Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Flasher

There he is, standing on the sidewalk, waiting for you to get closer. Brown shoes, no socks, no pants, long scuzzy raincoat. You want to avoid him, you try to look away. Then, just as you pass by he swings his coat wide open and stands there grinning.

In spite of yourself you groan out loud; the look on your face is sheer disgust. You didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing your stomach is turning, but he knows.

It's odd the way he stands there chuckling, exposing himself. He knows he's disgusting. He knows nobody wants to see his grody tool kit. He knows he's an offensive social deviant. He really enjoys his little game.

Which brings me to our president, who has all the subtlety of the aforementioned social deviant. Just like the flasher man, king bobo loves to whip open his political raincoat and expose his dirty deeds, and he does it with the same kind of self satisfied pleasure. He does it knowing that what we'll see is shocking, criminal, illegal and devoid of justification. And like the flasher man, he also enjoys it.

The difference between the flasher and king bobo is, the guy in the raincoat works alone.

It used to be that when men did immoral things in public, the police hauled them off to jail. Society knew right from wrong. No lawyers showed up to defend his behavior, and none even considered selling a jury on the notion that the guy was entitled to perpetrate his obscenities on the public. They would never have claimed it was his first amendment right or that he had intellectual property rights. He was a freak and that was that.

These days the lines between right and wrong are blurred to the point of not knowing where one begins and the other ends. At least that's what the corporate media would have us believe. For instance, the bush administration wants to wage another war of aggression, and the media responds with golf claps. They supportively sell the lies and nonsense with enough positive spin to make the entire nation dizzy. Big media does not get upset at the thought of more war, to them it's a jolly good idea and you're supposed to think so too.

Has any administration ever been so completely disconnected from the public? Never has any president been so comfortably assured that no inconvenient questions would ever be asked. Never before were taxpayers dragged away by thugs the second they said anything remotely resembling the truth. No surprises are allowed, no doubting faces, only smiles. All hail king bobo.

No embarrassment will ever come to the dear leader or anyone in his employ by way of this press, and no honest to-the-point questions will ever find their way to the White House on national television. Apparently, neither will accountability. It's as though such things don't exist.

If a million furious questions flooded the white house, but nobody heard about them, did they ever really get asked?

This government/media warmongering psyops tag teaming is way more disturbing than a common street flasher. A flasher doesn't get people killed. He can't use legal force to throw people in prison who refuse to respect his deviant behavior. He doesn't have the most powerful, highly paid staff on earth surrounding him to support his single minded dedication to serving the power class at our expense. He also doesn't have the ability to get our country nuked for what he does on the sidewalk to unsuspecting passersby.

A flasher on the street is real, and his problem is easy to define. But the workings of government are so unreal that all there is for us to see is an expensive game show that's already fixed; and all of the contestants are in on it. This is what's been exposed repeatedly when king bobo flings open his political raincoat. We get it. And yes, it's making us sick to our stomachs.

We've all seen the new faces prancing around the nation's capital, supposedly there to bring some old school know how and sober perspective to the situation. What a lounge act, look at all those tits. No matter who shows up in what capacity the bottom line is they all want more war and they'll do whatever it takes to get it.

The federal department of public manipulation knows in no uncertain terms that the bush administration and the republicans in general weren't just rejected last November, they were Ejected. Whenever any of those people step up to a microphone the citizens make a sign of the cross with their fingers and hiss. These new faces are just there to diffuse attention from those primary players we're all so sick of, not to ward off impending insanity or mete out a few spankings to spoiled brats. They're facilitators with long, dirty track records that just aren't mentioned enough for my taste. They want you distracted by all those tits on stage, and not focused on the boobs in the oval office.

Congress is performing a surreal skit, something along the lines of debating whether to discuss sending more flashers to the streets of America. 30,000 more. They're completely avoiding the glaring problems of immorality and the vast public rejection of the idea. They just say, "We need more social deviants on our streets but we're not sure we want to talk about it", and the debate is about whether they should have brown shoes or black shoes, gray raincoats or tan ones. They keep bringing up the strong message sent to them last November 7th, and they say it is obvious the public wants brown shoes and gray raincoats and so 30,000 flashers are already on their way to a public sidewalk near you.

I'm afraid they may have become pod people.

No, things aren't what they used to be, but they aren't what they're selling us either. Common sense was retired to spend more time with it's family. Simple truth has been replaced by fakery and claims that fakery is good. This may explain the rise of the New Agers. Without common sense or truth what do we have left to discern reality beyond meditation to ask the spirit guides for guidance?

