Friday, September 12, 2008


People often come up to me and ask me, "Does it matter what anyone is wearing when they're beating you with a club, kicking you repeatedly in the stomach, spraying you with military chemicals that burn your eyes and skin, while grinding your face into the pavement with their big black boots and making you bleed? I mean, do the clothes they have on have any bearing on whether these things are criminal acts or not?"

Okay, people don't really come up to me and ask that. I just made it up to facilitate writing this post. But it's still a dang good question and the answer is NO. Of course not. It makes no difference what anybody has on if they're perpetrating acts of violence against another person who's not doing anything wrong and is not being violent themselves because they're fricking unarmed and peaceful and walking down city streets they damned well paid for. Any persons perpetrating such despicable acts of violence against others are criminals regardless of what they're wearing. Period. This applies to ballerinas, cowboys, psychiatrists, walrus trainers, dog catchers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, AND robocops. It applies to every citizen of this country equally, across the board.

Apparently the police never got the memo.

Did we run out of postage or something? Because this really pisses me off. Why don't we NOT build the next useless airplane or tank and buy some fricking postage stamps instead and get the "police" updated on the current and eternal state of reality in this country? They don't get to act like thugs and criminals, they're supposed to protect the rest of us from exactly that behavior.

How do signals get this crossed?

They don't. This is all by design. Unfortunately it's not by the will of the people and that would make it problematic. At least it would if this were a FREE country. Shall we ask Congress if they forgot to send out another memo letting everyone know they changed that too? Because it's kind of important. It's not the sort of thing that should go by WITHOUT OUR CONSENT.

It's time to clarify a few things and it looks like we have to start at the very beginning. For those of you who already know this, bear with me. But for the sake of SOME PEOPLE who obviously don't know these things, it is necessary to go over it all again. From scratch. We need to focus on a concept we do not pay enough attention to any more. It is the concept of Mine vs. Yours.

This could possibly be a news flash to SOME PEOPLE out there so grip for it. Here it is: There's a big difference between what's mine and what's yours.

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking, "Duh Ang, everyone knows that". To which I must reply, I don't think so. It is hard to believe that there's any fuzzy area here but dag nabit, there must be for a bunch of people because they don't seem to have any comprehension of this immovable truth and reality.

There are SOME PEOPLE (like our "elected representatives" in CONGRESS for instance) running around in this country who are acting like no such concept exists and that anybody who thinks otherwise is a terrorist. These PEOPLE think everything in the whole wide world is up to them to decide, no matter who gets hurt, as long as it isn't them.

They are so grossly misinformed or brain damaged that I feel it necessary to be sure I've done whatever little I can to help them get at least this one teeny thing straight. Because frankly, everything else there is flows from right here and if we don't have this one little thing right then everything else has to go wrong. There's no other way it can go.

I don't know what anyone else has heard, what anyone's been taught or what others may believe but I'm positive that I'm right about this. It's just not debatable. If it doesn't jive with anybody else's current version of reality they are cordially invited to update their database because this is the bottom line. I'll even go slow and use small words because I don't want anyone coming back and saying this was just too complicated so they gave up.

The basics first.

The most basic thing in the world is to begin with refreshing our memories with the fact that every single person on this earth is born as the sole owner of their own body. Period. There are no other possibilities. We own our own bodies, our own persons, our own minds, and everything else that comes with it. Regardless of gender or any other variables such as race, color, social status, intelligence, poverty, wealth, religious affiliation or lack thereof, job or lack thereof, disability, health condition, age, or POLITICAL VIEWS, every person who is born on this earth is the sole owner of their physical body, all of its functions, and every associated right. Every person can say, "This is MINE" about their own body and no one could dispute or deny that. It's a fact. It's reality. Period.

