes a terrorist act while his unbridled vile aggression and violence against them is his self defense.

There is no such thing as tit for tat, as fair and square, as an eye for an eye. There is only his way, his will, his wishes because truly, one cannot imagine oneself to be the superior to others if one sees himself as their equal. Because his entire convoluted, misguided self-concept is erroneous from the start, the assailant will feel eternal guilt and fear, always wondering when his enslaved population will revolt against him. He can expect no less. He knows perfectly well he is wrong and that few will support, or lay down and accept his violence, villainy and ill treatment of innocent others.

This assailant stands alone in his lust for and obsession with violence and killing. In typical self-delusional form, he projects his own selfish and violent thoughts and drives onto others who then become his instant enemy and eternally terrifying threat. The fact of the matter is that his perceived enemies do not share his appetite for blood and destruction. They are filled with grace and decency. They are enduring his psychopathy with honor and dignity. They are not violent.

Their failure to be violent contradicts his well constructed lies and defies his erroneous belief system. He cannot perpetrate violence against peaceful innocents, even he understands this at some rudimentary level. So to stack insult upon insult, and injury upon injury, he conjures, instigates and perpetrates violence against himself and blames it on his perceived enemy. Only in this way can he pretend to have some small justification to wage overwhelming violence against them. Everything about this assailant is false and dishonest. He is draped in lies and illegitimacy. He is dangerous and dysfunctional and his illness is destroying the lives and happiness of too many others to be ignored.

Israel is led by extremists. Right wing zealots. They are Nazis. Zionism is a political ideology, not a religious doctrine. It has nothing to do with Judaism or Jewish faith. Zionists have used the Jews for their own ends. "Zionist" is just a word, a well used word to cover the truth of who and what they really are, and what they really are is Nazis. It's no secret, the information is available to all who seek it. Theirs is the policy of total overwhelming dominance of others. Of believing themselves to be a master race. Of focused extermination of a proclaimed lesser human race. Of micro managing and judging the lives of others and seeing nothing but faults and potential dangers there while excusing themselves of all adherence to laws of decency, reason or justice. Theirs is the perennial battle of imperialism, the waging of war and destruction against those who cannot defend themselves. Theirs are the lies of justification that can only make sense to other imperialist minds.

In the imperialist mind, others are only chattel. Others will either be enslaved and love their slavery, or they will be exterminated. This is done in the name of furthering their "glorious cause". In their malfunctioning humanity, their cause is that the world exists to be dominated and ruled by them. They feel entitled to do as they please anytime they please to anyone they please and they can never be wrong, in their erroneous belief system.

The world exists to be on its knees to them, to peel them a grape, to labor for their magnificent suppers, to change their bed linens, wash their feet and give them massages, to bring them everything they desire on brocade pillows, and to do all of the honest work it requires to bring forth wealth so that they may steal it. They foresee being waited on hand and foot, while bathed in unrivaled wealth, arrogance and selfishness, while having nothing but contempt for those who serve them. They desire to live in grand palaces where they are robed in fine cloth and furs, draped in jewels, ensconced in pomp and ridiculous circumstance with self-aggrandizing symbolism and statuary, surrounded by armed guards who protect their useless lives, and bootlicking slobbering lackeys who jump and rush to worship and obey them.

Imperialists believe they are born rulers of the earth, literal Gods amongst men, and to them this entitles them to remain eternally childish and self centered. Like two year olds they expect everyone to dote on them and adore their every mumble, to run in at their every cry or pout breaking their backs to make baby happy again. They expect the planet at large to be their loving mommy who adores their every word and movement as they continue to behave like obnoxiously spoiled two year olds in adult bodies, demanding to be made happy every moment of the day, with all of the same self-centeredness, lack of reason, and failure to grasp reality of all two year olds.

It is unreasonable enough on its own to desire such positioning of self amongst the world's population. It is nauseatingly appalling to refuse to grow up and act like men and women of substance and purpose who understand that giving to the world is the proper way for those with privilege to behave, not scouring the world to take ever more for themselves. Enough is enough is a true statement that cannot be reasonably argued with. But to them, enough is never enough. To them, anyone else having anything at all is unreasonable. To them, only they should have it all. Every last bit of it. Regardless of the fact that they'd never need it all or be able to use it all in a thousand life times. Having it all means controlling it all, with the transparent aim of enslaving all others.

It is unreasonable to believe oneself the superior of others because there is no proof of said superiority. The mere verbal assertion of one's superiority is not proof, nor is it even remotely compelling. Possessing and using immense and deadly weapons against unarmed others is not a definition of superiority, it is a definition of criminality. This is well understood. It must also be well understood then that the imperialist mind is a criminal mind, and it knows it.

