Monday, February 22, 2010

The Choice

You have just been granted a wish. 

One wish.  Irrevocable.  Nontransferable. Unequivocal.  Right here, right now, today, this minute, think carefully now, you must make a choice between two things.  Think as long as you like, within the ten minutes allotted to you for this purpose,  then tell me your answer. 

Which would you rather have?  Great wealth?  Or truth?

Great wealth.  Or truth.

You cannot have both, it is either/or, you have to pick one or the other.   Wealth?  Or truth?

Wealth.  Or truth.

If you should choose wealth then you will never have to worry about money again for all the rest of your life. 

Imagine it.  Never again will you hunger or thirst yet have to go without either for lack of money.   Never again will you have to feel the unrequited longing, the hurt, the humiliation of not being able to afford whatever you need or want.  If you want those new shoes, you may have them, just like that.  That new leather coat?  It is yours.  A whole new wardrobe?  You can have it today.  You can have a new wardrobe every day if that's what you want, it will never be a problem. 

Never again would you ever have to suffer the hardships and disappointments of not having enough money to make ends meet.  You would never again be forced to choose between buying food or buying medicine.  Your children will have all of the best of food, clothing, toys, necessities, medical care, education and travel. 

Yes, you could travel all you want to, anywhere you like.  You can stay in the most beautiful hotels and be waited on hand and foot by smartly uniformed professional hotel staff who will rush to bring you anything you desire. 

You don't have to stay in that run down old house of yours with the crooked fence and the squeaky stairs and the cracks in the walls and the tattered insulation, chipping paint; those old appliances, all that dust, that depressing mass produced suburban view across the street. 

You can leave all of that behind. Right now. Today.  Instead of that dreary ordinary insufficient life style you can have all of the wealth you need to be free forever from all worries about money. 

What's that?  You want to know how much money, exactly? 

No number is needed, there is no specific sum.  You will simply possess great wealth for the rest of your life.  You will never run short or run out of money.  You will have enough money to live every day, year round, in Las Vegas, if you so desire;  staying in the most exclusive, expensive hotel penthouse suites, gambling all day and night;  your money will never run out.   You will always have enough money to do and to have whatever you want.  No material thing, as long as it exists and is available to be had by you, will be beyond your reach.  You will be able to afford it, no matter the price.  That is how wealthy you would be.

That is the up side.  But there is a down side too, as there always is, and this you should consider well before you make your choice. 

A small price must be paid for the gift of great wealth, for the priceless gift of living free from lack and want and financial worry. 

That price is this: in exchange for all of your ample material gain, you must give up knowing the truth.

You will not be able to tell what is true from what is false, you will not know the difference.
You won't be able to know for certain whether or not you are being misled or lied to. 

You will not get a sense of anyone's intent, should someone want to manipulate you for their own purposes and gain.  You'll have no way of sensing tricks or lies, con jobs or sob stories, it will all sound the same as any believable thing sounds. 

If you look deep into the eyes of a speaker, be he in the pulpit, wearing a badge or a crown and robes, it will lend you no clues.  You will not know if what you hear is truth, if what you read or see is truth, if what you are counseled and told to be truth, is truth. 

For all the rest of your life you will not know if any person in your life, in any capacity of your life, is honest or deceitful.  You will not be able to sense to a certainty, whether someone is sincere, if when they say they love you that they truly love you or only love your money instead.  You will not be able to sense to a certainty, whether those nearest you are really faithful friends, or if instead they are brazen back-stabbers who use you and make you look the fool to all who can see you. 

If you're thinking you can outwit the price think again.  You cannot avoid the payment price.  You will have no internal truth meter, which is something that you currently possess.  Whether or not you use it much is another thing, but used or not, you will have to give it up.  It must be forfeit. That is the payment price.  Your ability to know truth will no longer function and you will never again be able to tell a truth from an untruth with your natural inborn ability to do so.  Your heart will no longer tell you what is true, it will not know what is true.

That is all there is to it.  It's really no big thing.  And if this tiny inconvenience does not trouble you too dearly, and why should it,  then you should be ecstatically happy taking the money.  The price is not so great,  it's a trifling thing.  Truth is cheap after all.  Certainly there are other ways for you to procure correct assessments,  to validate suspicions; certainly you can find others on whom you can depend to wisely council your decisions, to guide you, to bring you the light you seek, to give you the answers you need.  Such can be purchased, advisors and experts of the highest caliber are easily obtainable.  It's not at all difficult, it's quite easy.  It is standard procedure anyway to purchase the council of others.  No one in a position of great wealth seeks their answers from within.  How ridiculous.  It would be unheard of. 

