Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Response to a comment on "Dominated To Death"

Without nature the concept of perfection cannot exist.

Response to a comment on "Dominated To Death"
left by Anonymous Feb.27,2007 @ 2:42 am

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment but I'm afraid I don't accept your premise that "No one would be so stupid as to allow that to happen", i.e. total destruction.

How do you know that? Did you check with EVERYone? Obviously, that's not possible. Your assertion that I gave a false choice then, is unsubstantiated.

When you say the choice is between continued existence under authoritarianism (tyrannical rule), or continued existence as free beings, then your idea of continued existence must be a lot different than mine.

We will not continue, we will cease to exist because tyranny can only live by killing all of the living things around it that it considers to be a threat to it's iron clad total domination. This is a starting position of insanity, with a primary goal of destroying everything that can think by itself.

The moment these killers of the world force unnatural genetic combinations on animals, plants and people, they kill those creatures forever. They are gone, destroyed, and can never be set back to right. They are not systematically "altering" anything, they are killing what took eons of evolution to bring to it's current state of being. They are ending the known life forms of this planet and their goal is to create new life forms that serve their desires, as well as serving them. Whatever they see no personal need for, they will extinguish.

Up to this moment in time, every living thing here has been a natural resident of this world which is born here, is nourished here, lives here and dies here, all precisely as this amazing thing called nature designed them. There are circular systems within systems and those are within cycles, day and night, the seasons, cycles of birth, growth, reaching one's potential, and finally growing old and returning back to the earth. Every living thing responds and interacts meaningfully within these endless intricate systems and their bodies are intrinsically connected to many cycles. We are all connected, a part of a great whole, a mysterious, beautiful, life giving, healing, pristine, awe inspiring, and nurturing world, that we cannot help but love deeply. Because it is within us, and it IS us.

This is not to say it isn't dangerous too, but even the dangers are natural and can be understood and adapted to. If it can be survived, we are equipped with everything we need to find the way.

Authoritarians primary need is to destroy the free will that all creatures have. It seeks to kill the individual minds within the bodies it wants control over, effectively removing them, destroying them, by any means necessary. If at all possible they will prevent the individual from ever realizing it's own uniqueness and all of the rights that come with it. The authoritarian seeks to subjugate the flesh and the mind, the spirit and the ability to think for oneself and force that individual to relinquish his birthright to live in freedom in the most basic, essential ways. He wants to supplant his own will, his own mind, his own being into another as his subordinate, something that will obey him as if he were a God. When we are deprived of our free will, our minds, our being, by force or coercion, (and lies are a means of force, as is anything that does not respect our right to live as autonomous, free beings) then we are separated from what defines us. We no longer exist.

Authoritarians disdain everything and everyone, they cannot respect anything. They don't care, they don't have the ability to care. Polluting the earth to the point that everything dies is completely within their desires, because only in killing it will they achieve the final domination of it all. Even though it will mean dying themselves, the domination is all that matters to them, achieving it at any cost, is worth the cost to them. They are destruction and death, and just like a cancer, they will feed on their hosts until they kill them, and kill themselves in the process.

These people openly intend to create a borg race of mixed species, human, animal, vegetable, and mineral. They also want to upload consciousness into computers, and design robots with human intellect, but free of humanity or it's needs, rights, and stubborn refusal to be subservient to mad men. What will these beings be called? They are not human. Humanity is a species created by nature. Borg are products who have no "species". No one can make a species. Life is not like Legos. It does not snap together, it does not have removable, interchangeable parts, and it is not programmed to obey commands.

That is not life.

If this defines continued existence to you, then fine. But it is not continued existence in my definition of the word. There is nothing continued about it. "We" won't be around anymore, and that will be forever.


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    YOUR Comment:

    "No one can make a species.
    Life is not like Legos.
    It does not snap together,
    it does not have removable,
    interchangeable parts,
    and it is not programmed
    to obey commands."
    My response:

    I beg to differ....
    As an astute computer
    systems designer with
    significant expertise
    in Expert Systems,
    AI Software and Neural
    Net design, life DOES
    simply snap together
    from smaller bits & pieces
    of genetic rubbish.

    And those parts ARE
    interchangeable and WILL
    obey my every command.

    Your own very DNA is merely
    a series of chemically
    encoded computer commands
    that get executed as a
    "Real-time Application"
    called humanity.

    Your body obeys those
    instructions and if those
    commands get corrupted,
    you get sick or die.
    And what can be encoded
    in DNA can be emulated
    via computer software
    and then duplicated
    as permanent hardware.

    People like me ENJOY making
    new life...even if it is
    artifically based doesn't
    mean it can't get SMART
    or be unable to think for

    My own projects have
    already surpassed
    human capabilities in areas
    such as vision and audio
    recognition capacity
    and speed. In addition
    I've built hardware that
    FAR SURPASSES the human
    body in strength,
    flexibility, speed of
    movement and accuracy.

    And since computer hardware
    is much faster than our
    human wetware,
    I can GROW and TRAIN an
    artificial intellect within
    weeks rather than 18 years.
    And once that's done,
    that superior intellect
    can be simply copied to
    other hardware.

    And the weirdest thing is
    that I don't actually have
    a problem with creating
    a life form that I already
    know will out-perform me
    in intellect and physical
    ability within a time period
    of no more than 15 years
    at the most.

    When the Ray Kurzweil
    Singularity finally comes
    to fruition, I basically
    won't care since I'll be
    either in some warm,
    pleasurable hideaway or
    hunkered down in a fortress
    bunker while my "Bots"
    fight it out with
    the rest of humanity.

    And when the time comes,
    I'll upload my emulated
    consciousness into a
    near immortal techno-cool
    body of my own design....

    Hail the coming Lords of
    Gallium Arsenide!
    May the last human die
    as the pitiable sack
    of water it is!

    AI Guy

  2. Well you see, that's where you and I differ. Life may very well snap itself together but where you and I part ways is in your belief that when you do it, it's legitimate.

    I don't think of DNA as "merely" anything. I see life as the point of everything, not a toy to play with.

    You say you enjoy "creating new life". That bothers me a lot. What gives you the right? Just because you can? Does that amount to a right?

    One has to wonder what you're after. So what if you can make creatures that can see better or that surpass human capabilities? What is that supposed to accomplish? Have you ever thought about the repercussions of this tinkering? Have you thought about the impact your fun will have on the world? You do realize it changes everything.
    Is that up to you?

    I would like to encourage you to upload your consciousness to a machine at your earliest convenience. Here, use my toaster. Then maybe the rest of the world can go about re-establishing peace and enjoying what life is meant to be. I'm certain it doesn't need to end in the scifi horror story you envision and encourage with your attitude of disrespect for life itself.

    Bottom line: you're not a part of the solutions we seek. You're the embodiment of the problem.