The criminal mind understands that others will never allow or accept crimes being committed against them. Therefore it seeks to have its own criminality legitimized. At the heart of all the killing and lying is a battle for legitimacy. For the world powers to withdraw support is to withdraw legitimacy. A killing spree, all acts of aggression, are a bloody battle for the right to define the meanings of words. To be able to make the definition of "right" all of your wrong acts and wrong thinking and criminal behavior. This is what lies at the heart of all so called war, the right to define language and all its meanings. Killing to make words themselves legitimize you and your way of seeing and valuing the world and yourself, and forcing your definitions on everyone else. This is a dangerous battle because it is waged in silence and with stealth and without its victims being able to fully grasp or realize how it is being won. They will know it is nefarious and evil but they won't quite know why. This is why. It is the attempt to change the definition of good, to all that is evil, as long as it is only they who perpetrate that evil. This is the dream and the goal of every violent criminal, the silencing of those innocent voices who can speak simple words to strip them of all of their false legitimacy.

The imperialist criminal mind can be defined as one that seeks to establish legitimacy for all of its criminal acts so that it cannot be stopped or prevented from committing those acts. The imperialist criminal mind never wants to hear "No", no matter how badly it behaves. It refuses correction with tantrums and vengeance. It wants to get away with murder, and theft, and brutality, and injustice, in the manner of a two year old infant. It further wants to be worshiped and adored for getting away with it. It wants to be admired and respected for its childishness and selfishness and unwillingness to perceive others as human beings. It wants to be lauded and applauded for it's abject failure to get along in this world fairly, peacefully or reasonably, without honor, humility or forthrightness, without courage, and for its ill will toward others. It demands to be idolized for being useless and detrimental to the world at large.

To tolerate this destructiveness is to allow destructiveness to rule us all. It is to allow all that is wrong to be right when they do it, while still being wrong when everyone else does it. It is to live in a surreal, hypocritical world with different sets of laws, values and morals for some than for the rest. It is to allow greed, selfishness, disrespect, imbalance, inhumanity, unreason and darkness to be the guiding factors of society; and this of course is the path to total self destruction.

In witnessing the bare faced, ugly aggression of Israel's Zionist Nazis against Palestinians, we can begin to realize that ideas of honor and honesty, of fairness and reason, of kindness and patience, of good will, morals and values, are not just trivialities spoken of in holy books. These are absolute necessities required by all mankind in order to function and exist in this world in ways that are healthy and sane and productive, and which leave the prospect of a better future to every new generation.

Without these attributes in a single human heart the world quickly and graphically devolves into nightmarish scenes of body parts and flowing blood and dead women, children and men. In the absence of these things and in the absence of good conscience over the lack of them, we see our entire planet being predated to death, along with all of its inhabitants, and why? All for the sake of assuaging the demands of the debauched, immature, criminal imperialist minds who demand it in order to make themselves happy.

Increasingly, fewer and fewer of us find any of this acceptable. We have no desire and see no purpose in feeding the ill behaved infantile monster whose existence threatens all of us and the future of the planet. We do not want to encourage its growth and strength. We have no desire to destroy it, we want it to behave properly. We do not wish to serve it or care for it or answer to it, because we are normal, healthy minded adults and have left our childishness behind with our child bodies. We have grown up and live within the boundaries of reason and justice, personal responsibility, mutual respect and cooperation with the rest of the world. Apparently, Zionist led Israel believes this is too much to ask.

Let it be said once and for all that there is never any such thing as only one side to any story. For as many others who are involved with anything, there are that many more sides to the story. When we listen to the self serving lies of Zionist criminal imperialist murderers, we must be struck by the complete absence of objectivity; the total absence of any other sides to the story. It is wholly illegitimate to dismiss all other sides simply because you are an imperialist criminal. No apologies, that is the simple truth of it. They may choose to believe that no other perspectives count, but that can not make it so. They are wrong, and they will always be wrong. And they know it.

Don't be surprised that governments around the world are standing down. For any of them to stand up against Zionist criminal imperialism would be to admit that they themselves are illegitimate. What government exists today that was not built on innocent blood and continues to hold its power by virtue of its own legitimized criminality? By threat of deadly force do all of the world's governments today continue to hold their power over people living inside imaginary borders, lines drawn on maps, not because they are real, but to delineate between the imperialist criminal world rulership what belongs to whom. They are all guilty. None of them will stand in defiance of Israel's Zionist Nazis because they are all the same.

This is a war of illegitimate power over the people of Earth. The slaughter of innocent Palestinians exposes a betrayal of trust that people everywhere, especially here, have had for their governments, not understanding who and what governments really are. The shock and awe of Israel's Zionist criminal imperialists, and our leadership's support of it, is disabling, disheartening, disturbing, and infuriating to us. The truth cannot be hidden. It is right there for all to see.

