Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vainglorious Pie

Hungry? How about a nice hefty serving of double standards slathered with great greasy gobs of hypocrisy sauce?

Here you go. Bush today at a press conference in Texas:

"A lotta people here in Texas and around the country are not pleased... with the government having to take the steps they took, their question is, I pay my bills, I pay my mortgage, why, wh-why why are you helpin' Wall Street?

And the answer is because...uh, had we not done anything...people like the folks behind me would be a lot worse off.

We...we'll make sure as time goes on this doesn't happen again in the meantime we gotta solve the problem."

Uh huh. So, the people behind you, namely the rich and powerful full time speculators who need more play money to keep the games rolling, they would be a lot worse off if they couldn't get a honkin' sh*t load of free money they didn't have to work for, and since somebody has to pay for it, it should be us. That way, the whole country will be much worse off for a very long time to come and the rich people won't have to suffer so much as a moment of anxiety. They won't feel a thing as the nation tanks and swirls the bowl and jobs disappear by the thousands each month, and people lose the homes they've been paying on for 15 years and stores close. THAT'S not a problem, that's all fine. The rich running out of billions to blow on rich gambling games and bets, THAT'S a problem.

Okay, just so we're all on the same page here. It's important to readjust your priority system just in case you thought different than dear mr. bush, who has his priorities down pat. Twisted weasel that he is.

On the very same day his highness let us know what really matters in life, the devoted true followers of 'fuck-em-all' exploitative one-way capitalism were hard at work, ready to chop away huge chunks of the slim budget allocations for social programs. Including the ones that are paid for in full by us already. Social programs are way too expensive. Where are we supposed to get 100 billion a year for old folks and disabled working people depending on their measly government checks to sustain their lives? That's just wasteful! You folks out there just don't need all this stuff. You don't need jobs or health care or affordable housing or food, no safety nets. By the way, over 2 TRILLION dollars of your private retirement savings money is gone. Whoops. Sorry about that. Shit happens. Now what's for lunch? Maybe we can get 9 holes in afterwards.

I actually heard McCain today launching a hypocritical attack at Obama over the fact that when this terrible crisis on wall street happened that he purposely held things up and quibbled and acted like a jerk for making those poor rich bankers wait a WHOLE WEEK before handing them 850 billion free dollars.

I can't help but remember the long drawn out, painful, and much belated massive Congressional hearings that were held after the levy burst right after Hurricane Katrina blew through, demolishing untold miles of homes, schools and businesses, leaving at least 1,300 dead and likely many more than that. Do recall that the dear president was off eating McCain's birthday cake in California, and neither of them thought it an emergency severe enough to drop their gold rimmed plates and whip up some talk about emergencies or problems. They were fine with it. What's the problem? Bush didn't even make an appearance for FIVE DAYS and McCain was nowhere to be seen.

After Katrina it took months of begging to finally get Congress to belly up and listen to facts and figures and reality that spoke to the suffering and critical need of an entire region of this country desperate and dying from lack of help. It took hours and hours of gut wrenching and angry testimony to get the Fed to feel enough like weasel puke to grudgingly acknowledge the PROBLEM these people were having in the soaked and stripped south. Dead bodies and total Armageddon was not an instant no brainer that help was needed immediately. They not only needed a telegram, they needed an entire educational program which sadly, was not able to penetrate their avarice soaked brains.

Tragically, painfully, and expectedly they decided to conjure up a few billion dollars to set aside for reconstruction; which was then all immediately snatched up in the ravenous fat engorged jowls of no-bid contractors out to get a juicy slab of free cash. The contractors then turned around and subcontracted out the work, and the sub contractors in turn sub contracted out the work, and so on, until all that was left was five guys from Mexico and a hammer to get the job done.

But boy oh boy, some rich bankers gamble our entire economy away and they honestly expect same day bail out service with no talk, no strings, no stalling and no oversight.

See? Free market capitalism really works. That is, if the objective is to let the fat cats get richer and the rest to do without what they need to survive. It's no place for conscience or responsibility. It's feast time for the bottomless few.

They can hear our criticism. They know perfectly well how we feel about all of this. They just don't righteously give a damn. They say, "You people just don't get it. You are all here for our benefit. You're here to be worked and milked for everything you've got. That way we can get our hands on every penny of wealth you make. If we did nice things for you that would ruin the system, and we just can't have that. THAT would be a catastrophe. So please go away and die. Thank you".

