Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beasts Just Wanna Have Fun

Part One

Something that is crystal clear to me is that nobody is perfect.  All of us are flawed and lost and struggling for the duration of our lives.  All of us encounter heartache, pain and disappointment, injustice and misunderstanding, fear and loss and need, and all of us must find a way to cope with these things. 

Failure to cope can make things expressly worse but that often doesn't stop us from failing to cope.  Sometimes we decide to not cope out of fear (or stubbornness or any of your basic seven deadly sins), which invariably causes more of the same trouble and then we wonder "why does this always happen to me?"   We end up blaming others for our unaddressed, uncontrolled personal, spiritual, and national imperfections.

Genuine coping requires some humility, a recognition that we are not by default always right nor are our desires and preferences by default the best thing for all involved.  When we reject our own need for some humility we reject our own legitimacy and do real damage to ourselves and others.  The problem is that it is often others who suffer for our lack of humility long before we do, if we ever do.

We are all human.  None of us are imbued with all knowing, all seeing righteousness.  None of us are superior to others by sheer virtue of the fact that it is we within our skin. Neither is anyone superior to others because they have a title or wear a uniform or badge.  None of these things can magically turn a human being into a superior being.  How could they?  Good gravy.  No external thing can change the basic truth that regardless of how highly we think of ourselves we are still ordinary human beings, imperfect and prone to every human fault and failing that all humans inherently possess.  No one is perfect. 

There is no such thing as someone who is never wrong.  Those who would claim otherwise are full of bull pucky.  Yet there are many who bristle and lash out at any suggestion that they are wrong,  that what they are doing is wrong, that what they believe to be factually true or false is not true or false, demonstrably.  These are people with false honor.  They can seem to be honorable and decent but they do it selectively which means that in fact they are dishonest and dishonorable.  Some tactically use the appearance of decency as a tool to get their way.

From what I've observed throughout my life a certain grotesque form of self-worship is not uncommon.  A whole lot of people obnoxiously and openly express their belief that they are above all others although when confronted about this they will usually deny it.  They will display self-righteous offense, they will lash out, they will proclaim that their behavior is justified, necessary and right and that any who disagree are criminals, crazy, evil or dangerous to society.  They are unwavering and insistent that the rules do not apply to them because of their special status among us, whatever that supposed status may be. 

Whatever the specifics of their stories, they will never directly answer the question as to how it can be that the rules don't apply to them.  This question can never be answered honestly because there is no justification for the claim or belief that some of us are above the rules that apply to all of us.  The bottom line is that society's special people believe that they are entitled to behave in any way they please and may not be held responsible for their actions.  They will not hear reason.  In fact they are impervious to reason and cannot be reasoned with, and as I see it, this is the real definition of insanity.  This kind of insanity is the very essence of "power". 

Power is the ability to do whatever you want regardless of the harm it does to others and to get away with it.  I have always thought there was something wrong with people who hunger for power and it is finally clear to me why.  To want this kind of power over others is not sane.  It is criminal.

I have little doubt that those who are powerful understand this very well.  They recognize the thin line that separates authority from power.  There is an important difference between these things.  Authority is granted by others while power is taken against the will of others.  If we're talking about freedom, justice, and the legitimate rule of law then these can only exist in the presence of authority, but they cannot exist under the total control of those in power over everyone's lives. 

Authoritarian rule is about having power and by definition it is antithetical to freedom.  Authoritarian rule despises freedom and demands obeisance and terrible punishments are wreaked out upon any who have the audacity to hold contradicting opinions from the authoritarians in power. 

