Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Ghosts Of Reality

The universe seems to be impersonal, it has to be. It doesn't play favorites and is unimpressed with things that captivate our weak mortal minds. Still I'm sure it has magic, there is a great deal we don't know, and even more we're not even remotely aware of or can even conceive of. We need to take our arrogant sciences much less seriously, especially the more they appoint themselves masters of reality. They're just a team of goobers who are as clueless as anybody else, only they do it with such arrogance and solidarity you almost half believe them. That's dangerous, which is well borne out by history. When has science and medicine ever not held itself in the highest esteem, paid itself lavishly and demanded obedient worship by law, by force or by command of the King? And many died for it, and worse. Yet they would not listen when someone suggested they needed to wash their hands before surgery and they ridiculed the woman who brought it up. "Invisible little things?" they guffawed. "Nonsense!" they proclaimed. That basic scenario has repeated endlessly, and still does, and it always will. They don't know everything. I know, it's a shocker isn't it.

Which speaks to a concept I want to bring up for a quick scratch and sniff. Proclaming something is true or false by consensus and without checking the facts, does not reality make. Our opinion of any given piece of information is irrelevant regarding it's truth or lack thereof. It simply makes it easier to believe a general consensus when everyone else is being a total dumbass, but it still won't make it true. It will not transform an ugly truth into an ugly lie. It will still be a truth even if nobody wants to believe it.

The first time somebody pointed at me and used the word conspiracy it hurt in a weird way. I never saw it that way, because there is no mystery or guessing involved. When you take the time, and put in the effort to get more information than what they feed you on the primary broadcast portals, you very quickly become educated, and painfully. You find the same characters, seeped in connected darkness, a brotherhood of corruption and criminality, telling the same sorts of lies, pulling the same ugly tricks, looting and pillaging and arranging deaths. It's a good old boys club of deception and wealth mongering, abuse and power, dirty tricks and behind the scenes motivations.

Granted it's a bit overwhelming at first and you don't quite know where to begin, but every seeker of knowledge has found that no matter where you start you'll find the same people, the same components, the same connections, the same tricks, the same tactics, the same lies, the same ignorance, the same evil manipulation of the public. It becomes as recognizable as a set of fingerprints, or as distinct as the taste of lemon. You can't miss it. It's not something you'll mistake for something else, it's just ordinary facts, available in the same accepted broadcast and print media, but always relegated to the back sections in obscurity, and entirely ignored by broadcast media. The truth is there, it's just that the really horrible truth is bypassed because it would tend to put too much focus on the evil ones we so wrongly trust, and it might end up with justice being done. And they hate that.

After partaking of the greater truths, one suffers painful pangs of betrayal. It comes from releasing the false beliefs we've been fed all of our lives and it hurts to let go of pretty things, even if you never really had them. In continuing your research you keep expecting to come to the bottom of the barrel, to find it's ending point, but are soon to discover that it has no end. It is literally bottomless, and there is always much more dirt and filth and lying. The more you dig and the deeper you go, the worse it gets. It's much worse than any of us want to face.

It's infinitely more pleasant to keep locked into the provided fantasy and play the roles we play and pretend there is justice and sanity at the helm. For those who are truly cowards it's the only way to go. But for those who have a deep and abiding respect and need for the truth, you will be punished for it. It hurts. You'll have to face a spectrum of things that hurt at a myriad of levels. You'll keep asking why, and you'll want to know how people could do such terrible things and have no regard whatsoever for the irreversible harm they cause others. You'll struggle with all kinds of theories from them not even being human, to genetic flaws that deprive them of having a conscience, to finally accepting that they're just filthy dirty evil people who are destroying the world with all their might and having the time of their lives doing it. They never get caught, revealed, tried or punished, in fact they make mind boggling bundles of wealth every step of the way. And people die left and right and suffer every kind of abuse imaginable, and even some that aren't within the realm of imagination. It's hard to wrap your brain around, and I doubt you ever really do.

Once you pull back the veil of lies and take in the view, you see things very differently. You see all of the patterns and all of the people and can recognize their tactics, their styles, and their involvement in things you'd never have believed could have been planned and carried out against innocent people. You now understand that evil is real and that the struggles of history replay this reality over and again. You realize that somehow all the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years of truth about humanity and people and life has been squeezed off, silenced and not brought forward for the next generation to partake of. Without it we are doomed to repeat the errors of naive trust in the powerful who ALWAYS end up NOT being anyone's friend. We have forgotten this solid fact and instead have been handed tasty bite sized pieces of crap that we consume and which fill our heads with visions of heroes in government, heroes in war, heroes in capitalism and they are painted in glorious colors which we are taught to esteem and trust and obey unquestioningly. And we do. TV, radio and the press have never made it so easy to make so many people oblivious and stupid and so incredibly easy to lead around by the nose.

Wealth and power is consuming us and it is destroying the world, only now they've taken the gloves off. They've always been at it in the background; we knew about pollution and we knew about nukes and we knew about spewing smoke stacks and dead fish and mercury in tuna. But we didn't think to connect the endless reports of corruption and bribery and conspiracy, which is not a nutty fluffy bit of nonsense at all. It's one of the most regularly convicted crimes there are. Why do so many believe otherwise? In spite of the blatant acts being perpetrated on us before our eyes, few are able to disconnect from the syndrome of trusting those wealthy, powerful liars and see that conspiracy abounds, and is par for the corrupted course. How can it be that something so real and so troubling and so horribly unacceptable is not believed to exist?

