Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Insidious Pervasive Establishment Mind Kontrol Box

I don't watch corporate establishment television, I can't stand it for two seconds. It's like nails on the black board. Because of that I haven't had to sit through a mind kontrol kommercial either, for several years now. My gosh is it wonderful to not have any of that garbage cluttering up my mind and soul anymore, poisoning my thoughts, peppering me with heavy doses of fear, anxiety and worry. No more attacking my self esteem, or insulting me with stupid recorded people saying stupid things a thousand times that I can't make shut up or go away. So I went away instead and never looked back.

Getting out of the mainstream TV loop is the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I set myself free from the heavy handed intent of the Kontrollers who take our heads in their hands like little gray grapefruits and squeeze every last bit of unique thought, feeling and perspective completely out of them. Then they fill them up with Kontrol-Scripts and train us all to respond as desired on cue. Did you never connect Pavlov's dogs to human mind control? Why on earth do you suppose the establishment paid that guy to do those experiments? Dogs are easy to train, you don't need no stinkin' bells. Hmmm?
Achtung Woof, baby.

That innocent looking box in the corner of the living room plants millions of seeds and grows its own bio-kontrolable nano-greenhouses inside everyone's head. They can jerk your emotions around just like that, on cue. You will cry because they make you cry, you will laugh because the laugh track tells you it's funny now. They're unrivaled experts, inducing you to think and feel and believe and conclude exactly what they want and nothing else but what they want. It's the total systemic displacement of the organic mind and true being, and the replacement with the desired corporatized, obedient, non-thinking, fully conforming, laborer, patriot, consumer and true believer who just goes along. It's exhausting and debilitating for us unwitting dupes out here and strangely, it can be very addictive for a great many people.

It has been said that people want to be told what to do, that they don't want to think, they just want to be told where to go and what to do and when to go home and that's what makes them happiest. They don't want the responsibility of thinking for themselves or determining for themselves what's right and wrong, or what really matters, or how this country really should be run. That's too hard, too much work, and they're not made of the right stuff to be able to walk on this earth like full human beings, and need someone to do their thinking for them.

I can't give this much repeated notion any credence, even though it might seem to be true at first glance. It is much more complex than that, and there are other ways to come at this. It may very well be true that humans have an innate desire to cooperate and work within mutually beneficial systems that create a norm and something solid to build their lives around. You could call that being a follower, but that would be an erroneous, insulting, negative view of a good and natural human quality. The negative only comes into the picture not because people are stupid followers, but because they are good people stuck following crappy leaders. Do you see how it's always spun to put us down and keep them off the hook?

The telltale mark of this head game is always blaming us for the horrible outcomes they drive us into while they always safely avoid all responsibility for what in all truth they create and demand and suck us into giving them. Blame the victim, I've brought it up before. If you look around you'll see it everywhere, including this example.

How about a twist of our own on this idea of the sheeple? Only it's not a bunch of crap, it makes perfect sense, unlike their dishonest despicable self-excusing take on things. If it is true that people are naturally cooperative and that we will follow leaders, then why aren't our leaders doing things to benefit us? Why isn't our society set up to teach us a diversity of ways to be fully independent and get things going for ourselves? Why aren't our "Federal" programs about empowering us? Why aren't there dozens of paths for every last one of us to choose from and why isn't the government involved in assisting us to achieve the best possible educations and assist with helping us attain our desired goals and dreams and lifestyles? Because they'd never do that for any reason, they'd rather kill us all first. It's all set up to make us into workers for them and then we're supposed to shut up. So they are taking advantage of our decency and natural humanity and screwing us for their benefit.

Are we sheeple or are they criminal scum? It's all how you choose to look at it I guess, though I think my way is much more reasonable and correct and they really are criminal scum. They are not leaders chosen for their moral vision, renowned honor and honesty, special qualities, talents, values and an absolute refusal to abuse their power and privilege. Just the opposite. They steal their positions with lies, professionally paid for scientific research based lies that have created entire multibillion dollar industries that exist just to get inside our heads and shit in them. They are not good, valid, real leaders by any stretch. All they ever lead us to is loss, disempowerment and destruction while they rake it in and get away with mass murder.

It's so typical of these establishment people to want to keep sending the message that so called ordinary people are stupid and can't find their way out of a wet paper bag without their wisdom and guidance. That is not any legitimate human truth that I can tell. No one would own up to that. Everyone believes they're unique thinkers who can't be told anything. Yet it doesn't take much observation to recognize we've become anything but unique self-thinking self-motivated independent people creating the world we live in by conscious choice and action. Far from it. So what's going on here? How are we systematically, across the board, conditioned and indoctrinated to live our lives against our own best interests, ever more deprived of our human rights and potential?

