Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bait and Switch to Fascism

Just in case anybody's not clear yet, I'll spell it out in simple terms. There is a deeply ingrained culture of corruption, lawlessness, isolation, injustice, double standards and crime where our government is supposed to be.

Bushco wants a 700 BILLION dollar free gift to the rich, from us to the best off people in the world. It's a surreal situation on more counts than there's room to list. Why on earth is this even up for debate in Congress?

Who's up there banging their fists for the people, demanding the arrests of Wall Street shysters and shutting down the criminal rackets and busting the complicit government enablers? Nobody. Nobody's even asking questions of how the financial meltdown came about. Beyond seeming a bit irritated at the demand for a free trillion, nobody in Congress is talking about the raging rip off of the country, pulled off by the very same people now wanting to fleece us for more: bushco.

They've broken all the banks, and they've broken all the rules. With no one there to stop them, they've helped themselves, blowing our wealth, jobs and health, our prosperity, credibility, reputation, prestige, and future. This administration has systematically torn this country into pieces and destroyed every good thing we had.

They've strategically turned our rights into criminal acts and have replaced the constitution with a global business plan. They won't take no for an answer. They've staged a very hostile takeover of America. We have a new board of directors now, whoever or whatever they may be. With their own operatives inserted into our government, long standing regulations that have always prevented exactly this situation were swept aside and they went directly to town. They've glutted themselves by gutting the country and they're still coming back for more. Trillions more that don't even exist.

There is no "more", it's all gone, they've taken it, but they're standing there with their hands out, with another first rate pile of bull shit, another slick con job, and another totally rigged catastrophe. But this big fat lie will be their crown jewel, the greatest conquest of this whole stinking crime spree.

No I won't legitimize what I've witnessed with reductionist words like mistakes, miscalculations, errors in judgment, and greed. This goes way beyond that. There's no reasonable excuse for the leading financial experts in the country to all have simultaneously turned into stupid, inept losers. As if.

Let's refresh our memories as to what's been going on in this country. First, the globalist assholes decided to Free Trade the planet. Free Trade is the euphemism for financial enslavement of everybody, everywhere, with themselves at the helm, controlling all business everywhere, with them raking it all in. One great big monopoly on all production, sales and profits. Nafta, Cafta, the WTO have been rampaging across the country and all over the world preventing people from being able to grow their own food, run their own economy, have their own means to prosperity and even to simply sustain their own lives. Free Trade means ending all that and handing it all over to the globalist assholes to control and rule over as if they were the kings of the world.

Here at home they killed the farmers, turned our food into toxic waste, and shipped our jobs out of the country where they could pocket more profits by paying slave wages, and by having no environmental, health or safety regulations. These are not decent human beings. They're scum who don't care one iota about you or me or anyone else in this world. As tens of millions of good paying jobs were ripped out from under American families, nothing came back around to replace them. Guess what? People couldn't make it anymore. That's what happens when there are no jobs available, you don't have any money to pay for your survival.

The criminal bankers used overt fraud to give credit to people who they knew could not afford to pay it back. They offered sweet terms upfront, glossed over the fine print which said that in a couple years time, those sweet terms would turn into a choking nightmare. Monthly mortgage payments skyrocketed through the roof, home values tumbled, and people had no choice but to leave their house keys on the living room floor and walk away. This is exactly what they knew would happen. What the hell else could happen? This is no mortgage default crisis. This is no fault of any American family. This is a nasty scam and now these assholes are pulling the old "blame the victim" routine. They are proclaiming their innocence and good intent saying they've screwed us to death so far, but now they're going to help. For a small 700 BILLION dollar fee.

We are in the midst of a massive, national economic crime wave induced crisis. The investment sector stands by nervously with its pants around its ankles, caught in the act of screwing investors blind. Goliath banks and investment houses are going belly up exposing the greased up orgy of criminal greed they've been rolling around in for the last few years. Our multimillionaire Congress has aided and abetted and profited every step of the way. All of these fat cats are criminals and they know they're criminals. They know they've pulled off the biggest crime that's ever been committed in broad daylight. They've not only robbed us blind and penniless, they say there's a ticking time bomb somewhere, claiming we must give them hundreds of billions more dollars and sign over the rights we have to defend ourselves from them, or the bomb will go off.

This is an act of aggressive economic and psychological warfare. It was required to make the public believe a data set that they contrived for us to believe. A grand production to keep us looking elsewhere while they completed their back stabbing dirty work, breaking the back of this country, stripping us of freedom, democracy, prosperity and independence. Now they're going for the gold. Total control. Legalized fascism.

Trust us, they say.

Every time they've said, "Trust us", they've screwed us.