It warms your insides, doesn't it? It definitely affects my insides, that's for damn sure.

I'm not clear on this yet but it seems that in addition to the 700 billion they already stole which in fact ended up being 850 billion, an additional 900 billion is being set aside for the kings of the land sharks, and mr. paulson gets to divvy it up and out to his bestest friends in the whole wide world, any way he likes, any time he chooses, and nobody gets an opinion about it. I must say, I didn't notice any heavily armed deputized Blackwater thugs rushing into Congress to shoot those rich looters. I mean, if you really want to shoot looters you missed your chance big time boys.

So "setting aside" trillions of dollars for the richest people on the face of the planet to use at will, trillions we don't have and can't actually generate but are expected to pay for, this is called "solving the problem". Using my magical powers of discernment, it appears that the definition of "the problem" is that there are still people out here who have food to eat or a roof over their heads. But they're working on fixing that problem too and by the looks of it, they'll get it whipped into shape in no time.

Maybe there's something in the water. Or maybe there's some kind of noxious germ in the D.C. ventilating systems, I don't know, it's hard to say exactly what causes the brains of full grown adults to go flat as truck tires on a freeway, making that smacking sound as the shreds flop all over the pavement until the truck pulls over. I heard that sound on the day they voted to steal the people's prosperity and freedom, and I'm still hearing it with every passing day. Even as they cast their votes the market began to nose dive, down, down, down it went; and the response on the hill was total surprise.

Their unprecedented theft from the American people was not boosting investor "confidence" as they expected. Strangely my friends, it seemed that the entire planet was losing confidence faster than a flat tire exploding on a freeway near you.

Perhaps the sight on live television of globalist banker criminals in pin stripes robbing their own country blind in broad daylight and forcing the entire system to swallow the most outrageous terms ever dreamt up, was more than the average normal human beings of earth could handle. Perhaps it sent people everywhere the message loud and clear that we are all much more screwed than we even thought. Because the American government is without a doubt the scummiest crime syndicate in history. There they stand on world wide TV promoting and protecting their own filthy lawlessness in front of God and everyone; flaunting their corruption and celebrating the establishment of the all new casino economy for the rich; clamping a permanent choke-hold on the American working class and the poor which will only tighten as the whole country slowly chokes to death in chains of debt. The pin striped crime gang cheerfully looks on expecting applause and congratulations at a move well made. As though they've done a good thing.

For everyone observing this blatant decay of ethics and morality, smelling the overwhelming stench of corruption and vice wafting from their TV sets, it's akin to a massive dose of global smelling salts, served rectally. The whole darned world has woken up, including Wall Street investors.

If you really want to know how to solve the implosion of our own economy and economies all over the world, here's an idea. Arrest and punish the Wall Street and government crooks. Frog march them off to prison. Get them into their orange jumpsuits. Enlist fresh new brigades of honest prosecutors and investigators, empower them with powers beyond those of the global crime syndicates, and let the facts come spilling out for all to see and know. All of them. The whole dirty, filthy portfolio. All the names, all the numbers, all the filth, the dirt, the murders and the lies.

It would break all box office records, and the show would go on a very long time after unraveling the network of interwoven lies and crimes and filth perpetrated on America and on many other countries over the last 30 to 50 years or so. Even though it would be a hell of a show we wouldn't need to wait for the happy ending. As soon as the first set of hand cuffs were slapped on I can just about guarantee that confidence would return to Wall Street over night, and confidence would return to the American people, and confidence would once again sky rocket the world over.

A government predating and cannibalizing its own citizenry makes pretty much everyone lose their appetites. Restoring the rule of law, ethical action, sane thinking and moral character to our highest offices is all the economic stimulus we need.


  1. I'm not religious, but this seems like a good time and place to say "amen".

  2. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Hi, Ang. I was surfing the web and came across this frightening scenario: Please read and disseminate.
    This is one of those times that I really hope that you are a citizen and not an internet security surveillance person. Forgive me, I don't wish to offend or piss you off, this piece really got me paranoid though. I love your blog and know that you will understand my apprehension. I would feel bad if I didn't say something about it. The economic upheaval we are experiencing right now is just a precursor. I sometimes wonder if I, like you, am spittin at the wrong side of the wind. Does it matter? Am I too paranoid? Am I crying wolf too many times, thus watering down the urgency of what is to come? Thank you, Ang for your blog and thank you for allowing anonymous postings. Peace :)