Monday, December 17, 2012

Comment on "Breaking Point" by Vyzygoth

You speak about the breaking point and, yes, individually we all have been and will continue to be stretched to whatever our limits may be; collectively, society’s behavior will manifest how all of us as individuals react.

That’s why propaganda is important. That’s why 24/7 “information” is important. That’s why 24/7 “entertainment” is important.

In this age of burgeoning electronic communication, people use their brains more as sponges and less as apparatuses designed to critically analyze, to just plain think. Sadly, the masses don’t think, they react, and that’s what our masters wish.

Propaganda isn’t new. It’s been with us for as long as there have been power-seeking people who wish to lord it over their fellow citizens. What is interesting is that, upon the invention of the printing press, our masters discovered that, to propagandize, it was necessary for people to read. Illiteracy was actually an obstruction to manipulation, and without the ability to broadcast information through thin air, our masters encouraged all to read.

Now we’ve reached a point where our masters no longer wish us to read, to dwell upon and analyze information; instead they wish us to soak in the images they project through TV and movies and music with the goal of inducing visceral reaction—brute, insentient, visceral reaction. They know beyond any doubt that if they get a critical mass of people to stampede and the rest will follow.

That’s why a democracy is garbage. Despite that we’ve all been brainwashed into believing that democracy is such a great thing, no less than Plato, an unabashed elitist in his time, explained that democracy is only one step above the worst form of government know to humankind—tyranny, to which democracy inevitably devolves.

Whoever visits this site and the related sites under the umbrella of probably understands there is a movement to bring about a New World Order. That movement has been happening for centuries, but it has gained far more momentum throughout the last century and is now on our doorsteps like it or not.

The final push for totalitarianism arguably began in this country with the events of Sept. 11 2001. That date, not Jan. 1, 2001, ushered in the final millennium during which our masters will gain complete control over the populations of the world.

To attain that goal it will be necessary for our masters to make each and every one of us reach our breaking points. They will create the problems, the catastrophes, the tragedies, the deprivations. They will give us the chaos they are so fond of as a means of making us accept the supposed solutions and remedies they have also prepared, which, on face, will appear satisfactory to us, but which, ultimately, will bring about our enslavement.

Those who know me know I cleave to a particular verse written by Robinson Jeffers in his 1944 poem “Be Angry at the Sun.” To me, it capably embodies the human condition in nine simple words:  “The cold passion for truth hunts in no pack.”

It is doubtful that good people can prevent barbarous acts. I’d like to think they can, but six decades on this planet and an unadorned understanding of history tells me differently. However, each of us can resist joining the mob, choosing rather to live with a demonstrated compassion and intelligence that will keep us from becoming part of the problem.

It is also doubtful that all serial shootings are organic, and that is taking into consideration those that have occurred since Whitman’s rampage in Austin, Texas, in 1966. On one level, the pathology of the shooters and shootings doesn’t matter because the victims are just as dead. On another level, it would be beneficial to study the individuals and circumstances with the hope it would result in timely intervention and future prevention. Strangely, the public never is provided access to this information, which surely exists, and the fact that it does exist but is never made widely accessible suggests that more than one perpetrator was a Manchurian Candidate.

In my mind, the Newtown massacre portends perhaps something much different than you might divine from the event. To me, this event signals that our masters will be busy casting their beloved chaos upon us, but not before they succeed in banning firearms. Bad and crazy people don’t sweat gun control because they aren’t about abiding by the law. Total gun control only totally deprives good people—easily more than 99% of those who legally own firearms—from either defending their families and property or placing a good deal of doubt in the minds of bad people who are more than willing to execute home invasions if only they could be confident they’d meet no resistance.

We will experience choreographed events in the near future that will stampede people into fear and frenzy. It might very well reach the much-anticipated “wild in the streets” level we hope we’d never experience. Then we will scream for martial law. And we will get it. But it won’t be our troops that will be called upon to keep the peace, and it could turn out that their methods of keeping the peace might not be a whole lot different than the methods employed by land pirates who go off plundering to meet their needs.

Dark times are upon us. Don’t think that it can’t happen here because our masters have hinted throughout the past few decades that it will happen here. And those misanthropes would never lie to us about things so dear to their icy hearts.

One last word: I think it pathetically ironic that our President can squeeze out a tear as he laments the horror of innocents cut down, and while that is an unfathomable tragedy, this nation is about to embark on yet another Middle East intrigue that will certainly cut down civilians and among them how many children?

But, hey, they’re subhuman foreigners. Who fucking cares?


  1. Thank you for this post. I am sickened by the presidents bullshit and the military industrial lies we are being force fed every day.