Now we're being told to trust them again. Is everyone in Congress asleep? Are they ALL stupid or criminals? What these people have done is such that all those responsible deserve to be taken out back and shot, which is exactly what would have happened at any other time in our history. But these people are telling us they deserve to be rewarded for destroying our economy and our country and getting personally, filthy rich.

So the cure for a poisoning is more poison?

This is a 700 billion dollar bait and switch. What is the reasoning here when the reality is that we are already DOA, but just on life support? What are we supposed to be getting for this unbelievable amount of money that we can't even hope to raise? We aren't producing wealth anymore. Where is it supposed to come from? No one is saying a word about what is supposed to be the result of this unprecedented usurpation of our personal wealth. No one is saying how the money will be used and what results they are guaranteeing to justify this grand theft. No one is explaining exactly what needs to be done and how it will be accomplished so at the very least we could see that there is a plan and that it will be carried out by qualified people fully empowered to see that it is carried out. There is no such rational talk going on. There is a reason for that.

The reason is that there is no recovery plan and there is no reason, there is no justification. These rich people don't need this money and it will not save us. This last final step is another massive crime. They've diverted our attention from their true intent in order to prevent our comprehending the real nature of what's at stake here. This is no bail out.

Read this from the Paulson Plan:
"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

What? No checks and balances? No oversight? A "secret" economic recovery plan?? That doesn't even make sense, it's idiotic. It's already an announcement that we're going to get screwed again. And by the way, why should the American people have to pay out for the sins of the banking elite? Who gave congress authority to transfer their debt onto our shoulders for decades to come?

What will be accomplished, should Congress sign over economic control of America to this financial Mafia, is that the organized crime that has murdered this nation will be vetted and legalized and made into the new, official law of the land. Forever.

This so called bail out, a strategic term of deceit specifically created and repeated and used throughout the entire media is there to mislead us from what's really happening, as usual. It's a bait and switch to fascism. This is nothing less than the brazen attempt to retroactively legitimize the most heinous acts of criminal and willful destruction of the peoples prosperity on record. And not only to legitimize it but to institutionalize it, to make it the law. These people are going for nothing less than the legal right to be criminals, to be as depraved and insane as they please, in secret, no accountability, with no powers of the people to scrutinize them or take legal action against them, or to even review whatever actions and schemes they decide to undertake, so that they may rule in legal airtight solidarity over this nation and all of it's wealth, resources, and lost potential.

Congratulations, you've just been mugged and left for dead. If you call the police, you may be arrested and convicted for not loving the idea of being ripped off and rolled. You're legally required to like it. And if you don't you just may be a terrorist. You almost have to admire them for the sheer evil genius of this plan and the unprecedented size of the rocks on these guys. I don't admire anything about them. But hold your breath because as much as we were all going crazy waiting for the bush regime's clock to run out, if Congress signs it all away, it won't matter who's in office. The essence of bushco will never leave. The stench and dead bodies will be here forever and though it's hard to imagine, it will only get worse.

Before any of our dearly elected put pen and ink to paper and sign it all away, this might be a very good time to make some phone calls to DC and express yourself. No matter what happens, I'd rather have legally recognized rights and at least the semblance of freedom. If they sign that over, it won't be coming back.


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Hi, Ang. I saw the "explanation" today on TV. ( if you want to know your enemy, watch them from ALL angles) Did you see that look the shrub gave when he tried to soft-serve the robbery? It was as if he was scared of the potential reaction. He had that SCARED look that muggers get when they are not quite sure if this will go down as smoothly as planned. The shrub did not know what to do with the information that the teleprompter was spewing out. He at least needs to go to acting class, or his handlers need to give him pointers, because it was so obvious, to me anyway, that the sick f*ck of a shrub clearly did not think his own speech was very convincing....or is the darty eye thing and the pursed prissy lips a result of the inbreeding? Thank you for your eloquent posts. Peace :)

  2. Yes, they all look spooked. Things didn't go down the way they expected and they are exposed. There's an actual risk right now that this whole financial empire could be brought down. But that would require an FDR or a Ralph Nader at the helm who would seize control and do the right things without apology or hesitation. Somebody who has no problems with serving the best interests of the public, and, sadly, I'm not holding my breath. The public outcry is drowning the rats, so this will be interesting if nothing else. I can't stand listening to that liar, he's beyond shameful. He knows he has no credibility but these people know no shame. They are truly despicable. Yecch.


  3. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Hello, Ang. I was reading another website today and wanted to call your attention to it and your readers. It is calling for the army death squads currently in Iraq to patrol here, in the streets of the USA, "just in case" of "domestic turmoil" With this financial meltdown, Am I the paranoid one or do you too, see shades of Pol Pot coming home to roost?