Luxury.  Security.  Life options.  Adventure.  Respect.  Power.  The world is your oyster.   But do you find the price too steep?  None of the finer things in life come cheap.

Isn't so called truth dependent on who is looking at it?  And don't these things all change like the weather?  Truth is fleeting, is it not?  Truth is hard to find, and it is often inconvenient.  It's not all that it's chalked up to be.  Not really. 

Truth is easily ignored; and it is often irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.  Truth is not enough reason to hold back greatness of any kind.  At least, it hasn't been so far.

Face it.  There isn't much call for truth these days, few are really that interested in it.  The truth goes down much easier when you make it up yourself, that's what everyone does anyway.  The fact of the matter is that making up your own truths, making truths that suit you, holds so much more potential for happiness and love.  Plus who would disagree that lies are much more fun and exciting?  Naughty little lies are well known to lead to things that are much more fun and exciting than the ordinary mundane things we're supposed to be content with.  But aren't those things which are considered "forbidden" or "bad" the most scintillating, pleasurable things of all?   If it were not so, there wouldn't be so much of it around, would there be?

Truth is really just a bore. Does "truth" even actually exist?  Is there such a thing as truth, really?  It's too silly to worry about  to any great degree, don't you think so?  Most everyone thinks so.

So, lucky traveler, master... the clock is ticking.  It is time to make your choice.  Which do you choose?  Wealth or truth?  Give me your answer.  Choose now between wealth or truth,  else miss this once in a paradise, once in a dream, once in a million chance of a lonely little life time turning into something totally new.  This offer can not be repeated.  It will not come around again.  So tell me master, what's it going to be?


  1. Anonymous2:11 AM

    I choose TRUTH
    Thank you, Ang, for this remarkable piece, it is one of your finest.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you.


  3. tony_opmoc2:42 PM

    Most people in the Western World can't handle the truth. They don't want to know it and will do their best to avoid it or deny it. They go to work to make bombs and guns, that they deceive themselves are for protecting their country. The truth is that they will be used to mutilate and kill millions of innoocent poor people thousands of miles away to steal and pillage the little they have.

    Their entire lives are lies. They don't even trust their husbands or wives. Their children are just accessories or ego statements of their own bankrupt lives. I don't know why you bother asking the question, because the answer is self evident.

    Our entire culture is all about Money. Money is everything. Truth is Dead.

    Sorry to depress you, but I thought I would tell the Truth.


  4. Hi Tony,

    It's good to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

    I'm not depressed by anything you said.

    It sounds like you might be a little depressed though.

    You think it's all over but the shouting, huh?
    Give up all hope, lose all faith in mankind, why bother trying to fight it?

    I understand that. And I don't disagree with you at all. It's disgusting out there.

    I have no control over what other people think or do. It's not my goal to change people. It's not possible to change people, I totally agree with you on that too.

    But changing others is not the point.
    The point is, who am I? What kind of person am I? What do I stand for? What do I believe in? What kind of world do I want to live in?
    The only change I can affect is in myself. And that's hard enough work thank you. I'll be busy here for a long time believe me.

    It's not about what everybody out there is doing, it's about what I'm doing. It's not about what they think, it's about what I think, and what I feel and believe in and care about. I need to live according to my truth, because it's reality, and it's who I am,
    and that's all there is to it and there's really no other option.

    And I try to write about that now and then.

    So that's why I post stuff like that. It's no bother at all. I can't hardly help myself.


  5. tony_opmoc10:19 AM


    No I am not depressed, though my wife is a bit, and it kind of rubs off.

    I think you are one of the best writers I have ever read.

    Your words are sometimes so completely inspirational, I sometimes post references to them on other websites over a year after you have written them.

    God Bless You


  6. Well gee, thanks Ang, for a very disquieting article! Where DO you come up with this stuff? I opted for the TRUTH immediately...and then I thought about what that might really involve. It would mean I'd have to give up being in denial when I needed it. Apparently I never really thought about how that would be--at least not doing away with it completely!
    I would have to know exactly what my grown kids were into, not to mention how they might really feel about me. I would get a thoroughly accurate scorecard about the way people at work felt about me and the way I do my job. I would know for sure what really happened on 9/11, and then have to deal with the fact that the people I think pulled it off really will go unpunished because nobody would believe I knew the truth! The list is endless. There really are two sides to the truth coin. I'll be thinking about this one for a long time. Thanks Ang--I think.

  7. Fabulous blog! Truth - no question.

    It is the way of the peaceful warrior!


    You are right, but - we live in a dimension of dualism. All things have two sides. Every great pain, births great wisdom. We have been taught to focus on the pain. "Zoom-out" and you will see it.