  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Hey Lynda:

    Presidential/governmental lies and military incursions under the righteous banner of liberation have been with us since the US began kicking ass at the end of the 19th century. (This under proxy of Britain). But a nation at war for over a century is not a healthy nation. The chickens have come home to roost and, sorry, the worst for us is yet to come.

    Blessed are the peacemakers, but they ain't here.

    We are the Fouth Reich. And we will pay shortly.

  3. I find it interesting that the term breaking point is relatively new and overused as a phrase. When my aunt had to go to a hospital due to mental problems, I was told she had a breakdown That was the only time I heard the phrase used.

    We wept, fought, saw people abused, divorced and grieved over the loss of family members, but we never talked about hitting our breaking point.

    A couple weeks before the Newtown shootings I found out that my second cousin was severely wounded in Afghanistan. I was awakened in the wee morning hours of December 13th to find my father-in-law having a fatal heart attack. I performed CPR on him until the ambulance arrived, comforted his daughter/ my wife and three days later gave his eulogy at the memorial service. But in all of this I can say that I never reached my breaking point. I don't say this to be callous, but to say we have picked up a phrase that is in itself psychologically unhealthy.

    When we talk about reaching a breaking point, it may well be that we need a break from the particular stimulus. In the days after 9/11/01 my wife watched a great deal of the news coverage. She called me at the library in tears one afternoon, because some of the talking heads on the news channel started talking about the need the government would have to cut the social safety net. She was bothered because she was on disability for bipolar disorder and she was afraid they were going to cut the programs she needed for survival. After I told her to turn off the news reporting and do something else, she recovered.

    The powers that control the world want us to feel that we are at our breaking point. They do not want a citizenry that is resilient, self-reliant people, who are in strong communities. The powers want us to experience maximum psychological atrophy, so we will cry out for martial law, for the nanny state to take care of them. They do not want strong people who will bend, but not break.

  4. Don't sweat martial law. It's here. In your right to have an attorney. That's one of the many ways you're brought in under their control. They trick you into believing you've gained ground and "we the people" have spoken. Ooookay.
    One of the things I notice is that the news speaks of a community that is rocked and shattered emotionally by this slaughter but in a restaurant the other night I see on CNN the very same people all too willing to be willing to go on national television and get their 15 minutes of fame. It's packaged like a post game report! This is why I do not watch or have tv anymore. 26 people murdered? Hey let's go get some ratings!
    Real reality tv! It's really sad.

  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

    “Breaking point” is not a new term; it’s been with us since the advent of psychiatry. It seems it may have been replaced in the popular vernacular by “tipping point,” but, beyond that, the term has specific relevance with regard to psychological manipulation, which, to use your words, is indeed psychologically unhealthy.

    So it’s not the term but what the term
    represents that is the unhealthy element. And,like it or not, a breaking point is a lot like a belly button: everyone has one.

    But the point of Angie’s post was that there is now--more than ever before--a concerted effort to psychologically shape people to put them in a receptive state for whatever behavior our global overlords wish to effect.

    With 24/7 electronic entertainment and faux information, along with the growing usage of anti-depressants and other mood manipulators, people are being pushed to their breaking points and, sadly, they are doing it to themselves.

    You are absolutely right: to maintain mental health and some vestige of analytical thinking, it is crucial to take a break, turn the visual and aural noise off. But there is an addictive quality to the noise and many folks are hooked and don’t know it. Case in point: how many people do you see in a day that have cellphones pressed to the side of their heads or stuck in front of their faces?

    Another game is afoot, however, and this strikes at the core of every person. It’s one thing to successfully resist electronic propaganda, but it’s quite another thing to keep your center together when basic necessities are in deprivation. Assaults on our finances, security, energy, food and water supplies are already underway and will become more intense.

    Not every person will give in, but most will, then, for us, it’s the ultimate fight for survival just to avoid the mob.

    Get small. Stay warm. Keep moving.

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Angie is describing the Ominous Parallels, history repeating, ramped up to the max via the new tv, the net. I tried to bolster the dynamic duos research listening to legal talk shows on the net. Sometimes what I hear dovetails with their research, sometimes not. Who has a handle on it all right? The one thing that stands out though, on all these shows, besides selling product of course, if you pose a legitimate question or mention that you've read something not in line with their thesis,well you're getting attacked. Even if it's first hand info such as Whiting on the War Powers of the gov't. I was called out as a communist, racist, fascist, and last but not least, a Jew conspirator, whatever that means. So, experiencing a little of what a certain someone has for over 10 years, I said adios to that scene only last night. Yeah, it's mob mentality for sure.