Saturday, April 24, 2010

Humility's Wake

Ah, hello there, I guess you heard the news.  Our dear old friend Humility is dead and you've come to his wake.  Welcome.   I was just about to begin a remembrance of him for Posterity's sake.  Yes please, by all means join me, come and take a seat.

Friends, strangers, all, we are here to day to mourn the loss of a dear old friend.  A friend who has served us well in days past.  A friend we haven't seen much of lately;  who we began to see less and less of over the years until he all but disappeared from our midst.  Our dear old friend Humility has indeed disappeared for good.  He is dead and gone.  Things will never be the same without his wise and equalizing presence.

At first we thought Humility was outsourced, shipped off to some God forsaken place where people are uncivilized pagans who barely wear clothes and who dance naked in the moonlight having wild sex after eating hallucinogenic mushrooms until they reach frenzies of insanity causing them to not want to give us their oil.  What else can we do when we see them dancing nude around the fire, having sex with each other outside of the bonds of legally acquired holy matrimony, worshiping false idols and refusing to sign our oil contracts,  but kill them to make the world a better place? 

Did I just say that?  Oh dear, how dreadful.  You see it is happening already.  Humility's loss has already begun to affect me, I'm already sounding like a fascist imperialist sonofabitch.  God help me.

If only Humility had simply been outsourced at least he would still exist somewhere, like Gilligan on his faraway isle, we could hold hope of seeing him again someday. 

But alas, Humility was not outsourced.   Humility was picked up outside of a movie theater by National Security Police with faces covered and no name tags, stripped down to his shorts, injected with consciousness altering drugs, and flown to one of the government's secret detention facilities that we don't need to know about, where he was summarily and brutally tortured; water boarded 800 times, and would have been ready to confess to giving birth to Satan if he hadn't unfortunately died in their custody. 

They tell us Humility killed himself by wriggling out of his shit and slime covered restraints to purposely hurl himself head first into a vat of hot boiling oil and that he did it just to make them look bad politically.  But between you and me I have my doubts about that.  Humility was just not that kind of guy. 

What on earth did Humility do to deserve to die?  What wrong could Humility do?  Why couldn't it have been Hubris, that prick, or Arrogance, who seems to be everywhere these days?  Spite and Intolerance are all over the newspapers, Ignorance and Hypocrisy are in all of the magazines, Stupidity even has his own hit TV shows and national radio programs.  Loud mouthed politically apoplectic media monopolizing manipulators, why couldn't it have been one of them who got picked up and suicided to death?  That would have been a good thing.  A wonderful thing.  A great thing!  All of them suck big time.  But Humility?  Dear sweet gentle wise tolerant understanding patient respectful Humility?  A terrorist?  Impossible.  Never.

No.  I just don't believe it and I never will.  Official testimonies be damned, I will never believe it.  Humility was innocent of any wrong doing.  This is the cover up of a terrible mistake or a terrible misunderstanding or a terrible planned extrajudicial politically motivated execution.   It has to be one of those things because there is no way Humility ever did anything wrong to anyone, anywhere at any time.  If Humility was a threat to this government or National Security then we have a much worse problem than we'd ever want to be stuck with.  As it is we're already screwed.  We're double screwed with a black booted cherry on top. 

And now this.  I don't need my sunglasses any more, everything looks dark enough already.

For-profit health services are not health "care".  There is no "care" in what they do.  Caring is a nonprofit activity.  It is personal in nature, emotional in scope, and its benefits are far reaching, incalculable and 100% free.  Caring is something that comes from the heart that makes the world a better place.  Caring is not bossy or full of crap or demanding  or arrogant or selfish.  It is just caring.  For-profit health services have nothing to do with caring.  They have only to do with sales and profits. They are a vending machine.  Pay up and get one of these or one of those.  Next time you need some more go find the vending machine. There's not even a fully staffed kitchen anymore, there's nobody there now; just some change machines.  No human touch.  No human talk.  No discourse, no smiling faces saying welcome, have a seat, would you like some coffee?  There's no one there at all.  Ever.  The walls are cold steel, the windows on the machines are smudged with fingerprints, and there's graffiti all over the walls.   Messages of angst and fury written in spray paint in full view of the nonfunctional security cameras stuck to the ceiling; they express the fundamental insult of the inhuman pay or die game of profiting from the illness and injuries of others.  Only the utter lack of humility could allow sentient beings to be able to reach such shameful lows of callous selfishness and wrong doing. "We only care about you if you have money".  Yes, that's a beautiful sentiment, if you're demon spawn.  Without humility there can be no respect.  Without respect there can be no justice.  Without justice you might as well shoot yourself now and get it over with.

