Tuesday, February 27, 2007

9/11, Cheney and My Frog

Assassination attempt?

Mmm....sorry, I don't believe it.

Cheney was in about as much danger today as my pet frog, Mr. Jumpy. None.

A big light turned on somewhere in the last 24 hours or so, and it's shining on the veep like a spotlight; pointing it's long finger at Cheney and saying, Guilty! Dirty! Criminal! BUSTED!

In a panic, the administration nearly peed itself, desperate to distract attention from that spotlight, and from that horrid pointing finger.

What could they whip up in a couple of hours? What would it take to really move and horrify the public?

But they needed more than "move and horrify", because the news had leaked out. They had not
been able to contain it. And now, they had to trump it. What they really needed was sympathy. Sympathy for the devil.

Getting the public to feel sympathy for this man would be no easy task. But, they could count on their best friends, the press, to whip it up into a frenzy! The media would blow it way out of proportion, it would be on every news channel, filling up tv screens all over the country. People would weep, they would wail, they would grasp at their hearts and cry, "Oh NO!" They would pay no attention to the spotlight, and just like the missing pentagon trillions were over looked, all they would hear is the trump story.

It had better be good.

Assassination attempt! Yes, that's it. That will grip the publics' heartstrings! That will turn their attention away from that damaging truth, that damning reality that threatened, so seriously, to bring him down.

Obviously they had to dream it up on the fly. Maybe the usual staff at the Department of Public Manipulation was out to lunch. Maybe Cheney dreamed it up himself. This would explain Tony Snow's cluelessness, at least on this issue. No one knew. They didn't know because it didn't happen.

It's an odd thing with Cheney. Every time he's around something that goes "boom", there are no details at all. But there are always details in the real world, they're the first thing you notice. But not around the Veep. Because the details still have to be written by the DOPM.

What could it be that threatened him so? Was it the tidbit from Britain yesterday revealing their ten o'clock news report on Sept. 11, 2001? The anchorman telling his audience that WTC 7 had just collapsed? The problem being, that it had NOT collapsed - YET. Their announcement came twenty minutes before the event happened. A very damning piece of footage that. Very damning.

BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell: Video

What about the massive drop in stocks today? That would definitely get people distracted. They needed to buy time. And they did.

It turns out no one cared that Cheney was three miles away from a loud noise today. The press opted to ogle a lady in a wet T shirt instead, and who could blame them? The public did not skip a heartbeat. In fact, many of them had much darker feelings, somewhere along the lines of disappointment. It's only the truth, don't shoot the messenger.

Then Wall Street reported that stocks did not really drop. It was a computer GLITCH. Just a silly little glitch. You know how those glitches are, right?

That's about as likely as our entire national airborne defense force being helpless in the face of a few highjacked planes one day. As likely to happen as them being caught off guard. Something is wrong with this story.

So, did the assassination attempt occur to distract us from the British 10 o'clock news? Did it occur to cover the truth of the condition of our economy, and the death rattle of the worthless dollar?

Well, Cheney is fine. Never better.
And Wall Street is grinning and doing a V8 slap on the forehead.

That leaves the ten o'clock news, which they cannot make go away. They tried, HARD. But untold numbers of citizens downloaded it. It's everywhere. No matter how fast they pull it down, it goes right back up and in ten more places than before.

It seems they bought the time they needed though. Time to contact the UK media and convince them to "lose" their footage, and to forget who told them that WTC 7 was history. Now they can't find that pesky footage, and they have no idea how they got that info.


It must have been a glitch.

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