What we have witnessed of authoritarian abuse of power are things like death squads that torture, rape and murder masses of people, especially poor people and indigenous peoples because such people are seen as filthy, not human and useless, and "cleansing" the world of them is necessary in the authoritarian perspective.  The authoritarians may also have decided to take the land and natural resources for themselves and don't want to deal fairly with the dirty un-people who live on it so they simply order them exterminated.  Authoritarians construct concentration camps to round up political enemies and other undesirable persons of various cultures, races and religions because authoritarians fear anyone who thinks differently, does not want to conform, is critical of authoritarian rule, especially if they are influential to any degree, or otherwise prefer living in freedom rather than living down on their knees to perpetual fear, brutality and total control over their lives.

These are the things that seriously threaten authoritarian control and vision and are aggressively dealt with in the aim of purification of the people and obtaining everlasting conformity in the kingdom.  Authoritarians viscerally hate anything that might undermine their total control over others; and their tendency toward murderous retribution is well documented historically as well as in modern newspapers.  This shameless brutality and injustice is the very nature and definition of power which is why I feel disturbed when I see so many people applauding authoritarian brutality and feeling the vicarious thrill of entitlement and unmitigated bigotry of the powerful to wreak revenge and mass murder on all perceived enemies.   Once reached, this state of mind has left reason far behind and is well embedded in the self licking ice cream cone of insanity.  It cannot be reasoned with and any attempt to do so will likely result in violence against the reasonable.

Few authoritarians are open or honest about their perceived entitlement to have total control over other people's lives.  They understand that being blunt about it by simply proclaiming some self endowed right to control people would be rejected outright by those whom they wish to control and they would lose their position of power.  This presents them a dilemma in that holding power gives them the legal right they need and want to do crime at will and get away with it, but doing crime straight out is not socially acceptable anywhere.  So what is an ordinary man in power with raging criminal lusts supposed to do?

The answer is as old as it is easy.  He simply lies about it.   The standard authoritarian lie that works every time is telling people they are under threat from something and that horrible destruction and suffering will assuredly come unless he is allowed to take total control and save them all.

Authoritarian proclamations of entitlement to do whatever they want in order to uphold some supposed higher good even when what he does is clearly harmful to others should feel fairly familiar to us today.  It is fear mongering.  It is insanity.  But it works every time. 

Authoritarians show a complete and total lack of respect for others, which is also insane.  Authoritarians display an abject refusal to put oneself in other people's shoes long enough to understand them, which is inexcusable as well as insane.  Technical legalese that exists in support of excusing the inexcusable is completely insane. 
When authoritarian rule decimates a nation because it is intrinsically insane, how can we wonder why things are the way they are?

Authoritarians are dangerous because they refuse to acknowledge the reality that they are imperfect.  They believe their station in life erases any imperfections and so they can never be wrong, no matter how wrong they are.  At the risk of repeating myself,  this is insanity.    It is also insane to believe that you bear no responsibility for the harm you do when it's clear that no one else could possibly be responsible for your chosen actions.  It is complete nonsense.  People who are this kind of wrong can't afford to be honest, decent, compassionate or humble.  They have no legitimate excuse or reason for doing the things they do.  It is all self serving and rife with depraved indifference to others.  It is criminal.

Seeing only ones own self interests and refusing to consider or respect other people's lives is the very basis of wrongdoing.   When people who are not in positions of power lie, cheat, steal or murder they are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.  Yet when those in power commit the same kinds of crimes to a much greater degree they are lauded and applauded.  Instead of their ruthless self interest being seen as vicious and criminal it is seen as a sign of strength and single-mindedness. 

The problem with single-mindedness, not only in people with power but in normal day to day relationships is that when more than one person is involved, more than one mind is involved.  Whenever two or more are involved, anyone who becomes so single-minded that they forget or refuse to acknowledge the presence and equal existence of the other minds involved is exhibiting a gross failure of honesty.  A total disinterest in understanding all sides in a disagreement can only lead to harm being done.  It is unjust, unfair and unreasonable. 

Sometimes a failure to empathize is knowing and pernicious but sometimes it is due to a habit of not trying to see things from the other person's perspective.  Often when the other person's perspective is explained in terms of, "How would you feel if this happened to you?", we can suddenly understand and change our position.  It becomes pernicious when we understand and still don't change our position and continue to cause harm anyway.   This is standard procedure in taking power over others, you simply ignore their legitimacy and their entire being and do whatever you like.