Words we once used to communicate in plain English are now used like camouflage to deceive us, to deflect justifiable upset, and disguise creepy game plans that only Satan could support. It messes with people's heads.

Phrases like "preemptive war" and "collateral damage" should never be spoken without an immediate hailstorm of rotten tomatoes pummeling the speaker. These phrases attempt to justify the unjustifiable. What is preemptive war but an attack of aggression? Collateral damage sounds like dented office furniture. It's an attempt to dehumanize and demoralize human beings and dismiss the deaths of innocent people, noncombatants, families, children, cities, peace, and sanity as a vaguely mild bummer that just can't be helped. These men would get more emotional over not having time to get in 8 holes before lunch, or finding a spot of mustard on a favorite tie.

This used to be called depraved indifference, but where are the police now? They're holding back the angry public to let the flashers do their thing.

All of these people are working a reverse program of illogic and illegitimacy. Instead of diligently pursuing peace with brilliant acts of diplomacy, the official government line is that the war must go on at all costs to humanity. If it takes a billion dead people to save the world from terrorism then so be it. Besides the blatant failure of logic there, may I point out that for what is being spent on these violent debacles we could have BOUGHT Peace On Earth outright? And we'd still have money to go out and celebrate.

The military hungrily sees the whole world, including us as a threatening target and it has an obsessively itchy trigger finger. The whole system has begun to sound and act a lot like Israel's government and Israel will probably not be happy until no one else is left on earth. Only then will they finally believe everyone is not out to get them. And while the United States did not earn respect in the world by taking that same position, it certainly has lost all respect and credibility by doing so. The official blatant sycophantic suckling and protection of Israel's equally immoral aggression, and taking seriously their paranoid delusional claims of impending doom has done nothing to boost the US image in the middle east; or anywhere else for that matter.

Who is more aggressive and combative than the US and Israel?

Does it ever occur to these astoundingly hypocritical self-proclaimed worshippers of God that you reap what you sow? Perhaps if we all stopped our inexcusable acts of aggression against the weak, we wouldn't be so reviled around the world and we could all get back to being dysfunctional in a less publicly conspicuous way.

We all know the current bloodbath and destruction in Iraq is not glorious, helpful, just, or valid. It's not even legal. There is no conceivable reason to attack another country. Why shouldn't Iran develop their nuclear program? Especially since our president is giving nuclear capabilities away left and right, and recently in return for a couple of boxes of tropical fruit. What the hell business is it of our government what Iran does when we're doing it a thousand times more already?

Seriously, who do we think we are? Since when is any other country accountable to our government? Since when do other sovereign nations need permission from the United States to run their own country as they see fit? What's the problem, failure to grovel? For this we feel entitled to bomb them into oblivion? Can you smell the sickness in these peoples' minds? These are the same people who told us we'd be safer without all those pesky rights getting in our way.

The rest of the world has had it with us. We have had it with us. If these deviants actually attack Iran there is no one in America who can ever again say they don't understand why "they hate us" so much. The bush administration is doing everything it can to enrage the middle east, and the rest of the planet too. They couldn't have gone about things any differently if they were purposely trying to goad other nations into attacking us. (And while we have our pants down too). The real question is, why does our own government hate us so much?

Our government used to take pains to conceal it's immorality and blood lust. It engaged in it's acts of illegal aggression in far away places while here at home they read us noble, patriotic poetry and told us that once again our white hats had saved the day. Now they're just like flashers on the street, grinning in our faces. Except they're also very heavily armed.

Perhaps the elites behind this long range plan are having problems. The usual white glove aura of clean respectability and seamless choreography are as gone as outsourced American jobs. That smooth old routine always worked to dazzle us while they baffled us with bull shit. It distracted us and allowed them to scurry around undetected like the cockroaches they are, in all the dark places these people are drawn to; and we were none the wiser. Now it's all out in the open. Maybe they went on vacation and left things to a temp. They sure are going to be angry when they get back.

We're in round three of this game show now, and the current score is a couple hundred million against the bush regime and their next illegal war, and only a handful for. Somebody tell me how come they'll get their way and we'll get handed the bill, the responsibility, the shame and the terrible blow back? How is this making anyone safer? This game is rigged and we've been politically stalemated by crooks and liars.

Now what do we do?

If insanity could be redefined as a feeling of entitlement to kill anyone you like without just cause and claim that it is righteous it would make it a whole lot easier to see the whole thing, all of them, Congress, the Military, the Intelligence agencies, the DHS, Israel and this administration for what they are. Card carrying nuts who need to be 5150'd before anyone else gets hurt.

Somebody call Websters. Let's see if we can get this ball rolling.

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