Monday, January 24, 2011


Oh please.  Spare me your drama queen finger pointing judgment of my being.  What do you know of me?  Not a thing. You stand there with that look on your face, calling me racist, or antisemitic or unpatriotic or any other knee-jerking self-superior subjective judgment of my person... and all of your nose in the air bluster is nothing but hot air.  It is play acting.  It is caustic, insulting, divisive, unhelpful, illogical, unwarranted and plain stupid. 

What is the matter with you?

You're not fooling me or scaring me or making me recoil in horror for fear of your branding me with your mark of some sort of politically correct Zorro, carving a big R for racist with a circle around it on my forehead for all to see.  Your cartoon tattoos of judgment are a plastic joke.  The only thing about you that is real is your viciousness towards others.   And you're supposed to be so much better than the rest of us?  You can't even respect people with a different opinion than yours, what's so superior about that?  That is the bottom of the barrel in human attitudes my friend.  It's called intolerance, it's bigotry.  You are what you rail so loudly against. 

I don't care how self-superior you feel, you are not the end all and be all of human perfection.  Who told you that you were?  What are your qualifications for this lofty self image?  You don't have any qualifications, and according to you, you apparently don't need any.  Your personal sense of superiority comes from nothing more than a bloated, overbearing intolerance for all who are not just like you.  Well my goodness, you're just as imperfect as the very people you are so quick to judge.

People I ask you, where's Gandhi when you need him?  Where is any natural man with a lick of sense who knows the difference between a bag of hot air and a hole in the ground?  Where are the shepherds of the soul with the visionary messages that raise the human consciousness as opposed to shoving its face down into the dreck and the mud of ignorance and fear and selfishness?  Where are the voices of men who lift us to something higher by speaking to us of humility and appreciation and mutual respect?  Where are all of those voices?  Are they all dead?  All of them?  How did that happen?

Where is the common sense?  'Common sense' is an oxymoron, it's not common at all.  It's quite uncommon.  It is so uncommon in fact that the universe has to send us occasional exemplars of common sense, light bringers, those with the gift of genuine superiority that is always and only revealed by true humility and undying courage, by selfless generosity, kindness, patience, fairness and honesty and never by self-appointed, self-aggrandizing, trumpet blaring, wealth accumulating, gun toting general announcement. 

It is hard not to notice that the most hated people on earth have often been those who simply tell the truth.  You can get killed for that you know.  It seems that truth is something that most people don't want to hear.  People prefer to be lied to.  They want to be told stories that support the pink bubble they live in, stories about how superior they are, or what victims they are, or how brilliant, entitled, deserving, educated and sophisticated they are.  People want to hear that they're special, that they're better than other people, even that their version of God told them so, so it must be true.

As a brief aside, if your version of God says that 'your people' (whatever that means), are superior to all other people on earth, what was the point?  Why would the almighty being, the creator of all that is, an intelligence so profound and so beyond you that you cannot even fathom it, what point would there be in this being's mind to singling out one stripe of humanity and telling them he favors them? 

If God the almighty didn't like the rest of his human creation he wouldn't need your help to get rid of them. He could handle that himself.  If he created them he could uncreate them, but that hasn't happened and it never will.  So maybe it's not that God singled you out to dote on, spoil and favor so much as he singled you out to hold responsible.  Maybe he expects better from you because he knows you can do better.  And maybe just maybe your interpretation of being "chosen" does not equate to you being given permission to act like the most violent scum of the earth in existence and get away with it.  Maybe it really means you're supposed to do God's work for him, which, as previously noted, is not to exterminate everyone but yourself.

But you can't handle that, can you.  You? Keeping all of God's Ten Commandments?  That will be the day.  Thou shalt not kill is just too much to give up.  You like killing.  Face it, you like killing.  You know it's wrong but you just tell yourself that you're killing for God/country and you feel superior and entitled to go kill people.  Here's a tip for you, you missed the mark on this one.  Your God, should he really exist, will definitely be filling you in when you get to your version of heaven.  