I have on occasion been taken aback by people I personally know who defaulted into this attitude of self superiority.  They are not only impervious to reason they reject it with outrage and holier-than-thou displays of temper.  They have lashed out with stinging insults and crude remarks with the specific aim of causing hurt feelings and self doubt, expecting an apology for not seeing them as superior to me and for having my own opinion instead.  These are ordinary people who demand subservience to them and an automatic yielding of self to their desire for power over your relationship. 

It is shocking and bizarre to go through it,  very unpleasant.  It cannot end well, it never has.  When people become impervious to reason they are not sane, and you cannot reason with insanity.   Other than walking away, I don't know any other way to deal with people like this.  Sticking around and trying hard to get them to see reason is pointless.  They will not do it.  And when they will not do it you have to walk away. 

What possesses some people to automatically expect everyone to see things as they do?  The simple reality that more than one mind is involved makes it self evident that such an expectation is mistaken.  Why do some people believe they are so special that no other perspectives are legitimate but their own?  What makes them so special?  Can they fly?  Can they walk through walls?  Can they turn invisible?  Can they morph into other people or things?  Can they turn mice into poodles?  Turn lawn clippings into pastry?  No.  They can't do anything special.  They are every bit as human as the rest of us.  We are all equal along these lines, none of us have special powers that others don't have.  Yet this simple reality doesn't stop many humans from pretending to be more and better than others; and worse it doesn't stop many other humans from believing them.

Part Two

What is a king?  What is a queen?  A duke, an earl, a prime minister, a president, a pope, a CEO, a general?  Are politicians really morally entitled to destroy other people's lives for whatever reasons they claim? Are soldiers really morally entitled to kill strangers because they wear a uniform?  Do job titles or sets of clothing make you right when what you're doing is wrong for the whole rest of the world?  Are police really imbued with special entitlements to bust down doors without a warrant instead of just knocking, or to shoot unarmed people 71 times in their own home just because they came armed, have special clothes on, and somebody somewhere told them that the very rules they are there to uphold and embody don't apply to them?  When you say you're doing something in the name of good but what you're doing is wrong, does that make it okay?  Pardon me, but it does not. 

A lot of people want to do wrong things for their own reasons; the definition of wrong being causing harm to others by intent for personal satisfaction.  So how can you do harm to others with intent for personal satisfaction and hope to get away with it?  There is only one way and that is to sell yourself and others on the idea that the rules that apply to everyone do not apply to you. 

A few common examples:

-You are a special person called a Queen because you have a crown and a palace, get paid tons of money, are unaccountable to anyone for your actions or lack thereof, claim inclusion in an elite and special bloodline, and you command a bunch of heavily armed soldiers who will kill anyone who challenges the idea that you're just another lady with nothing special going on. 

-You are a special person called a president because you live in a famous building, get paid tons of money, are unaccountable to anyone for your actions or lack thereof, and you command a heavily armed military force that will kill anyone who challenges the idea that you're just another man with nothing special about you and that you are indeed fully accountable for all of your crimes. 

-You are an important person who is above the rules because you have money and power and powerful friends,

-because you are endowed by authority figures with special permission to do things that are wrong and/or you get paid an enormous salary to do them which somehow makes it right,

-because you wear a badge or are employed by authorities in an enforcement or intelligence position,

-because your work is of utmost importance according to you and you're a self-entitled ideologue,

-because it's a national security matter,

-because you're a famous television personality, or a corporate billionaire, or a mega church TV preacher,

-because you have a degree in something and are a lauded, applauded, respected and admired individual in your small circle of experts in their expertise so if they say you deserve a Nobel prize even though what you're doing is incomprehensibly destructive, then it must be true. 