Having sole say and rights over one's own body is only the beginning but just for the record let's get it out there once and for all and state specifically what that includes. To put it into commercial terms for the financially addicted who can only think in terms of profits, this is an inventory of what's all in the box. And no, there is no mark up, these things cannot be purchased separately, they are never for sale, and they always come together as a single item. They cannot be outsourced, backordered, duplicated or switched out with cheap, lead encrusted, imported replacement parts. They also cannot be enslaved, tortured, extraordinarily renditioned, brutalized by ravening police, have their money stolen from them at gunpoint, or otherwise be sold down the river by so called representative law makers as all of these things would be illegal; crimes demanding serious punishment.

Let us begin.

Every person comes into this world as a single, individual, sovereign human being. Standard equipment includes two arms, two legs, five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot; a head with two eyes, two ears, one nose and one mouth; genitalia, a butt, and all are attached to a body. All of these things supply us with the basic things we need to function as a human being in this world. Total value: Priceless.

That physical inventory is not without variation however, so regardless of whatever configuration of human being is born into this world, the bottom line and end of discussion is that they're here. Once they're here they're a person. A unique, individual entity. Again, Total Value: Priceless.

There is much more included than meets the eye though and that happens to be the crucial stuff that surprisingly high numbers of SOME PEOPLE don't seem to know about. Let's focus on that now and get it on the record too.

Everything that comes with me into this world is mine. It belongs to me. It cannot belong to anyone else but me, ever, it is mine. My whole body, inside and out, belongs to me and only to me. No one has a right to touch it, to take it, to harm it, to kill it, to dick with it, or to interfere with any part of it and anyone attempting to do any of those things is what we call a criminal. The very basis of the concept of crime is breaking the sanctity of another person's right to life, self and property. If someone comes along and tears your arm off or snags your purse or wallet it is accepted around the world as a straight up criminal act. It is not acceptable behavior for anyone to take what belongs to somebody else, and that absolutely begins with and is based on the fact that you own what's yours and nobody else has any right to it. This is where "mine" begins.

To recap the most critical bullet points:
  • Mine is not yours. It is mine.
  • Anything and everything that is mine, is mine. It is NOT YOURS.
  • The fact that what's mine is not yours = FREEDOM. Total Value: Priceless.
It has long been obvious to me that because I came fully equipped with my own brain, my own eyes, my own ears, and hands and legs and life energy, and because it is all enclosed in a single, independently functioning, self-contained, self-renewing, self-healing, self-regulating unit, that it's that way for a reason. The reason is obvious. I am created and designed to function as an independent person and this all applies to every single person in this world.

I have the right and am supposed to use my own brain to do my own thinking. I have the right and am supposed to use my own eyes to see things for myself, my ears to hear for myself, my mouth to speak for myself, my hands to do for myself, and my feet to take me where I want to go.

It is my right, not anyone else's right to dictate my thinking, my perspectives, my activities, my words or anything else about my person. It's not anyone else's right because it's not within anyone else's power it is within my power alone, I control all of that and more. My physical existence is proof of that. It is all MINE.

To put it another way, I don't need anyone else to do my thinking for me, or to do my seeing for me, or to hear for me, and I don't need anyone's permission to do those things. EVER. I do not ask others for permission to use my own mind, my own eyes, or my own mouth. I don't require permission for my heart to beat or my blood to flow or my lungs to breathe. It's my call, my right, MINE.

"Mine" is specifically about not needing permission. When it's mine it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it's not up to anyone else. It's up to me. It's mine. I don't have to do it the way anyone else says I do, if I don't want to, because it's mine. It is not theirs. If they don't like my opinion or how I do things that's too bad, because it's mine. Funny how so many people don't get that.

I'm not done yet. Listen up.

Once we're out of diapers and don't need the constant protection and guidance of adults to steer us away from harm, no one else is required at all in order for us to function in any way. I am fully equipped and fully capable of getting myself fed and dressed, of cleaning up after myself, of thinking, seeing, feeling, and doing by myself. I am perfectly capable of deciding what I like and don't like, what I want and don't want, what I need and don't need. I can read anything I want to read, talk about anything I want to talk about, and affiliate with whoever I choose. I can be involved in any kind of private or public activity, political or otherwise and as long as it does not cause harm to anyone else or obstruct the equal rights of others I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want to do and it's nobody's business, AND I don't EVER need permission to do any of those things. They are mine. Mine mine mine. All mine.