There must be a special place in hell for those deluded souls who break every law of God and man in the belief it is God's will for them to do so.  Is insanity punishable by eternity in the fires of hell?  Only if it's insanity by choice.  Insanity by lazy following of the rabid herd.  Insanity by refusal to use the brains and the heart God gave you.  Short answer, yep, you're going to hell.  And all of you anal probing torturing scum bags for God & country, I hope you like pitchforks because you'll have one up your ass for the rest of all time.  Now that's patriotic.  And Godly too.

To pick up where I left off before, I was saying how it's hard not to notice that when people are demonized and vilified in the press, when it reaches a point of total saturation and orgasmic hate and fear, chances are near 100% certainty that the object/s of all that hate and fear are neither demonic nor villainous.  They are not inhuman or ungodly people.  They are not like animals.  They do not hate us for our beliefs and ways.  They are not out to get us.  They do not eat our flesh or drink human blood.  They do not take babies out of incubators and leave them on cold floors to die.  They are not rabid haters of little old innocent us, nor have most of them even heard of us.  Indeed, "they" are just ordinary people and none of them, repeat none of them, run this insane world.  None of them want to destroy it or own it or kill it anymore than we want those things.  They want to be left in peace to raise their families and live ordinary lives. 

The fact is, the moment we nationally vilify others we feel entitled to kill them and let's face it folks, this country is Murder Inc. USA.  Our leaders control the killingest military force in the world.  The American killing machine will go anywhere, anytime and kill anyone, for any reason, for no reason at all, one at a time, in pairs, in mass numbers, in any variety and combination of ways, with or without torture, rape and disemboweling, with or without electrodes attached to genitals and breasts, and all at no cost to the supposed beneficiaries of all this killing.  The American people, in semicomatose submission to the killer clown kings that lead this nation to endless war, will pay for every penny of it.  They will pay for every bomb, every missile, every warhead, every bunker buster, every tank and plane and drone and concentration camp, every weapon and every drop of chemicals, every method of radiation and burning of flesh and they will do so by and large while not having any idea about any of it.  They will put themselves and their grandchildren 7 generations forward into cast iron prisons of usurious debt that they will never, ever, ever be able to extricate themselves from, due to the illicit and unnecessary interest rates charged on all those hundreds of billions of dollars borrowed in order to keep on killing and killing and killing the whole damned world a hundred times over so that we can feel "safe".  That's freedom baby. 

That's our biggest gift to humanity folks, our bottomless hate driven fear of brown people, go ahead and tell me I'm wrong.  Americans love to hate.  Not all of us by any means, but enough of us to do so much damage, it's hardly news.  American bigots are ignorant, self-superior, hostile bullies that can be riled up and led as easily as exciting a kitten with a bit of string.  All it takes is a concerted symphony of talking heads on TV spewing out hate and fear of people and love and respect for war, while pointing the finger somewhere "over there" and saying, "we are in terrible danger because those terrible people hate us and are going to come kill us in our beds!"  That's all it takes and boom!  We're off to war.  Again.  And we're being seen naked and genitally groped in every airport in the country because we are so afraid that maybe somehow somebody else might come along with another firecracker in his underpants and give us a good scare. 

We can't handle it.  We can't handle anything anymore, the whole damned world has become a direct threat to us.  We're ready to kill everything, anywhere anytime just bring it on because we're reduced to cowering whimpering fearful clinging followers of blatantly illegal, false, bloodthirsty authority that has made a total mockery of everything we are and everything we stand for and everything we believe in.  We're fine with that, just don't let  any of that evil socialism seep in here and don't let any of them towel headed moozlums get us!  Don't let them bring their America hating God hating women hating Sharia law into our congress and force us to wear towel heads and beat our women and hate ourselves.  Because that's just so likely to happen unless we wage war on the whole of the Muslim world and take all of their oil while we're at it and also pave the way for the infected carbuncle on the ass of the world known as Israel to move forward in their vision of Israel-World.  More land for Israel.  More and more and more land for Israel.  Yes, they really need all that land.  Would everyone in the middle east please leave?  Israel is moving in.  And the US military contractors, agents and guns for hire are laying the sidewalk for them. 