All of these examples have one thing in common.  They all offer and expect unquestioning acceptance of excuses for certain people to do harm to others and get away with it.  This is the claim of the special person.  The rules do not apply to special people.  The rules only apply to everyone else.  And you are expected and obligated to be fine with that.

The excuses of powerful people are not part of the normal and usual life experience of the vast majority of people in this country or in the world.  In fact the vast majority of people are told they are powerless and are treated as irrelevant to the interests of those with power.  People are trained and convinced to give up their ability to think and act for themselves and to instead allow experts, officials and authorities to do all of their thinking and acting for them, and that they, the weak and powerless must simply do as they are told or be punished.  People are repeatedly told that this is the better way to go and that to not go this way would bring on the end of civilization, raining down anarchy and chaos on us all.  Yet should any thinking person understand what a crock this is, and should they stand their ground and refuse to bow down and obey self important liars claiming impossible authority over the lives of others,  they will be harmed by authorities and/or taken away.  And most people are just fine with that. 

My question of the day is, what is this about?  What is this need of some people to portray themselves as more and better than what they are?  Why do so many people long for public adulation?  What is this extreme passion for idolatry about?  And why are so many ordinary people anxious and willing to worship these false gods?

There is no shortage of self important fakers selling the public all manner of nonsense about their special status in the world.  They claim to possess special rights, access, wisdom, information or secrets that nobody else has.  They offer to share it only if certain obligations are met.  They offer to sell it.  They sell the insane notion that merely on the basis of what somebody has inside their head they are superior or inferior beings, entitled to live and prosper or entitled to nothing at all. They often will require absolute and total loyalty, obedience, secrecy and will offer false feelings of superiority and smug insider status. These peddlers of human corruption and weakness are superb salesmen convincing people that obvious lies are truth, when they have nothing special at all going for them.  They are nothing and no one special, but people buy it and take it straight to heart. 

It boils down to salesmanship folks, the exact thing that's turned our minds and our country into a corpulent bowl of dumb green violent narcissistic jello.  Salesmanship runs the world. Salesmanship convinces people that they want something they don't need or want.  Salesmanship appeals to the inner beast which has no ability to think rationally, it only reacts from the emotional level.  It's instinct is to free itself of worry, pain and fear, to avoid  discomfort, hunger and need, and to be enveloped in safety, security, affection and plenty.  Beasts just wanna have fun. 

Like it or not there it is anyway.  What allegedly and supposedly allows us to rise above all of the other beasts on the planet is not free will, it is the possession of a higher, finer aspect of being.  One that allows humans the ability to think and reason rather than react, to do math and read, to understand concepts like justice, fairness, truth and lies and so forth.  Where we have gone wrong is in assuming that possessing the ability to use those things is the same as actually using them.  It is not the same.  It's a bit like that exercise equipment you've got collecting dust in the other room.  Just possessing it is not the same as actually putting it to regular use.

By the same token, possessing the capacity for engaging in higher thinking and feeling is not the same as actually engaging in it.  Not using these potentials means the inner beast is in charge of our lives and it is not interested in and has no need for higher and finer things like compassion and justice or humility.  What does a beast need with any of those things?  People who believe in unleashing their inner beast and not forcing it to obey their higher and better will are the self same people who bloviate about survival of the fittest, the law of the jungle, and other such self excusing hogwash.  The unleashed beast has no conscience and when he kills millions and steals trillions, he calls it success.  And we believe him.

A successful beast relies on things other than higher thinking and feeling.  If the beast is clever it can use deception to capture its prey. If the beast is physically small and impotent it can use poison or deliver a potent sting or bite to take down prey and ward off enemies. If the beast is big and strong it can use it's physical strength to overcome both prey and foe and take whatever it likes whenever it likes from whomsoever it likes.  It can kill and not think anything of it. 