  4. The plan is to install a permanent military presence throughout the country to "help" the peon class after various natural disasters, and to support local police action as instructed. In other words, a total nightmare lockdown as is required by all criminal regimes who intend to brutally eat the flesh of the people to prosper and don't want them wiggling out from under the rotting fascist parasite. You bet Pol Pot is coming. In fact, he's already here. They've put everything into place and are surrounding the country while those who are awake wait for the kick off event. Everything has become so surreal that what's weird is anything normal. Sadly there's not too much of that out there anymore. Yes, this is the worst possible thing that could have come of this country, but there it is anyway. America is in no way ready for this but when they get it, they'll be taken out for anything less than absolute obedience. Eat, drink and be merry while you can because tomorrow may be here sooner than we think.

  5. Hi, Ang. I recently became a big fan of your blog when I saw it cross-posted on Your writing has really resonated with me. I wish to thank you for that. I have been staying up late nights reading through most of your posts. I recently "awakened" to the reality of our lives here and have been playing catch up with the reading. What we are witnessing is so surreal (but totally expected) I'm just waiting for the bottom to fall out any moment. I too saw the article on the Army Times and circulated it to several friends (the independent thinker types only). As you and others have mentioned, it's like people are in a total slumber. Some are in total denial and few seem to be slowly waking up. When it affects the pocketbook, people usually listen. I also read the FBI will officially have expanded powers (as if they needed them) as of October 1st. There is definitely something very dark lurking in the air. I was wondering what your thoughts, if any, are on the Web Bot Project predictions. On Sept. 2nd, Cliff, who heads up the project, was on the Jeff Rense Radio Show. The Web Bots foresee a period from Oct. 7, 2008 to Feb. 19, 2009 as "one filled with emotional intensity, and the length of the release period will be extraordinary." I'm curious to know what you think. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  6. Hi PR,
    Thank you for the compliment, it's nice to hear that what I'm saying resonates with others. If it didn't I'd feel hopeless, so thanks for taking the time to let me know.

    I think it's more important to focus on the people who are awake or in the process of opening to reality than it is to worry about those who are still living in the provided dream world. They either will or won't come around, it's not up to us. Bottom line, we can't work with them and there is a lot of work to do. There are a lot of incredibly great people out there fighting hard so finding them and supporting them matters more because they're actually doing something to stave off and expose the bastards trying to kill us all and the whole world too for that matter. Seeing the outcry against this bogus 700B 'bail out' is very gratifying. It has definitely halted the plan. If we just had some real leadership in there right now we could be using this to our advantage and cleaning the cockroaches out of the financial workings which would be better than a national pastry day. I doubt we'll get out of this without getting screwed somehow, but you never know. A hundred million wide awake and ticked off citizens are hard to ignore.

    The web bot predictions seem to correlate quite naturally to a possible outcome of this fiasco. It may be that the shysters wrangle a convoluted deal that is just as bad as their free money for the rich ploy, or perhaps the economy will be "pulled" just like WTC 7 was, and maybe it will implode. I see a financial event as the most likely type of occurrence at the date they've indicated. These days I feel like I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop, or more exactly, like I'm waiting for a whole dump truck of shoes to drop because they've got so many different wipe outs hanging over our heads. War, famine, pandemic, martial law. I don't remember what it's like to get a peaceful night's sleep, I really don't. But I do see many opposing forces struggling to carry out their own particular game plans, and some of them aren't getting very far. If they pull anything overt and physical, it would put tremendous pressure on them to fix it and that would be very irksome for them. The economy crashing is just the ticket for them, as it comes with a built in extended time period for them to keep us at bay while they push through the rest of the bushco agenda, which is to attack our rights to health and to empower the WTO as God. They want to wear us out with bad news and scary possibilities so I remember that nothing is happening and I'm okay in the here and now, and don't waste too much emotional energy on getting whipped around by psyops tactics. I wouldn't be surprised if we do get a good bump around Oct 7th, we're absolutely ripe for something. Like I said, my guess is that it would be financial and even if it is, it might not have an immediate effect but one that sort of painfully stretches out into next year. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best and keep sounding off and you do the same. We'll get through this. Or we won't, whatever's coming is going to come. But leaving the door open for something good is a necessity. Just the fact that they have not prevailed speaks to how much force there is working against them.


  7. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I agree to agree Angie in seeing the corporate bailouts as a "bait and switch to Fascism". Because "when Bush comes to shove", a vote for McCain or Obama is a Vote to Support the Economic Policy of Fascism ....