Is anybody really missing any of that?  Really?

You know, me saying that, just calling it like I see it, if it came to the attention of the bigots and warmongers in control of our poor, castrated, confused country, would get me immediately branded as antisemitic and unpatriotic and un-American and maybe even as a terrorist supporter.   Even though all I'm doing is reporting what is there to see, it is not hidden.  I am telling the truth as I see it.  How can that make me any of those things? 

Well, the short answer is it can't.  And it doesn't. 

What is this about?  All these attacks on people who won't tow the line of the illegal foreign corporate entity pretending to be our government?  Why the brutality and bullying and forceful insistence that when we see what we see that it is not what we see but something else entirely that they will explain to us.  These people are telling us what to think.

I don't need any help with how or what I think.  I didn't ask for anyone's input on what I think.   You don't get to dismiss me, I'm your equal bubba, deal with it.  I see things different than the mindwashing sales pitch that's constantly being crammed down our throats.  I think what they're selling is wrong.  I think they lie about everything.  And I think nothing they say deserves to override what the rest of us have to say.  I know for sure that not one of those arrogant gas bags and phonies, dual citizenship senators or pentagon denizens or mass media propagandists is remotely qualified or entitled to tell me what to think.  Every last one of them can kiss my big fat butt. 

I will think what I think.  I will say what I see.  I will criticize the wrongdoing done in the name of this country. I will criticize the vile scum posing as our representation when we have so little real representation.  Money talks and money walks, and money and guns are running our lives. Money and guns and a desire for domination so profound that it is the way it has always been on this poor little violence and greed ravaged world since forever. There's nothing new about this.  This is the dark spot that goes round and round and round our world blocking out the sun and bringing on death and war and violence and rape and human sacrifice and pillage...all in the name of some authority or another.  It's always the same people doing the same things.

The mighty, mighty cocksuckers are having their field day on earth, again.  They want World War III so bad they can't stand it.  They are working overtime like radioactive cockroaches scuttling about in the dark, in the walls, underground, with their tapped lines and intercepts, their media control, their plane loads of cash and prostitutes and hidden cameras, their illicit private contract killers, their bottomless funds, their legions of clueless youthful recruits to carry it all out for them, their well honed needle sharp experts at manipulation, all working so hard, so relentlessly, every night and day, around the clock, to set Christians against Muslims, Jews against the world, to create armies of disgruntled head shaving angry racists, masses of discontented, disillusioned, hopeless, grasping, hungry, homeless, jobless ordinary people, and stirring the pot, stirring the pot, turning up the heat.  A steady stream of lighter fluid is added to the mix and then one day, when the moon is in the right phase and the moment is right they will simply toss in a single lit match and it will explode into violent, earth shattering hate and destruction.  And mark my words, the self same creators of all of this hate and death and suffering will stand before us and look right into the television cameras to tell us that we have no choice but to nuke the shit out of whoever they'll say has done this to us.  And we will say and do what we always say and do, "Hell yeah! We're number one!  We'll make them pay!"

Will anyone hear me telling them this is all contrived?  It's all about money and power games and misguided sexual overdrive acting out a need to dominate everything that moves in order to feel secure that you'll get what you want and need and beyond.  No,  no one will hear me.  In fact I'll be branded unpatriotic, un-American, antisemitic, and a terrorist supporter because I don't want to kill anyone.  Because killing is not an answer it is a  depraved sport, and a lucrative sport at that, and I don't stand behind that or anyone who does.  We have out of control murderers galloping the globe for God & country, for The Cause; which as you know means anything goes, anything at all in the name of The Cause.  And anything is going. Everything is going.

It all boils down to selfishness.  And the delivery vehicle is so called political correctness. 

I'm telling you that there are no such things as political correctness or preexisting conditions or the internet.  There is only us.  Just people.  Plain, ordinary, human, mortal, imperfect people.  People of all walks of life, all ages, all stages of health and sickness.  Some are honest and honorable, some are wise, some are brave, and some are ignorant and small minded.  We're all just people. Our needs are the same no matter where we live: food and water, clothing and shelter, love and health and something meaningful to do with our lives.  That's not hard to understand is it? How can it be hard to understand that when people, any people, are systematically deprived of any of those things that there will be serious trouble? 

