Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The System Is Not Broken

News feeds filled my inbox today with an onslaught of ugly headlines. It's too much to keep up with it all. War is everywhere, corruption, fraud, fear is running wild. The press sells us buckets of particularly sensational street crime slop, that would make almost anyone feel like there is a threat behind every tree and that no one can be trusted. Who could feel secure while being pumped a steady stream of petty crime and escalating wars that we cannot affect? It's out of our hands, and feels out of control. Speculation is running pedal to the metal over why we are "really" in Iraq, or ready to enter Iran with guns blazing. People are angrily expressing their disgust with the new congress that was supposed to put bush in a pickle jar at the very least, leaving just enough holes in the lid to let him keep breathing until we can get a real president. He's not only not lame, he's hard at it, getting into even more dirty business without missing a beat.

The little drama played out for our 'benefit' with both the Iraq Study Group and then Gates himself was nothing more than standard public choreography. The same old ground sirloin of hope, tossed over the nearest fence and we all went scrambling to get at it. Now we're pulling the splinters out of our collective butts and saying, "Darn it, they did it to us again!" Well honey, when have they ever not done it to us?

We don't support this invasion of Iraq and our collective nonsupport is duly registered at empty recruiting offices nationwide. Why isn't the president getting the message? He is not interested in the message. True to his nature, when the country makes clear they are not in favor of what he wants, he does it anyway, by any possible means, no matter how wrong, how illegal, or how insulting it is to us.

America now recoils in disgust as our unelected president completely disregards the overwhelming will of the public, again, which is for the US to disengage itself from the bloody invasion of Iraq. The president is going right ahead with his war plans, and has already sent thousands more troops back into the violence abroad, many who have been there two and three times already.

We've all been down this exact same street before. Downing Street, "K" Street or Dealey Plaza, it's the same old street.

Americans stopped signing up for this war long ago, and bush ignored it. He's gathered troops by hook or by crook, American or not; sending thousands of non-citizens to go abroad and fight his little war to control Middle Eastern oil (Oh excuse me, I meant terrorism. At least I believe that's the current official excuse). The non-citizens families back home see us as despicable for using them to fight our wars for us. This ugly move the president made as usual hurt everyone involved, but it got him off. There's a word for that.

He has usurped our National Guard, which we need here, and sent them over seas to fight and die in this mess that no one supports. He always steals from us to get what he wants and does it right in our faces without any discussion and without regard to the real impact it has on us. And it has impacted us in a way few will ever forget. To get further around our simple collective "No" to war, he has hired on private mercenary armies, people with no loyalty to us, who don't give a damn who they kill for those mind boggling salaries they get, and that we are paying for.

It needs to be said: this president is a real jerk. And so is his entire cadre' of criminal elitists. By all means, spread the word.

Even the most die hard conservative supporters who once lashed out at anyone voicing the truth and shame of the Iraq debacle are no longer standing by the president. Even they are going rubbery in the knees and are feeling the same surges of nausea that the rest of us have been living with for years.

The president continues to bang the drums of war in a shameless display of intent to attack Iran. A nation unlike Iraq in that it's big enough to defend itself, and it has a legitimate bone to pick over the last time they got reamed by the West. No doubt those memories are still fresh. The fact that there is no justification to attack Iran is irrelevant to the president. It is not even remotely irrelevant to most Americans.

Americans very strongly believe that before we bomb anyone, there must be overwhelming justification, not 'probable cause' to do so. Is bush mixing up domestic law with Foreign Policy? Probable cause isn't sufficient grounds to invade Iran, not even asinine cooked up probable cause. Even with overwhelming justification in hand, before going to war, every other possible route must be exhausted until there is literally no other possibility of defending ourselves against their aggression.

There is aggression right? No? So, aggression is optional now too? No aggression is required, and no reason for war is necessary; they just have to be sitting there minding their own business to get us all worked up and ready to die for the insult to our... die for the.... who knows? Ask bush, it's his private Idaho. He keeps ignoring us, it's status quo. Do you see the pattern here yet?