Is it just a coincidence that the mind kontrol box in every household is the center of our private national attention every single night, every single day, starting from the time we can sit upright and stare straight ahead? The box is there to show us how to see the world and tell us what to think and what to believe and who to hate and what to get happy about and sad about and not give a damn about. What it chooses not to tell us, we don't know a thing about. It is there to model all the desired parameters of the general public's behaviors and show us we are workers and will never be much more than that. It is there to sell us and saturate us and kontrol us with their mind kontrol product.

In the decades that it showed us that people slept around, we slept around; in the decades it showed us prim and proper people we were prim and proper. Now it's showing us how we're uneducated jail bait and hos and guess what? Yeah. It tells us who our enemy of the decade is and it shows us that when we go kill them we are patriots and those who aren't duped by the lies are evil and should be shot as traitors. The box also shows us the dutiful worship and unquestioning trust of all authority who we in turn deeply believe to be the best guys in the whole wide world for sure and we can trust them completely.

Everything on the box comes from the one establishment perspective that our whole society is built on and is constantly put out there with the message, "This is the best and only way and any other way is stupid". We hear nothing else and so we think nothing else and we take the false sides they concoct for us to take and we vote and we do it all their way and we lose big time and never catch on.

Yes. We've been reduced to dumb asses. It's ugly but there it is anyway. It's all thanks to the insidious pervasive establishment mind kontrol box.

You know, we can unplug anytime and walk away, just like that. They can't make you watch the idiot box. But they don't have to make you. In fact you can't drag people away from their TV sets. Tell me again how it's not the most insidious criminal assault on humanity that's ever been achieved.

People give up living their real lives, for years, for decades, for their whole lives, to stay home on the sofa and watch pretend people acting out pretend lives as pretend characters that don't even exist, living out scripted imaginary lives that are complete nonsense. We'd rather sit there every night, gathered around the TV set, as the precious, finite, irreplaceable hours of our lives tick by, as we receive another round of 3 solid hours of product desire-inducement programming getting shoved on top of yesterday's layer on top of years of layers of now permanent corporate messaging. They own your ass outright.

Instead of being somewhere else doing something, living, thinking, learning, loving, enjoying, reading, playing music, getting involved politically, creating cool stuff or a better place to live, instead of feeling our own joy and touching other peoples lives in all of the ways that's possible and normal and necessary to our mental and emotional being; instead of living life ourselves, we stay in a room with a box that flashes pictures and sounds at us and it never shuts up. And it cannot be talked back to, it's all one way, it will not hear your disagreement or displeasure. You will sit there and take whatever it brings you and you will let the messages pour into your brain. You will not fight. You will believe. You will buy. You will see it their way and believe it is the only way and the right way. You will be sucked into a fantasy that does not exist and tell yourself it's a really good show. There's nothing in having a real life that could be better than sitting quietly before the 21st century priest-God-bon fire prophet-magical story teller baby-sitter and closest friend, the TV set. You've done everything in front of that TV set, admit it. It's your best friend. It's a corporate mind kontrol device and you love it more than your own life.

No, you're not brainwashed. You're not fooled. They haven't got you where they want you. You're too smart to fall for their lies. Funny how everyone thinks that. I'm afraid it's not that easy and the reality is whether you think it influences you or not, if you're sitting in front of that life wasting idiot box, they have you exactly where they want you. Game over. They win.

Never in the history of the world have so many people spent such an enormous amount of their time immersed in total fantasy and the utter rejection and all out total avoidance of reality and real life. It's never been done before. People have always been real and they lived their real lives all of the time, every day, and not much else. Fantasy was something people partook of in small doses at appropriate times, like we used to do with junk food and sugar before they became the mainstay of the American diet that's killing us all thanks to those TV sets. Fantasy was a rare indulgence and if it didn't have a moral lesson or make you think or learn or bury a political message in there somewhere, it wouldn't have been very interesting.

People have never been so into nonsense. They've never been so incredibly naive and uneducated about the world and themselves, about history and others and so disinterested in those who came before. We don't care about anything outside our own comfort zone, we're so ignorant it's shocking. But they've told us to look at our ancestors as stupid people by showing us silly pictures of cave men so we don't even relate to the humans who lived before us who were every bit as human and brilliant as we erroneously believe ourselves to be. They tell us that we're winners and we're capitalists and most of all we're superior beings and we're blatantly encouraged to see all foreigners as our lessers. They tell us we're number one and those people hate us for our freedom and we go off and kill them and tell ourselves we saved the day. We're so detached from anything resembling reality it's literally scary.