All of the world's people have hearts and souls, we all love our children and we all want to leave the world a better place.  We all want to live in a just world, a fair world, a kinder world, a world without violence and armies and land grabs and power struggles.  And if all of those mighty, mighty cocksuckers would just fuck off and leave the people of this world alone, we might just be okay.  But they won't.

I say don't hate your neighbor.  Don't hate your neighbor if they have a problem with illegal immigration.  Every country in the world is filled with people who react just like we do when their borders are overrun with people from other places.  It's not racist, it's a normal response.  The feeling of being overwhelmed, overridden by strangers is scary and threatening.  Massive immigration upsets the entire status quo.  It uproots personal status and security and if you don't think that's very serious indeed then you just don't think.  If you want to call that 'racist' then you need to get honest inside yourself. 

People who are unhappy about illegal immigration, people of other faiths and cultures, people with other values and priorities than yours are not wrong, they are what they are and who are you to judge them?  Your position is not automatically right, why would it be?   Would it kill you to take people as they are and love them anyway?  No, but it will kill a lot of people if you don't.

Before you point at Muslims and exclaim they're crazed and violent extremists who hate us for no good reason, why don't you take a look at who is telling you those stories and who is benefiting from those stories being told?  Because it isn't you, and it isn't me.  It's the same old mighty, mighty cocksuckers who are raking in bottomless pits of benefits in dollars, the financial terrorists; plus their symbiotic enabling of the other mighty, mighty cocksuckers who forever lust to commit murder; mass murder for pleasure, mass murder as surrogate for sexual domination of the entire planet.  Only the mighty, mighty cocksuckers benefit.  Everybody else loses.

So please, spare me your judgment about my being and my person.  I don't care if I'm not okay with you, I really don't.  Your position is yours and mine is mine and if you will not shake my hand and be my neighbor anyway, then the real problem my friend, is you.


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    wow. excellent post, Ang. I truly hope you have someone special in your life to whom you can share these thoughts without judgement or fear, besides us, I mean, thru your wonderful blog. You bring sanity to a world gone mad. I had long ago despaired of anyone having any semblance of sanity in this nation. It appears that we as americans have a special "quirk" if you will, for being insanely myopic and susceptible to a particular form of national amnesia, the way the French are known for being romantics. Of course, there are misanthropic French people....just as there are americans who recognize insanity for what it is. Thank you for your insight.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you.


  3. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I second that,
    funny how the people who think the same
    gravitate towards each other naturally.

    We all find ourselves in this situation these days
    and we're all sick of it going on for such a damn long time....
    too damn long...

    That's why it is GOING TO CHANGE...!

    : )

  4. Transcend Designs,

    I'm with you. It IS going to change.


  5. Anonymous5:27 PM

    THANK YOU Ang and very well said.
    I appreciate reading this.
    Gratefull for these words.
    A13 Xxx

    WV=Ponis!!!!(ie those not so mighty cocksuckers...)

  6. Well people kept telling me about you so I finally read a bit of your blog and I like it a lot. I wrote a book this year called The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook. It has the solution to global warming, poverty, healthcare for everyone in the world, shelter and food for everyone and a new beginning for making a new economic order. The answer is to copy some of nature's hive solutions and eat from the top. Cannibalism is the answer! If we killed and ate only 1193 billionaires and took all their money and all their shit we could pay off the debts of every country in the world, every individual mortgage and loan, etc. and proceed to build a brand new economic order based on something other than Killer Korporate Kapitalism. Take a look at my book and the interview recently published in my ezine at Feeding super rich people to poor people and cannibalizing their assets as well as their asses is the answer! brad blanton

  7. Brad,

    I'm sorry but you lost me on the cannibalism thing. That's pretty gross and as I see it not very helpful in the real world. I'm not inclined to believe that cannibalizing the rich would bring us the kind of world we want to live in. We don't need another revolution, we need some evolution.
    Thanks for your comment.