The brutal physical attack on the people of Palestine, like attacks on anyone anywhere in the world, is an overt attack on the well being of the whole world. None who witness this ongoing act of despicable genocide, none who have conscience and reason and objectivity, can watch in utter helplessness and not receive the crippling wound that Zionist imperialist shock and awe so purposely desires and hopes for. All decent, compassionate, honest people are choking on the buckets of Palestinian blood and bone and hair being thrown in our faces. We are all stained with Palestinian blood, all offended by imperialist psychopathic doctrines, and are all betrayed by cowering, cowardly leadership who cannot stand up for simple right in the face of what's so obviously wrong.

We are all shamed and denigrated as we are forced to endure the role of witnesses to the reality of Palestine's brutal victimization. We are all being told that wrong and might prevails over right and decency. We are all being told to get down on our knees to liars and thugs and thieves and to take our places as their slaves as they continue to spread their poisonous imperialist doctrine throughout the world.

Everything the Zionists claim as truth is a lie. Everything they name as their truth is in fact its own opposite. They are not victims, they are shameless aggressors. They are not practicing self defense they are overt attackers of innocent, defenseless people. They have not ever been under Palestinian attack without being the underlying cause and reason for those attacks. We cannot decry the meager gestures of Palestinians to fight back to protect their lives and their land and their rightful legacy because unlike Israel's Zionist leadership, Palestinians are given no other options. Israel will not speak to their democratically elected government. Israel will not uphold its end of any bargains or agreements it makes.

Israel has proven itself to be dishonest, conniving and contriving and it is a joke for Israel to think it is not utterly transparent before the world; and the same goes for the US leadership, which is now comprised of and controlled by Zionists. Zionist supremacy is what is behind all of this. Zionist supremacy is focused on innocent people whose land is coveted. And it will never be enough for Zionist Israel to take the land, they must also take the future and the past and sanity and hope and dignity and every last human right. They must take all of those things and defecate their hatred and mindless, childish selfishness and doctrines of self aggrandizement all over them. The Zionists are desperate to erase any and all trace of their criminality from the newspapers and the history books. Their well concerted efforts to control the information the world receives about them is equally dishonest, violent and manipulative. Because the one thing that Zionist Israel cannot withstand or survive is the whole truth.

If Israel does not want to live in eternal fear of having home made rockets poking holes in their roof tops then it is suggested that Israel's powerful army quit acting like brutal animals. The nation of Israel has the option of behaving with humility and admitting that their establishment of a country right in the middle of someone else's home was a lot to ask. They have no "right" to be there. But they are there now. Their guilt over it is a great deal of what is behind their refusal to see themselves as they are or to admit to themselves that they came in on the wrong foot, for the wrong reasons, and in the worst possible way. They have created and continue to perpetuate their own nightmares, which are not real, any more than nightmares can be.

Israel could choose to do right by the Palestinian people, to make certain that they have water and food and access to make themselves prosperous. They could fight for the right of Palestinians to be free. They could humbly share the land they both live in now. They could ask forgiveness for what they've done. They could be grateful that they finally have a home for themselves. These are all choices that Israel can make. They are Israel's option. And it's perfectly clear that if Israel did anything at all in the aim of reasonableness, trustworthiness and peace, that these are what would be the controlling factors of all of their lives.

This is not rocket science. It is safe to assume that Israel understands the idea of treating others as you want to be treated. It is also then safe to assume that Israel not choosing to do right or be right is conscious. Their choice is for war and unrest and disruption and anger and fear to prevail over that area for as long as they can get away with it. They have been getting away with it for sixty years, long exceeding the length of time that Jews were persecuted during World War 2. Nothing they're doing makes sense. Nothing they're saying is true. Nothing about them is legitimate. One begins to question the entire scenario. One begins to wonder what's really going on here. One is not incapable of believing that this carnage and outrage is a purposeful distraction, meant to take our attention away from even worse things in the making.

One begins to wonder many things in the face of that which makes no sense and cannot be justified or explained. The myth of agreement and support for Zionism is revealed, the world does not agree with or support Zionist fascist imperialist criminality, occupation, torture and mass murder. So what's the game here really? Is it not the greater equivalent being waged at the global level? The violent economic war being waged against all of us? The greater plan of either enslavement or extermination of everyone and everything so that a very few may live as spoiled two year olds with servants who will change their soiled underpants for them?

Control, force, greed, depravity, duplicity, lies, hypocrisy, brutality, arrogance, injustice, selfishness are the things that poison the soul and mind of the individual and which define that person. It is exponentially worse when those with power are so poisoned with these things. This is all the more reason why, when we see these things in those who claim to be our leadership, that we recognize them instead of dismissing them or telling ourselves it is incompetence and not overt conscious criminality.