Interestingly though, many of the greater beasts of the wild don't use their giant size and strength, cleverness,  greater speed or poison to prevail over all others mindlessly and without normal and expectable reasons based on legitimate need.  Never do we see a lioness who mindlessly kills deer after deer after deer just to pile them up in a great big pile and gloat over her killing ability.  It would make no sense to her.  She only kills to eat and she can't eat 200 dead deer before they become putrid, rotting corpses.

Consider also the elephant.  A gentle creature that could crush the life out of any human in a second which instead consents to be used by humans for various human purposes in a mutual agreement.  It is only when pushed beyond the limit of patience through humiliating, degrading and unkind treatment that an elephant will finally reach out and squash you like a bug. As the saying goes, even a rattlesnake will give you fair warning before it strikes.  It takes a dang good and very understandable reason for a beast to kill a human being.  It doesn't necessarily take any good reason at all for humans to kill other humans.  Or animals.  Apparently  the great beasts of the wild have more going on than we give them credit for.  They are not authoritarians.  They do not offer excuses for insane behavior.  They share the watering hole with all of the other creatures.  The only entitlement that spans across all species is the entitlement to take what you need to survive and that makes perfect sense.

This applies in full to humanity too.  The only difference being that humans, being possessed of the ability to use their higher mind, can at minimum show self restraint and take other people into consideration before acting on their desires.  We don't rape whoever we see on the street that is sexually appealing to us.  We don't take things from other people or from stores at will.  It is this ability to behave in a civilized manner that makes us different from the other animals.  But our failure to engage this higher potential undoes civilization, and brings on much destruction.  When we refuse to control ourselves let's not pretend we are anything special.  We become no different than wild animals.

Our narcissistic human egos want to reject the notion that wild beasts possess any higher qualities.  We like to pretend that we are vastly superior to all other sentient beings on the planet.
Understand that thinking oneself superior means entitlement to treat those who are inferior to you in any way you like.  This is more insanity.

It wasn't that long ago that authoritative official scientific opinion was that animals had no capacity for emotions beyond alligator-brain fear and automatic responses to stimuli.  These responses were chalked up to a strange concept they called animal instinct.  They even asserted that animals didn't feel pain when you killed them.  They weren't even really afraid when you held them down to slaughter them, they were just struggling and crying out mindlessly for no reason, and we believed them. 

Scientific authorities were imbued with special powers of understanding beasts that mere ordinary people could never possess because ordinary people did not have the special official education and training these special authoritative people had.  Ordinary people who owned, possessed and worked with animals every day of their lives have long understood that animals have wide ranging emotions, some quite deep and complex, and that they most assuredly feel pain and suffering.  But the scientific authorities ignored the ordinary people's first hand experience and knowledge and dismissed it as nonsense and drivel and so much pooh-pooh. (So who are you going to believe?  Me or your own lying eyes?)  

This pattern of self excuse for breaking the rules of common decency is rife in authoritarian power culture.  Look around and you will see it everywhere.   All officialdom is the octopus of power, the arms of power.  Officialdom serves and exists to serve power, and I have already established that power is insanity so officialdom exists to serve insanity.  

Go ahead and tell me I'm wrong.  You can't.  We are drowning in a sea of insanity. Wherever you see injustice and brutality the odds are it is being carried out at the hands of officialdom.  This is why cops get away with cold blooded murder, and soldiers too.  Goldman Sachs and Wall Street stealing trillions, getting away with it, destroying the whole western economy, and handing you the bill.  Radiation leaks from reactor malfunctions, deadly pills, synthetic food, polluted water and air, destroyed soil, military weapons and equipment that wreak permanent death and destruction all over the world.  I'm talking about the clear cut cases of criminal behavior for which there is no excuse.  When the perpetrators are arms of the octopus they walk free for their crimes.  Their crimes will not even be crimes, they will be deemed something else and made okay, even good, fine and noble.  A virtual encyclopedia of officialdom's euphemisms exist to support their lies.   Everything from "enhanced interrogation" to "collateral damage" and beyond.  These euphemisms exist to re-frame the horrible into the legitimate and elude prosecution.  These are things that no man should ever get away with, and yet they do.  Every day. 