But we don't care at all. We don't see it because we've been led away from seeing it and don't know anything else is possible. We've got that military-industrial-governmental-corporate mind kontrol monopoly umbilicly plugged into our audio/visual senses, dosing directly into our brains, 24 hours a day, every single day of our lives, every year, year after year. And it all comes with a nifty sound track too to get that extra deep hook and manipulation effect in there real good and permanent like. Sounds perfectly normal and healthy to me. What do you think?

How old were you before your mom plunked your butt down in front of the tube to baby-sit you? In a way it's like sacrificing our lives to the Money Gods, one child at a time. "Here's another of my offspring Oh Corporate Gods of the Establishment! Have mercy on us. Let us not get laid off and do not let our interest rates go over 1,000%! Grant us much credit so that we may shop and serve your will! My son will be your loyal servant as am I! Praise the Profits forever! I will shop now. Please take my child and kontrol his brain like you kontrol my brain and the brains of our ancestors before us. I swear to you he will consume mass quantities as we all do and owe you vast interest charges as we all do, and you may take his house at will as you take ours at will. I am going now to shop. Be back in about six hours. Where's my Visa card?"

Are you saying that's not what happens pretty much to everyone more or less? No. I didn't think you were saying that because you know as well as I do it's all too true. And it's not organic, or spontaneous. We did not come up with any of that crap. There is a zero to the billionths decimal point possibility that three hundred million people would have all come up with this same exact stuff at the same exact time without ever having talked about it, discussed it, or conceived of it. Guess what? They're inside all of our heads telling us who we are and what to do and that is who we are and that is what we do. There it is. Look at it. What can you say?

No wonder folks don't feel so good these days. Their real selves don't exist anymore. They've been scooped out like pumpkin pulp. But hey, no worries, they have pills for that now. They provide those pills because they love you so much. You know they want to help when they're willing to drug you into going along even though it's killing you. It's better to do that than admit they suck and their system sucks and we're being screwed to death by selfish assholes with no respect for our lives. Whatever it takes to keep us on their gravy train is what we're told is "expert help" and is not to be doubted. And because this is a wholly artificial house of horrors, we believe every word they tell us too.

Did you know there was an actual study done that proves that the more time people spend watching television the less they know about the world and reality? The more people watch Fox news in particular the less they knew about the verifiable facts and the actual truth about anything. They were often grossly misinformed across the board more than any other group being asked the same questions about current events. Fox News is just the gloves off, full blown fascist version of what we've all been sucked into our entire lives. The fact is the more you watch TV the dumber you will be. And for developing children it's a simple reality that TV damages their brains and reduces their IQs permanently. Who benefits from that I wonder? Because it sure isn't us.

The facts are there, the evidence is in front of our eyes, but you can't tell people anything to save their lives these days. The TV set tells them they're smart and know everything and by gum, they're not going to believe any different. What can you do?

You can't do anything for them but you can change your own life and your children's lives and future potential overnight. You can unplug yourself and your entire family from the mind kontrol dumb-maker box and see what else is cookin' in this world. Find out that whatever it is, just like sex, it's a lot better to actually do it than it is to watch strangers doing it on your TV screen. That goes for every aspect of being alive across the board. Life is not a spectator sport. It's always better to eat the home made ice cream than it is to watch others talking about it and eating it. That goes for living life in every detail, large and small.

My guess is that's exactly what they don't want us to know; and rejecting their narrow-minded selfish capitalistic retarded view of the world for our own self-created, unique, cooperatively designed concepts and ideas is exactly what they don't want us to do. Too bad, I'm doing it. They haven't been free to mess with my head for a while now and I'm using mine for other things than being a politically correct, indoctrinated chump. And it's great to buck the herd and realize I really exist and I'm not what they say I am, I'm much more than that, and we all are.

I don't share their perspectives and I don't like their greed or their unethical, dishonest, self-serving, arrogant, violent, money worshiping belief systems and if we all rejected them and their control, things would turn around I think. If more of us did that the world would be a lot better place, filled with thinkers doing things their own way, fighting so that we're the ones in charge of how things are done, demanding that the selfish liars and twits ruining everything do the prison time they so richly deserve, fixing what they've screwed up, bringing justice, freedom, ethics, fair play and mutual respect back to protect and guide our country. A country of real people living their unique lives for real, with equal opportunity prosperity and a brighter future ahead for all of our children.

I'd say that's worth turning off the box and never looking back. How about you?

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