If we want to stop being lied to, we must stop lying to ourselves first. When our appetite for lies has been extinguished, when we have firmly in our minds what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior for anyone in this world, when we stop believing that there exist people who are better than others based on what they own or how much violence they can perpetrate, then nothing much more will need to be done to bring state violence and carnage to an end. We will simply not participate. We can stand quietly en masse, looking at our leaders, our eyes burrowing into their souls until they squirm under the torture of the truth they see in our eyes. They are not acceptable. This is not acceptable. And we will not go along with it.

It is long past time to end the reign of violence on this earth because it is only that reign of violence that keeps us locked in self defeating, self destructive stupidity, bound to obey the whims of a childish few. All state violence against all people anywhere is invalid and self serving and can never and will never be just, necessary, or reasonable.

To those who support Israel's Zionist lies of entitlement and self-justification, I have only one question for you. How would you feel if you were a Palestinian? Answer the question. How would you feel if the tables were turned? How would you feel having the might and power of Israel's military, the third largest military in the world, coming down with full force on your unarmed family? Would you stand there and passively die for your aggressors? Would you grovel on your knees to them and beg to be their slaves? That is doubtful. Please, spare us your inane words of support for the insupportable. There is no excuse for what is being done by Zionist murderers to innocent people. And if you cannot put yourself in Palestine's place, the place of those under attack, the place of those innocents being killed, then you cannot claim to be objective or concerned with your own self honesty. If that is the case then you are dishonest and crippled inside, and you are simply and completely wrong.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    This is brilliant. Absolutely the best piece I've ever read on Zionism.

  2. Isn't it an amazing coincidence that this monstrosity took place just prior to bush leaving and ended just prior to Obama arriving?

  3. Yep, it sure is an amazing coincidence, brought to you by people who won't take no for an answer. In fact I keep hearing about efforts being taken around the spectrum to purposely cripple, bury, undermine, drown and otherwise destroy any or all chances of the greater efforts of the putrid few getting nipped, slowed down or stopped by this incoming administration. The fascist right are truly obnoxious people, they make cockroaches look good in comparison. I don't think there's an equivalent in the animal kingdom for the fascist war mongering sort. Thank goodness for that I suppose, but it only makes sense. There is no "need" for all of this violence and manipulation and stifling and killing of others. That's all optional. You have to wonder who would opt for all that. Oh nobody important, just the rulers of the planet. No worries.


  4. Thank you anonymous. You'll make my head get big with that kind of talk. Just what I need, another part of me getting bigger.


  5. Thank you Ang, for eloquently speaking of the conciousness that is needed by humanity if we are to move forward. I am 62 years old and remember celebrating the incoming of a new age, not knowing that an "age" is an incredible stretch of time, therefore the new incoming age can take a very long time, indeed to manifest, but, hope upon hope, it is indeed coming to pass the new age of enlightenment...

  6. Mr. Natural, I hope you are right. Perhaps these are birth pangs. Those are excrutiating by definition. This is THE time to learn the lessons and truths necessary to leave behind what's broken and move ahead to what's not. I hope it turns out that way. Thanks for your comment.


  7. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Beautiful. A great essay.

    ~Survival Acres~

  8. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I can't get in? I have an account but it won't let me in

  9. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I thought that what you had to say was fantastic and as a pro writer I can only say that I'm going back to school to learn how to write. Great man.

  10. Hey, what's up? how are you doing? Hope all is well.

  11. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Who the hell is our president? He came out of nowhere. (the abyss perhaps).
    They are moving at breakneck speed! Anyone notice they couldn't seem to even wait for the (nomination of desolation) to start cleansing more helpless civilian Palestinians. Using phosphorous in the weaponry, long illegal!. Burns to the very bone, water makes it sizzle and burn worse, the attacks are silent until they are right there, burns from phosphorus is nearly always fatal as it rains down like rain and sticks to everything . Burns right through most structures. They are killing peaceful farmers and isolated country communities.
    This country IS OVER!!!! really. I am also stirred by the Spirit to get myself right. I have been feeling this for about a year now. It's here folks.
    Healthcare, or socialized medicine will create wait times for cancer treatments of more than 6 months. See UK social healthcare problems. A diagnosis of cancer is a "death sentence".
    for most

  12. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Thank you for your clarity, honesty and passion. Thank you for being right!

    Reading your article, I kept thinking, "This also applies to the United States. This applies to all states!" Thanks for making that point, too.

    The monstrosity was timed to help test and ensure that the "legitimacy" still held with the incoming U.S. administration. True to form, it does.

    - Coming Times -

  13. awesome post!

    i couldn't agree more

    thanks :)


  14. Anonymous11:23 PM

    amazing!!!!! brilliant!!!