All of those things are mine, they belong to me because they are the functions of my being. Therefore I have full rights to all of those things. If no one else can own my flesh, and they can't, then they sure as heck can't own any function of it. They have no such rights. There are no such rights for others. Those rights are mine. My own thoughts, my own preferences and tastes, my likes and dislikes, my creativity, my sleepiness, my hunger, my sexuality, my hair cut, my clothes, my politics, all mine. Everything about me relating to my flesh, blood and being belong totally and only to me. They are mine, rightfully, legally and in every other way, MINE.

Okay I'm done with that part now.

Here's the bottom line. What's mine is also mine to protect. It is my right to protect what's mine. I have every right to protect myself, my life, my home, my children, my property, my prosperity, my rights, my health and everything else that belongs to me, no matter what my assailant is wearing and no matter who they think they are. I have the God Given and legal right to do whatever it takes to preserve and protect the priceless sanctity of life and limb, what court of law on this Earth could pretend I don't? No legitimate court of law. How unfortunate that we're so very short of those in this country today. Because by all estimates, any attempt to protect one's own life and limb from government brutality, theft, violence and infringement is no longer legal.

Thanks Congress.

At some level PEOPLE must understand all of this, it's very very serious stuff, but they sure don't act like they do. In fact a lot of PEOPLE spend a whole lot of time pushing hard to take control and ownership of any or all of those things. Somebody is always trying to tell me what to think and what not to think, what to believe and not believe, what to respect and what I may not respect, what I should agree with and disagree with, what I should do, who I can hang out with and what I can say.

SOME PEOPLE actually get it in their heads that it's their place to tell me everything, from how to raise my children to how to dress and act, what I "have to" put into my family's bodies, how to keep my house, spend my money, see to my own health and even what my values should be. They want to dictate my religion, my day/night hours, the size of my ass, my whole life and my inalienable rights. It's just amazing. How delusional can you get? Just what hallucination are they having that makes them feel it's up to them what anyone else on this Earth does or how they do it? Are they sitting too close to their microwave ovens or something? Inhaling too many fumes off of freshly printed dollar bills? Spending too much time taking cash from trash lobbyists that we the people could never afford or compete with? Because as long as nothing I do prevents them from enjoying the exact same rights they got along with their own flesh and blood body, then they can just piss off.

Who the hell do these people think they are? Excuse me but I never, EVER signed over my body to congress with a little note saying, "Do whatever you like with me, I don't mind". I never saw any agreement or gave anything remotely resembling a "consent" to allow congress to vote away my life, my home, my privacy, my money, or my rights. I'm just sure I never gave them permission to have their way with what doesn't belong to them in any hallucination or reality. What the hell are they doing giving away what doesn't even belong to them? That's a neat trick. Who gave them the idea we wanted them pulling it? Did you? Did you sign your legal rights, body and everything you own over to your representative to do with as they please, for any reason that personally works for them to get cash in their pockets from corporate and foreign lobbyist assholes? I didn't. I don't know anyone who did.

It's really astonishing how not free we are in this free country because one of the worst offenders, the biggest thug and thief of all is our own government.

The bill of rights begins to make a lot more sense once we fully grasp the concept of mine vs yours. Where we've gone wrong is allowing other issues to be dragged into this primary idea which in and of itself needs to be kept pristine and clear of outside confusion. We've watched as the police have been given more and more legal permission to disregard our most basic rights to life and property and this has happened in the name of fighting crime or security.

The trouble is the constitution is what prevented the government and the police from taking over our lives and if we believe that we are safer or that crime will go down by giving up any part of our birthright of full and total ownership of our own bodies, lives, health, beliefs, perspectives, values, morals, ethics, activities, property or right to live as we see fit, then all we're doing is giving away the only thing we have. We in essence become slaves to the state who then dictates everything about life and health and property and even who will live and who will die.