Official authoritative scientific opinions freed science, industry and the military to treat animals in any way they pleased without pangs of conscience for their cruelty.   It has  freed science, industry and the military to treat people any way they choose, in the name of whatever phony higher good or self interest they use as their official excuse for the rules not applying to them.   People's homes and land are taken from them, jobs are shipped overseas, the prosperity of the people and hope for the future is decimated and destroyed, thanks to official authoritative expert opinions.

The damage done to health and well-being, to prosperity, to justice, to freedom, to all of us, is carried out by officialdom, not by the ordinary people.  When are we going to realize that to blindly trust authority is idiotic?  At best.

There is a reason that big industry and science seeks out and aligns itself with power and it mostly boils down to greed.  Breaking the rules of normal human decency to make money is very lucrative and no one is going to be allowed to interrupt a thick and steady profit stream. Today, those who would attempt to shut down cruel factory farms or who agonize over the cruelty lavished onto animals sacrificed to scientific and military pursuits are so threatening to the profit stream that they have been branded terrorists.  People who choose to stand in solidarity with poor and politically ravaged people in other countries are also perceived to be and treated as terrorists. That's how greedy and narcissistic humanity can be.  But that's only a drop in the bucket, just one example of an ocean of human selfishness and cruelty, all of which has been made holy by the decree of the powerful.

Our American history of owning slaves for personal profit never went away, it has only used time and salesmanship to disguise itself and make itself not only palatable but pervasive and even highly esteemed. We have all heard that a hard working person is what defines a person's worth, and we believe it.  Don't have a job?  Then you are a scum bag and it's all your fault, you're just no good.  Good people work so hard that they die at the office;  the best workers have no lives outside the workplace, and most people deeply want to be good.  They embrace their slavery and see nothing wrong with it.  We all want to be good slaves and please our masters.  Just try to get out of those ankle chains friend.  You're not going anywhere.  Today there is nowhere to go.  There is no underground railroad, the slavers own that too, and it only goes right back to the plantation. Think it through until you see it, it's not hidden.  It's all right before our eyes.  

Part Three

The dreadful condition we are in all goes back to authority; who and what the masses of people accept as authority and believe is legitimate authority.  There is an unshakable default assumption by many people that all authority is good and that it does what it does for our own good.  Because we have this belief we are not only happy to obey our authority figures, we obey them without question.  We believe whatever they tell us.  We extend our deep and abiding trust to mere mortals who are every bit as flawed as the rest of us, in the unwavering belief that they are never wrong, they never lie, and even when what they're saying and doing stinks and looks fishy and is flat wrong we tell ourselves that there is a good reason for it and we keep trusting them anyway.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, of world class wrongdoing, lying, theft, extortion, murder and crime, we still believe they could never do wrong.  At least not on purpose. 

In America children never grow up.  When they assume adult form they just become nationalists who transfer their love and undying trust for father over to the state, over to authority figures who do their thinking and deciding and acting for them and if anyone questions our official authority parents we get very, very angry.  We will kick your ass.

We blindly place our lives in the hands of doctors we don't know from Adam, having no idea if that doctor is capable, was a D student, is a pervert or has a terrible record of causing death and injury instead of helping people get better.  To us, every doctor is a pinnacle of perfection, incapable of being a flaming idiot or a crappy doctor and to question what someone's doctor says only makes you look like a crazy person. 

We unquestioningly believe that whatever we see on TV must be true because they couldn't get away with lying to us.  None of us seem to know that it's legal for the news shows we watch to lie as much as they like, no one will stop them and they will never be made to pay a price for it.