I'm sorry, I am sorry.  I am depressed and perhaps seeing things as much worse than they are.  Or maybe I'm seeing what's right in front of my eyes and that's what's making me so depressed in the first place.  In any case, don't pay much attention to me.  I have no idea what's to come.  I'm not fricken Houdini.

I need to blow my nose.  Hold on a sec please.


Okay, that's better.  Sorry about that.  Where was I?  Oh yes...I remember now.

How utterly dehumanizing and demoralizing the capitalist machine has become.  And we wonder why people are so angry, cynical and hopeless that they go on shooting sprees or crash their airplanes into office buildings.  There is no mystery here.  Without Humility people can't get along.  Without Humility there can be no tolerance or desire for truth or understanding.  If only Humility were still alive, he could explain it to us so well.  Humility could always make everything perfectly clear.  Humility brought Balance into any equation and ushered in Truth to join the party as well.  What a great gang of guys.  Will we ever see Humility's friends again?  They may all be dead too.  Come to think of it, it's been a while since we've heard from any of them.

We are all much worse off for this sad and meaningless loss.  We are going to feel it too, mark my words.  I miss Humility so much already. 

Good-bye Humility.  It was so good to know you.  Now that you're gone the world will never be the same.

All we can do is pray that reincarnation is real.

Otherwise, we should prepare for the plunge into 21st Century style Corporate Elite Fascist rule over all our lives. Total crushing control by international elites over the new burgeoning Global Calcutta; massive slums of starving wretched people who have no hope;  whose bodies are used at will so that corporations can continue to profit.  Not much to look forward to there I'm afraid.  Sorry kids.  We will see a lot more dead people.  TV dinners, soilent green, what's the difference?  Can't read, so what?  You can text on your cell phone and if you don't have electricity I guess you can always not text and just sink into total stupidity and pointlessness. That's what they have in mind for you.  If they let you live.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm doing it again.  It's just that at this moment I don't see how we can survive without Humility.  I can't see anything good ahead without Humility to guide us.

Farewell Humility.  It's a real fucker pucker that they killed you dead.  We really need you.  The ones who killed you needed you most of all.  Doesn't it just figure that things turned out this way?  They always said that only the good die young.  That leaves only the bad to get old and bossy and greedy and crushing the world with violence and hate and control.  Dear dear Humility, I swear this is true, you will be sorely missed.



  1. Hi Ang

    This is so sad. And true, goddammit. Why is it that you are expressing negative thoughts so well ? And it was me who thought I was too gloomy.

    I'll be with you at Humility's wake.

    Regards Rolf

  2. Hi Rolf,

    Yes please, come sit next to me. I'll share my kleenex with you.

    It is sad, but you know what? There it is. Barring a literal miracle it's pretty clear where it's all going.

    It's such a shame. Oh well. Nothing to do but watch the insanity ramp up and keep your fingers crossed.

    Otherwise things are great.


  3. I thought I saw Humility trying to hitch a ride on US 10 somewhere in Arizona. I was gonna give him a lift, but suddenly there were border patrol agents everywhere, they fell on poor Humility like an avalanche of bricks, He was beaten to within an inch of his life, handcuffed, hooded, and whisked off to who knows where by ICE assassins, to an 'undisclosed location'. Last anyone heard, he was scheduled for deportation. Where he'll end up - who knows. Maybe he is dead, after all. I miss him already...
    Pretty sure it's 'soylent green', but I think I like your spelling better!

  4. Hi JC,

    How horrible. Who knows where they sent him, the schmucks. I'm telling ya we do not need this shit. They are doing it wrong.

    It's really creepy how bad it's gotten and how normalized they've made their creepyness. I'm not sure people understand that these assh*les are not kidding around. They're dead serious with a heavy emphasis on the dead part. Why are people so stupid?


    I need a sugar fix.