    We need to love our deceivers, for it is through their wicked ways, we will learn to be peaceful, again.

    This time we are living through is a necessary component to achieving peace on earth.

    All things have an opposite. The opposite of what we are experiencing is coming. We only need to "see" it, then choose it first for ourselves, then family, then friends, then community and on and on.

    Which comes first, birth pains or the glorious child?

    Which comes first, falling off the bike learning to balance or zooming down the trail with the wind in your face?

    Which comes first an agonizing death or the wondrous afterlife?

    Be patient and choose peace. If you want to change the world you have to start by changing your world!


  8. tony_opmoc3:22 PM

    She is a complete angel and I fell in love with her the moment I met her at 8:10pm on Saturday 21st November 1981.

    She is just so totally open, warm and lovely to everyone she meets. She just naturally gives her heart and soul and does everything she can do to help people in a practical way.

    Everyone loves her.

    I have sometimes had to be really hard with some of my friends who fall in love with her.

    I try and explain that everyone falls in love with her.

    I am so completely in Love With Her, Just Like The Moment We Met, and she took me into her bedroom and showed me her Record collection and said - can I fix her record Player?

    We got married about 5 years later cos we decided we wanted to have kids.

    We have both been completely faithful to each other and always will be. The alternative is unthinkable


    We had a party on Saturday night, and I thought I was pretty well behaved, as everyone else was. Sure I was bit flirty but far less than usual, and there were some really pretty girls there, but I thought for once I would behave.

    I had absolutely no idea, I had caused anyone any offence, but I did cause offence to my wife without realising it. I didn't kiss, hug or grope any more than usual, in fact far less...

    But when Penny dropped to the Kitchen Floor to pick something up, such that her face was right next to Alex's crotch

    I said - Wow I thought you were going to give him a blow job then

    My wife brought it up today.

    Well, I said Penny obviously wasn't offended, because she brought us a beautiful bunch of flowers yesterday.

    And no, I don't fancy Penny, but I think she is a lovely person.

    She smokes cigarettes and smoking is not allowed in our house.

    So all the smokers go outside, and we discuss things that are never said inside.

    Sure its a bit like, the back of the school shed thing, where the naughty boys and girls share their guilt of smoking by revealing the most personal things about their lives.

    Its just a friend thing.

    It doesn't mean that all the smokers are shagging each other.

    We just discuss who is.


  9. I chose truth ages ago, and funnily enough the money I used to have disappeared quite quickly, as did my house, my car, my steady job, and every other material item I used to hold dear.

    Today, 5 years later, I think less about what I don't have and more about what I do have. Love, Life, Family and Friends. Though none of those things pay the bills.

    (Hey Tony!)

  10. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Shorter than some of your posts, but the content speaks volumes. Very thought provoking, and simply brilliant Ang.

    I would have to choose truth, no matter how horrible or disgusting it might be. I've come to realize that it is not something that I've learned; it's just how I've always been. More interested in real things than any kind of comforting illusions. It's not an easy way to live, but for some reason, it is the only way I can live.

    Thank you for this post, I can tell you put a lot of heart into this one, as usual.

    We must keep up the good fight, maybe someday those that are absorbed and fixated on insignificant things will come to realize what is truly important.

  11. tony_opmoc6:28 PM

    One from the weird zone. Do not expect me to make any logical sense of the following. I can do a physical analysis if you like, but I think maybe I should just screw it properly back into place, and look at it in amazement

    opmoc - 27 Feb'10 - 02:12 - 5110 of 5110 edit

    Wow, That is Fucking Incredible

    It hasn't worked for nearly 10 years and suddenly it has sprung back into life

    At the side of our house we have a bit of a shed lean-to thing.

    Its where we stick all the old junk and stuff before it goes to the tip...

    Its literally falling down and we have plans to completely rebuild it

    But the fucking flourescent light which is held on by one screw and at a ridiculous angle is apparently still connected to the mains outside electricity supply

    After being completely dead for 10 years it has not only flickered back into life, it is shining full blast

    I wasn't actually planning to go in there

    I just thought what the fuck is that Brilliant Light coming out of our shed?


  12. Jerry,

    Let me set your mind at ease. Being able to know truth does not equate to always knowing it. You still have to figure it out. It's work. But at least you know you're able to get to it vs. knowing you never could.

    You said it with a bit of humor though it's very true. If we could never get away from 100% full on truth about everything at all times I don't think we could handle it. Denial is a survival skill. We have to be able to put things out of our minds and even outright ignore them or we couldn't comprehend even a moment of existence.

    I wonder if it's even possible to be in these physical bodies and be able to see, feel and think only pure truth. Speaking for myself, I'm carrying too many junk fragments that run on auto and I have a very hard time getting them to obey my will. They do whatever they like, and they don't care a whit about any truths.