Our official state parents are infallible, godlike authorities, and that goes double for the police, triple for the military, and quadruple for experts in medicine, science, business, and politics.  And if you aren't an officially recognized expert and you know they are wrong and say so then you are either a lunatic telling lies or a crazy person trying to make trouble.  And none of this ever strikes us as slightly bizarre.   If the authority figure says it is so then it's a fact and that's that.  If you don't like it go live in some other country with a dictator and see how you like it. Oh the irony.

What is authority?  What does it mean?  Does anyone but us really have authority over our lives?  Is authority by definition always right?  Is challenging authority wrong?  Is it evil?  Is it really anarchy?  And if it is anarchy is that a bad thing?  I guess it all boils down to who you ask and I'll throw this in for whatever it's worth, the majority is usually wrong.

Right and wrong are not established by consensus.  Right and wrong are indelible truths, in spite of the high volume trumpeting about absolutism and blah blah blah.  A tree is a tree is a tree, and right is right and wrong is wrong and all of the expert salesmanship in the world can't change that.  What salesmanship can change is the way people see things, hence the multi-billion dollar industry called perception management. 


I want to think for myself.  I want facts, not opinions, not assertions, not gilded lilies, not TV news mannequins telling me how to feel; just give me the cold, hard, boring facts and I'll take it from there.  I want to hear all sides of a story.  I want to listen to first person accounts, not third, fourth or 55th person retellings of who knows what.  I want to hear differing viewpoints and see the outcomes for myself.   I want to hear what the accused has to say in his defense and do not find someone guilty who is not allowed to give his side of the story.  I do not find someone guilty because authority accuses someone of being guilty.  That's just not good enough.  Show me the proof and above all let the accused speak for himself.  Give him access to the same media coverage as his accusers so I can hear his side of the story in full. 

I don't want to accept anybody else's opinion as my own.  I will decide my own opinions and positions and perspectives for myself.  I am a work in progress and if I cannot do those things for myself then I might as well be dead for I would not exist in other than physical form.  I would not be alive I would be dead where it matters most, in my mind, heart and soul.

And that is why folks, I strongly recommend we all consider with true sobriety just who and what authority figures we would lay our lives down for, because the sad reality is that corrupt authority kills people and destroys nations first and foremost.  This is not hidden, not today and not throughout history.  People often say follow the money.  This is true but the second part should be follow the dead bodies, because this will paint the whole picture.   This is what reveals false authority.

There are two primary sources of ultimate authority over human lives and they are the crown and God.  It has been so for millennia.  The crown is mortal, temporary, weak, imperfect and corruptible.  God is immortal, eternal and incorruptible.  The crown is by definition imperfect. God is perfect.  But the crown conflates itself with God's untouchable perfection and in so doing it makes sheeple out of people and gets brother killing brother in the name of God and country.

This is all driven by expertly delivered salesmanship that preys on emotions and so it prevails.  Emotions become the same as truth when these things have no connection. Emotions are very real and they are indelible and once aroused or provoked they will stand.  Emotions cannot be questioned or criticized because doing so is an unjustifiable attack.  Emotions are our most primary property and we are very possessive of them and we feel fully entitled to them because we are entitled to them.  What we are not entitled to do is act wrongly because of our emotions; yet after reaching a point of heightened emotions we no longer care and we do terrible things to others, feeling absolutely entitled all the way.  The successful conflation of authority with the incomprehensible truth of nature and creation we call God is ludicrous on it's face and a piece of shameless nonsense.