Parallel dimensions. That's what I'm beginning to believe. I think that when one wakes up and takes on the parallel dimension of reality, they literally move into another realm. In that realm they can see things that regular people cannot. They are at an advantage of perspective, and can understand what they see without the restraints of social programming, which dear friends is so real that it's not funny. Stepping outside of the bounds of what they want you to see frees you to see what's actually there. It's as obvious as the sky, as obvious as one's own breath. But can you tell the uninitiated about it? Fat chance.

Moving to another dimension allows you to walk side by side with those who are still in the old dimension. You appear to them to be in the same earth plane as they, and they can see you and you can see them and interact with them in limited ways. However they can not hear you unless you speak to them in words and phrases from their own dimension. Attempting to speak from your own dimension causes immediate fear, panic, rage and a whole bevy of crisis. You scare the crap out of them. It must be something along the lines of seeing a ghost. An apparition, something from beyond, something that speaks of an undeniable mysterious truth, and this scares people nearly to death. People are much more comfortable with not knowing, with assuming all is well on the other side of the veil than they are with any facts about it. They don't really want the facts, they just enjoy flirting with the dangerous unknown, it's a rush. It's a scintillation of the senses, it tickles the imagination, but in the end it leaves the world beyond the familiar veil as mysterious and unknowable as always.

What they fail to appreciate is that it's a choice, not a sealed door. The beyond is knowable, anyone can step across and know it, but few are willing. As much as they love to flirt with the flittering bits and pieces of ugly truth, they staunchly refute that truths exist beyond what they themselves agree to be real and true. It's as if majority consensus is all there is to determining truth and reality. It isn't. It just makes it a majority consensus to hold that belief. And hold it they do, with all of their might and without humor or any semblance of open mindedness.

Speaking the truth around those who don't want to hear it is a supreme waste of time, and fairly dangerous. As if it's not enough to have to endure the personal pain of betrayal and lies you've discovered, you must now also endure the barrage of anger and hatred coming at you from the old dimension, from people who once respected you and now can only think of you as some who's flung a mental Frisbee and gone off after it into lala land. It's never based on their effort to come over and show you you're wrong with proof or anything like that, it's always just a pronouncement. We say you are wrong and vile and creepy for saying these things to us and you are not our friend anymore if you refuse to acknowledge our perfect world and be like we are. Geez, I may love you but I cannot respect that. That's just, obtuse.

I know I'm a ghost in their reality and I get that. It's just such a shame that everything there is to know is rejected outright in favor of staying in a dream, and it's not even that great of a dream. We do love our dreams and we prefer to choose our realities based on what feels good and what's constantly pumped in the mainstream portals, and we prefer to keep everything else at bay. We'll hate it, attack it, vilify it, call it names, accuse it of badness and evil, but God help us, we'll never check it out. We'll never prove it wrong, we'll never get our hands dirty and crawl in and look for evidence to the contrary. We're so arrogant we believe that anything we think is top notch truth and whosoever questions it is shot down like a dog in the streets.

If our society is this heavily addicted to fluffy sweet pink lies and phony security based on literally nothing, then what can a ghost do? How can a ghost say listen to me, when the sound of it's voice terrifies the listener to the point of collapse? We ghosts must come to grips with the frustrating truth that where we have gone is not a place for everyone. It takes a brave soul or at the very least a genuine seeker of truth. There are few of either around these days. It is incredibly difficult not to be able to convince someone to get out of the way of an oncoming train, but you can't physically pick them up and move them and because you're in a different dimension you cannot affect their beliefs. They see the oncoming locomotive as an omen of happiness and joy and candy canes and favorite TV shows forever, not as a guarantee of being squished to death and cut into pieces in seconds. If you rage at them and call them stupid of course they will react from ego and say terrible things back. They cannot hear us. They choose not to see what is there. A taste for sweet lies is addictive and like any addiction is a terrible waste.

Bringers of the truth are reviled by the ones being lied to as well as the ones doing the lying. It's risky business and it wins you few friends. The whole of the truth leagues are accepted to be loony toons and are dismissed, it really does nothing for your career or your relationships to be living in the parallel dimension of becoming self informed. You lose the dream lie, and all of those who exist in it because they want to stay there and resent your growth and your desire to bring them with you. All you can do is keep offering tidbits now and then, hoping to inspire the curiosity it takes for someone to take it upon themselves to begin digging and finally enter the realm of the next dimension.

But they must come of their own accord, and it's almost always when the big fat ugly truth barges into their own personal lives and poops on them. No one believes it happened and soon they are shunned and pushed away, labeled nutty, conspiracy theorist, loony toons. I guess it takes the monster of reality to bite you in the ass before you can no longer deny it's existence, but you will come across alone. I feel your pain. Welcome to reality.


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    You have such a gift of words! Its the way you express them that makes me feel I am not the only one who feels this way too. Thank you! Don't ever give up! I know its extremely painful to realize that the reality they have composed for us is such a lie, thank you for your courage!

  2. You sum up the experience of 'waking up' so eloquently that I feel quite moved.