I sure wish people understood that anytime the government so much as hints at taking something they have no right to take, something we have no intention of giving up, that they need to be shoved back down into their positions as servants of the public, and shoved hard. We don't need any wanna-be highly paid dictators running our lives. But I guess SOME PEOPLE didn't care about that and now they own us and our homes and all justice and guess what, they're not concerned with doing the right thing. Well big surprise. What else did we think would happen? We would give our rights away and life would be better?

Without our legal rights being held as sacred, sanctified, untouchable and holy, without them standing on the books as what defines us, what we stand for, what we believe in, what we're willing to die to protect, without those rights being the Law of the Land, we don't have anything. We can't own anything. You have to have the right to yourself to have the right to own anything.

Without our rights being held in the highest esteem, without our unfailing vigilance, without representatives who automatically and resoundingly say NO at every suggestion that we need something else more than we need our rights, then guess what? We are slaves.

Some people will take anything of yours that they can get and people in power are the NUMBER ONE aggressors along those lines. What do we think the constitution was for? It was specifically to make that brilliantly authored list of amendments the official law of the land and to underline in blood and ink what the government has no right to touch. Our rights and freedoms were specifically protected BY THE LAW. But because of the use of phony hysterical scare tactics people threw away the only protection we had. Thanks so much.

If you want to call yourself an American you better comprehend this critical truth and be able to answer the following question correctly.

Q: If it's between getting tougher on crime OR preserving 100% of our rights, which should you choose?


That's right. We let a murderer go free instead of shaving down our inalienable rights because THEY'RE NOT FOR SALE. No legitimate government function exists that requires reducing or revoking our rights in order to get their job done. That is ALWAYS a big fat lie. There is nothing in existence worth trading our rights for because we need our rights to possess anything else. Understand? If not, meditate on it or email me and I'll be glad to help wrap your brain around the concept.

Have you ever seen rich guys give up an inch of ground? Does this government or corporations ever give up their power voluntarily? NO. These guys understand that you protect what's valuable to you and you NEVER EVER just shrug and hand it over. They fight like wildcats to keep from having to give people a decent wage, from having to spend a dime to clean up their messes, they would never passively give up what they want more than anything else in the world. We have something to learn from that. Though their value system is crap, the basic idea is rock solid. You never give up what's most important to you. Why should you? You fight to keep it and look for other options if there's a problem to solve and if it can't reasonably be solved you don't solve it. But unlike those old fur rugs, we have limitless options and we want justice so we don't have to accept that there aren't solutions beyond giving away our irreplaceable rights.

There is no such thing as a trade of rights for something else. It's not a legitimate deal. No matter what they are telling us we need, if it comes at the cost of even one microscopic piece of what belongs to us, the answer is NO. Say it with me now, NO. NO. NO. Because nothing is worth losing the right to decide and control our own lives and that is the one thing all governments want for themselves.

Here's reality. We are responsible for our own safety and security, this government can't keep anyone safe. They can't even tell the truth. They don't care about keeping you safe they only care about keeping their own sorry asses safe and they've spent TRILLIONS doing it. Even if they did give a damn about keeping the people of this country safe it just isn't physically possible. All they can do is batten down the hatches and take away our freedoms and that is not and never can be called security. WE are our own security.

Cowardice, ignorance and childishness destroyed this country. It just makes me sick. We fought and died for freedom, to be free from exactly this tyranny, from exactly this fascism, corporatism, war mongering and hyper taxation. Thousands upon thousands of truly decent people fought and died so that others could preserve and enjoy the blessings of the very rights that have been destroyed because of cowardice. That piece of paper has now been turned into nothing more than a vaguely interesting historical document. It's just a God Damned piece of paper now. It is meaningless.

Are all of the scared people all better now? You were handed everything in the world worth having, everything that guaranteed your freedom and you gave it away because you were afraid of some guy in another country living in a fricking cave. Oh My God.