All of the officially sanctioned authority figures we have, meaning sanctioned by the crown, are to be deemed automatically good and right and to be believed and obeyed.  The many authority figures in our lives all wear a crown in some form or another, be it a uniform or a badge or a title or a bank account, it is a version of the crown imbued with all the same authority of the crown.   The crown excuses the wearer of all liability and responsibility.  Wearing the crown makes you automatically right and to be obeyed and anyone who disagrees is not only wrong but evil, a scoundrel, a criminal, a thug, an anarchist, a terrorist, someone the media tells the public to fear and hate and the public fears and hates them on command. The crown is the symbol of being excused from natural reality and getting away with it, and the crown today is donned in many forms.  I am not saying that every single person of authority is untrustworthy or bad or wrong, on the contrary there are some who earn our trust and are accountable for their actions.  But the temptation to abuse power is impossible to resist for many mortals and if the temptation doesn't get you, the peer pressure to conform and threats to ruin your life and career probably will.  If that fails a generous amount of money buys most everyone off.  Those last few die-hards, people of virtue, people who stand for natural truth, for the real right and wrong, they are our social lepers whom nobody likes. 

The crown is inextricably linked to human sacrifice and here's why.  A whole lot of humans have to die to support the lifestyles and power of the crown and it's octopus, and because the crown is seen as infallibly right and driven by noble motivations and concern for the people,   not second to God but wholly equal to God, then whatever the crown says, wants and does is automatically right.  This is how and why human sacrifice carries on without stop and why we are in unending serial wars.  This is why we have poverty and injustice and officials and experts who shamelessly and routinely abuse us all. 

I will believe that a government is legitimate when there are no more poor people and the prisons are empty.  Until then, not so much.

I don't have to tell you how wrong all of this insanity is.  I shouldn't have to tell you that false authority is just that, false, and that nobody, none of us, have to live down on our knees before any other mere mortal.  If you believe that a mere human being is somehow above you just watch where their feet are when they walk and you will see that theirs are on the same ground as yours.

I hate special people, I really do, and I am sick of them.  I am beyond tired of watching crooks, liars, killers and thieves present their new crowns and don them before us so that they may live their lives above all the rules of God and nature and right and wrong.  I've had about all of that I can take.

Never give your trust away for free. Require that it be earned and set your standards high.  Your failure to do so will precisely determine the quality of your life and your children's lives because the ultimate responsibility for your life is in your hands, not in the hands of any authority figure on this earth.  No authority figure, official, doctor, scientist, politician, military officer or institution will ever have to take responsibility for your actions, life, health or well-being.  They may claim the force of the law as they tell you what to do, as they demand, command, or order you to comply; they may claim the right to prevent you from doing what you need to do to preserve your life and soul; but  before you do whatever they tell you, since you will bear the ultimate and full responsibility for your actions, since you alone will have to pay the price if and when things go very wrong as they often do, you had better make sure it's really something that you truly believe is right.  Because the blood stains, regrets and repercussions will forever and only be on your own hands. 

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  1. Tony_Opmoc11:15 AM


    Judging by what you write, you seem to me as one of the nicest most intelligent human beings on the planet. You might be a bitch in real life, but that to me seems highly unlikely unless you express your "God" side on the internet - and another side in the real world.

    Not only have your words educated me, you have actually changed my mind. I used to be a big fan of violent computer games and considered them relatively harmless. I have now almost completely given them up...

    And you use the word "jello". Maybe its an American thing, but I had never come across the word until a couple of weeks ago, when I started learning to fly a quadcopter with a camera onboard - purely for photographic and entertainment purposes. I live in England and don't approve of using drones for killing people - or even spying on them.

    Now of course most of the entire world is going to hell, people you love let you down or just simply die, but try not to get too upset about it.

    I just go down the pub, watch a band, and dance and chat to really nice people, whilst I am not learning to do something completely different.

    Learning to do something completely different, keeps me a child. Its kind of great to wake my 24 year old son up at 5:00 am, and ask him for help, cos I have got my helicopter stuck up a tree.

    When my last brother died 3 years ago, I got really depressed for months, but I'm lucky. My wife is a totally lovely fly away child, such that I think Jimi Hendrix wrote a song about her. He called it "Little Wing".

    I can't ask for more than that. Find yours too, give up this spooky stuff, and go and ride your bike fast in the countryside. You will get the same effect ringing in your ears. Its just the wind.

    Love & Peace,