Iran hasn't done anything beyond wanting the same nuclear power ability that we have. Israel is having a big twisted cow with a bizarre fantasy that they are in immediate threat of getting nuked by Iran; who is scheduled to obtain their first nuclear warhead, tentatively, in about a decade. I am waiting for Israel to demand that Iran be forbidden to have a military or defend itself in anyway, and to abolish their right to possess sharp objects. This is just craziness.

WE are the evil aggressors, attacking yet a third country while still embroiled in the filthy invasion of two other countries, who are both reeling on the verge of total collapse from all of our "help". Absolutely none of it is justified. It is beyond obscene, and it makes anyone with a decent bone within them feel physically ill to witness the pornography of posturing and lies and death.

The president has done a great many things that fly directly in the face of the will of the people and all of them have contributed to the overall harm of the nation. He's spent more money than all presidents before him COMBINED and brought us to the edge of total financial collapse. It's for a very good cause, Halliburton and KBR, Exxon and Blackwater. Worth every penny, don't you think?

As we go under bush claims the economy is good, it is growing. He is able to lie about anything without any sign of conscience. He has nibbled away at our constitutional protections with his bogus signing statements, presidential orders that are only for internal administrative purposes, not to handily evade the law, and assertions that his imperial will over rules the two other co-equal branches of government.

It's awfully hard to believe that every single president before him missed these tricks. I'm sure they're smacking their foreheads now, where ever they are. But we all know they didn't miss anything, because it doesn't exist. He has no such "rights". Bush is just making it up as he goes and nobody stops him. He's put loyalists in the judiciary nationwide, and now honest judges are getting their walking papers left and right. They're being told to resign without any reason and bush replaces them with his hand picked cronies who will be permanent there, since the latest law change, or rather subversion of the law. Are we seeing the pattern yet?

Many egregious laws have been forced through Congress, not by unanimous agreement, but by whatever means it took to get it done. We have watched aghast for a long time as he stripped us of rights he neither gave us or has any right to touch with a ten foot pole. Congress stood by and allowed it. No one fought for the people. No one fought for the good of the country.

With the first four amendments gutted and thrown back in our faces, the president informed us that he can do whatever he wants to do whether we like it or not. He has subverted the law hundreds of times making a mockery of the notion that he is bound by the law of the land, and duty bound to uphold the very laws he routinely breaks. The fact is, any laws that get in his way are simply broken.

We are never honestly informed, and no one charged with protecting the law is standing up to arrest this man. His lawyers take our money in generous paychecks, and they spend all of their time trying to find ways to let bush engage in heinous, inexcusable criminal acts. He can kill and maim and torture, steal and punish and cheat and lie and loot the public coffer to his hearts content. He does it while saying it's for our own good, and no one in a position to stop him gives him so much as an, "I beg your pardon". Do you think that's accidental? This is by design. We don't count. They don't care. Period.

We've had five years of shock after shock in the wake of this man's actions. Nothing is left upright and standing in it's original unmolested form. Every law he forces on us is one that diminishes us, diminishes the protections that we have for our environment, for our property ownership rights, our privacy, our ability to speak freely. He says he will now open our mail, he already keeps every digital move we make in ever growing mega databases, which are by all measures completely illegal. There isn't much left for him to destroy. He must be getting a little bored by now. Maybe there's nothing left but the big stuff, and he's more than happy to up the destructive ante.

The fact that the country spoke in a very loud, united voice on November 7 is enough on it's own to warrant appreciable surprise. This is a nation that has been torn apart since this president came on the scene. We can barely tolerate looking at each other, there has been so much hate and filth and ugliness peddled from the Oval Office and it's media sycophants. The situation with illegals pouring in was like adding lighter fluid to a stack of charcoal. I am still amazed that no one lit a match. But it will keep. He will light the match himself and toss it on the coals at precisely that time which he sees as most beneficial to aiding him in reaching his political goals.

He has engaged a top notch crew to keep us distracted, and it's worked very well for a long time. There is much pointless gristle to chew that's time consuming and goes nowhere, even after months or years of bitter jostling, not just in Congress but out on the real streets where real people engage in virulent opposition to political points. They drag out any number of distractions, as many as it takes to fully take our attention away from what he's up to while we aren't looking. And when he reappears on the scene we are always swept over by the shock and revulsion of yet another fully obscene act of defying American logic and will. I've lost count of how many times this has happened.