Here's a recipe to handle your fear. Get a gun and learn how to defend yourself. It's YOUR responsibility, who else's would it be? If you don't like guns then learn karate or some other kind of self defense but STOP being whiny cowards who think the daddy state is going to come save your ass when you're under your bed at night thinking Osama Bin Laden is outside your bedroom window coming to get you. Grow up. We are NEVER giving up our guns. Get over it. If you still can't figure out why we need them then you are too detached from reality to even qualify to vote. Go home and educate yourself, find a means to defend yourself, get up off your knees and get some dignity. You got us into this mess and you're going to be right up at the front of the line working to get us out of it.

There are so many people in this country today who don't seem to have a clue what freedom is. It is NOT obeying the government right or wrong, it is not waging war on innocent people, it is not being ripped off and robbed blind or brutalized by government thugs and thieves. That's the exact opposite of freedom. Taking responsibility for yourself is freedom. There is no other kind of freedom.

We no longer even have the illusion of freedom in this country. It's over. It's been taken. They lied, you bought it, you lose. And you lost it for all of us. Let me say this. I never want to hear another republican open his lying fascist mouth for the rest of my life and the phony ass Christian Fundamentalists should be locked up in insane asylums. Both of them need to SHUT THE HELL UP. And can we ask the dual citizenship Israelis in our highest level government positions to go on home? What is all this "we have the right to exist and the right to protect ourselves" stuff and all of that going on and on about needing to have your own eternally trouble infested country if you don't even want to live in it? GO HOME and help your own government because you're not helping ours.

This is NOT our government. It is not of the people and anyone who thinks it is is fooling themselves. I don't know who they are but they suck and they have killed this whole country. They killed the whole damned country. The whole 230+ years was all for nothing.

Great job.

Let me make something crystal clear. I am NOT advocating violence here. On the contrary. We cannot accomplish a flaming thing with violence. In fact I guarantee you that is exactly what they want us to do because it would immediately validate them mowing us all down in the streets with machine guns and cluster bombs. Don't think for a minute they wouldn't do it. They would. They're aching to do it. Foreign troops which are now allowed on our soil will be happy to do it. So will the enormous private army they've built up, they kill for money and kill whoever their clients tell them to kill. They don't care. Do NOT be tempted to violence. It will only be suicidal. Reroute the anger and join an activist organization or start one of your own. If you really want your freedom we'll have to earn it, legally, the same way it was taken away from us.

We need lawyers. If you're a lawyer you're up. The only way to shove the fascists out of here is with a lot of public participation and involvement at the legal level. These people need to be sued senseless and hung up in court for every single invalid stinking dirty trick and lie they've pulled. Anyone can run for local office. Get your hands on the wheels in as many places as you can. If you're thinking about going to school study the law. This is going to be one hellacious legal battle and I never thought I'd say this, but we need all the lawyers we can get. We need all the activists we can get too. We need educators with the gift of informing people. We can all print off hand outs with facts the sell out papers won't reveal in the mass media. Once people know the facts they'll help instead of hinder.

We have to legally change the laws back to sane, just laws ourselves, this government will not do it. Your elected sell out representatives will not do it. And blood in the streets will not do it.

And please, turn off those dang TV sets! They're nothing but brainwash and poison. It's time to get a life, not watch pretend ones on TV.

I am so pissed today over this stuff.

The fact of the matter is, honest to God, I'm afraid it may just be too late.

But then again, it ain't over 'till it's over.


  1. It ain't over til it's over...keep the faith. Our numbers are growing. It takes time for a drop to turn into a tidal wave...

  2. another nail hit on the head, yet I expect no less Ang.
    Been feeling very much the same today...

  3. Anonymous7:01 PM

    amazing ang! i just discovered you a week or so ago and i can't get enough!! thanks, so much, for all you're doing! i feel so much the same, it's just so hard to get it through the thick haze that has settled between myself and those who will not see...everyone else, it seems.

  4. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Beautiful! You are a gifted writer and I love reading your blog. Long live the preservation of individual natural rights.

    Thomas Paine had it dead on and so do you!

    It is never too late, its only a matter of being too lazy, too busy to bother or arrogantly ignorant.

  5. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Hi Ang (and all thinking folks)

    it´s so astounding why people don´t
    use the resources of the web to educate themselves, it´s all there:

    Keep on Ang, spread the word!!!