    I think it's a struggle for us to get to genuine truth. And that's only after we consciously decide that we want it and make the effort to go for it.

    It's interesting too that truth is very personal; once you get it you own it, it literally becomes a part of you, which is why you can't give it to anyone else anymore than you can give someone your arm or eyesight. They have to get to it themselves and then they'll own it too. That truth is universal at the same time it is absolutely personal.

    It strikes me that living on earth looking for truth is like being dropped off at the city dump for a scavenger hunt. You sure have to dig through a lot of garbage in order to find anything of real value. You can find endless things to amuse, distract, confuse and destroy yourself, in fact you can spend your whole life playing in the garbage and thinking you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. Not to say that Earth isn't lovely and magnificent because it is, but where ever we go with our gung-ho for profit passions we tend to garbage it all up.

    Say...I wonder if this is a timed IQ test, this earth existance? You have a limited time, your life span, to get out there and hunt for as much truth as you can find before the game ends. Only if you manage to stay focused on what matters and search for the truths you know you want and need will you pass the test. By the looks of it, not too many of us are going to pass this one.

    Thank you for your comment.

  13. Edo, ManApples, Saltman,
    Thank you for your comments.

    And Tony, you too but you lost me on the one about your sweetie. Not sure what you're getting at there.
    The one about the ten year old dead light coming back to life was very weird. How odd and peculiar and goose bumpy. I wonder what that's about? Messages from the fairy people? I'm at the point where I can believe about anything. And if you don't subscribe to coincidences, then that is one really interesting happenstance.


  14. just found you ang :)

    i see faces i know..
    tony.. edo :) hey guys..*waving*

    edo, i relate to your situation, more than you can know...

    ang, you post as rebel over on les sites?....

    beautiful post btw...
    i see you're a fan of nassim :)

    i like the site..i'll be sure to visit often :)

  15. I always felt that people in this day do not necessarily avoid the truth, but they seem more inclined to deny the simple philosophy of wanting to discover what truth the is. I do not think that they create their own truths, but instead deny every option that enters the mind and scream at those who try to present those options. Within themselves, they know that something is wrong; we all feel it, deep in our hearts. I fear that the general populous is in a perpetual state of denial and are too afraid to simply assume that they do not know everything and keep an open mind. My perspective is that i cannot be completely sure of anything, so i believe that anything is possible; whereas most people are certain that everything (all but a small collection of realities based upon limited experience) is ridiculous, and therefore inconsequential. I would imagine that the things that are unknown are far more important than the things that are known, most notably because we cannot observe things that are unknown; all we can do is seek to discover them. Therein lies the flaw of general society; they feel that all that is known is all that is of import, and from this perspective, the illusion of knowing everything is created. What I do know for absolute certainty is that once one is convinced that he/she knows everything, one ceases to learn entirely.

  16. Angelo,

    Well said.


  17. Oh, I didnt mean to leave my own opinion without a comment relating to how good i thought your piece was. FANTASTIC. Thank you for making me think, for thought is the vessel to truth.


  18. You know, I've been catching up with your shows recently and I have been so inspired on a lot of issues, particularly, issues surrounding contracts.

    And, in digging deeper into your work, I compare it to some of my developing beliefs - adopting, modifying, simplifying - whatever it takes to give me peace of mind...

    Then Duke won last night, and while I've always been loathe to bet Duke - they won me a grip in the pool I'm in...

    A day later, here I am, and this was the perfect article to read.

  19. The one who chose comfort10:55 AM

    I kind of wish you'd published my comment, no offense. I know it seems like the kind of response you want to avoid, but I was curious as to what your reaction would be.

    I meant it in all seriousness when I said that we live in a world full of disingenuous people and that very few of us are aware of the truth in the first place. On top of that, many people live with certain psychological quirks which further inhibit their ability to detect people's intentions. For someone like myself, who is very rarely aware of the absolute truth, losing what little perception I have would really be no loss at all, especially when the trade off is for a live of contentment and the ability to help those I love.

  20. Hi dear Ang,
    You know the choice I've made! :) And yes, that was the final choice - no other choices to make after this one! You are absolutely right, there is no Ctrl-Z, no "undo." Once unplugged, there's no way to get plugged back, only to die and wait for another mother to give you another life (without knowing that'd be yours). But that's the advantage of choosing the Truth - the Truth is that we DON'T DIE, we just CANNOT, only our earthly "cloths" can and do.

    Those who choose Wealth, will die sooner or later. Not because death exists for them and not for us, but because it's not death that kills but the FEAR of it. :)