Act after act of this administration diminishes the people, weakens them, makes them irrelevant, voiceless, and impotent. Will we finally become a burden to his game plan? He may begin to ask if there is any need for us, as we seem to be capable of no more than whining while he holds us down and rapes us. The system is not broken, it is working exactly as intended. It has always worked this way, to some extent, though at times it has swung the power stick out here to the people, it always gets pulled back to their side. They aren't interested in what we want.

They don't care what's fair or legal. They're not concerned with joblessness, the lowest wages on record, the massive loss of benefits, the millions losing access to health care, or housing, or common dignity or decency. Our pain may overwhelm us, but they don't hear it or care about it. We are truly only relevant when they want our money or our lives to use for their own purposes, which will be war, or obtaining expensive weapons of war, or for gigantic gifts of corporate welfare to the richest companies on earth. The people left decimated in the wake of Katrina are literally destroyed and desperate, yet they remain unhelped. They don't care. How much plainer can they make it? If they cared, they'd have done something about it. They haven't and they won't. They - don't - care. The billions we gladly slotted to the Katrina disaster areas were to supposed help every single person who needed it, but it was sidelined to Homeland Security, misused and pocketed. Stories of plunder and profiteering aren't new. It's the same business as usual, right here at home, over seas in Iraq, everywhere there is money to grab, it's the same M.O. Is anyone really surprised by this anymore? Have we really not noticed the unchanging patterns here?

The system is not broken. It is functioning precisely as designed. Without us. Without our input. By subverting inconvenient laws while tightening the ones they apply to us out here, to the point of deadly force for misdemeanor crimes. Why should any American be beaten with clubs and imprisoned for peaceful dissent? The president finds our opinions not to his liking and demands violence be perpetrated against us. But when his opinions offend us and worse, actually harm us and everything we stand for, do we see billy clubs pounding his face to a pulp?

It is never going to be that way, it never has been and it never will be. It is time to face the reality that what is happening now is by design. It is being condoned by the military and the police, by the judiciary, the congress and every alphabet soup department of federal government because he has woven them into a network of subterfuge and appalling protection for high level crime. We can safely deduce this because they are not doing anything to stop this man's administration from holding us in willful disregard and taking every single thing he wants from us, illegal or not. The law is subordinate to him.

Do we see this yet, America? Am I wrong about any of it? If so please tell me where. I can only look at what is right there. It doesn't matter what the reasons we're given are for all of these transgressions against us. What we have to live with, are the results of those actions. Whatever goodness in life there was before he came on board, is weakened, frail, or already dead. And when he sucks all of the life blood out of us, he will continue sucking it from others. He will feed. He will always feed. As long as he is not stopped, which is becoming more legally impossible every day as he passes laws to enable him to rape and pillage and subvert justice, he will feed. He and his small cancerous clump of evil men, who have massive black holes where the rest of us have hearts and decency and compassion, they are feeding on the smorgasbord of their dreams. They have wanted this for decades and have worked relentlessly to bring it into their hands.

The world is a soft pink neck, and they are the vampire who will suck it literally to death. The blood is running down their chins, and their collars are soaked and red. They simply take turns feeding and sucking, feeding and sucking, and celebrating. They have surrounded themselves with all of the power of private mercenary armies, who are perfectly happy to kill everyone who dares break up this feeding circle. They are bound and determined to suck the world dry, suck the life out of it, and keep sucking until it's nothing but a brittle hollow shell, which they will then crush and discard, and forget all about it.

Our country is not to them what it is to us. They don't see it as a home, or a place filled with 300,000,000 people and all of their hopes and dreams and sorrows and joys. They see it as open season for vampires and when they're done here, they'll just be moving on to greener pastures. Maybe the ones in South America, it seems to be a very well visited place for elite criminals to peacefully retire, and live out their lives undisturbed in the cozy arms of enormous, stolen wealth. Just because it's inconceivable to us that anyone could be that evil only means it's inconceivable to us, but has nothing to do with possibilities. It's certainly possible. We are witnessing it before our very eyes.

If anyone wants to assert that these are men of noble intent who are doing what they believe is best for our country I will only direct you to the rubble of our lives. That is the result of their noble intent. Can you argue with that?

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