Thursday, February 14, 2008

One and One is One

I'm not impressed with george w. bush or his supposed deep connection to Christianity. Either the man is an all out liar and fraud, or he's absolutely the stupidest 'leader' of the century. I'm going with fraud. He's no rocket scientist but the amount of damage he's done has far exceeded any possible accident, ineptitude or stupidity. He knows exactly what he's doing. And to get it done, he lies. Fraud is the man's M.O.

He uses religion as a costume and mask to hide behind, believing that if he keeps asserting his heart felt belief in God that people will see that to the exclusion of all else, and that they will believe everything he's doing is sanctified. They will see his religiosity and say, "There goes a Godly man". They will excuse his every flaw, even the worst ones, believing that because he professes his love of Christ that he must be honest and he must be trustworthy. They will not ask themselves how it can be that everything the man does is in direct conflict to his supposed religious beliefs, they will excuse his errant behavior. Somehow in their minds, if people see bush as a strong Christian it will mean he can do no wrong.

Why do people believe that Christians can do no wrong? Who do they suppose our prisons are filled with? They are filled with Christians. Christians who lie, cheat and steal. Christians who murder. Come on people, get over yourselves. Just because someone says he's a Christian doesn't mean he can't be a lying, cheating criminal.

This knee-jerk belief that a Christian leader can do no wrong is both naive and supremely arrogant, and it's not just hurting the credibility of the Christians, it's doing irreversible damage to our country and countless people in other countries. Particularly the countries gw bush has decided to invade and crush to death to keep us 'safe'.

I'm not a Christian but I'm also not a stranger to the bible. I've studied it, I've actually read it, and I'm with Ghandi when he expressed this opinion. "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ". There is more truth to this than a lot of Christians want to face.

How can I say that? Well let's turn it around, and why don't you tell me how Christian it is for a leader to do any of the following:

Torture people.

Break treaties that are in place to protect human rights.

Turn his back on the people to serve the sole interests of corporations at our expense.

Allow tens of millions to go without access to medical and dental care.

Betray us with lies about a growing economy that is actually teetering on the brink of total collapse.

Call for wars on false grounds and kill over a million innocent people.

Swear to uphold the law and then circumvent it at every opportunity.

I can read as well as anyone and what I can tell you without doubt is this. If Christ were president, none of the above would ever have happened.

But it's safe to say that we will never have Christ in the oval office, and frankly I think it's obvious it's the last place he'd have any interest in being. Jesus Christ had no time for the trappings of the glitterati of power, wealth and government. He spent all of his time with regular people and he worked to feed the hungry, heal the sick, get rid of demons, and overthrow the cheating, thieving money changers. He forgave Judas for betraying him to the government. He did not take up arms. Ever. He was a teacher and a peace maker, standing up for what is right in the face of a mob mentality that supported the state in all of its iniquity.

Jesus made it perfectly clear what he thought of government power. When people came to him and asked him about whether or not to pay taxes to Caesar, Jesus said a whole lot in one sentence. "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and render unto God that which is God's". He wasn't just talking about paying taxes. He was talking about the whole government and power thing. How much are we supposed to give the government? According to Christ's own words, the government and God are not connected, they are not the same. He makes the distinction plainly in that one sentence.

God and government are two completely different things and Jesus never even suggested that there was any such thing as a middle ground where they connected, he knew better than that.

Christ wasn't telling the public to obey the government and pay taxes. What he was saying was that the government is a powerful force that can and definitely will mess you up if you don't do what it demands. That's just reality. The government killed Christ in case anyone missed that part. No single person can stand up to government power, take it on and expect to come out in one piece. Not even Jesus Christ could make them be decent people who respected God.

I always read Christ's response to mean, "Do what you have to do to keep the state satisfied, but then get back to doing what really matters: God's work." He did specify to also render unto God that which is God's, and then he lived the example of how that's done. He blew off the government otherwise, but knew full well it was there. He didn't waste his time dinking with it because it didn't matter to him. He knew they were power hungry thugs who loved money and he meant to keep his focus on what mattered to him. The example he made was in the hopes of teaching others the same. Do what you have to do but keep doing God's work.

Did I get any of that wrong? I don't think so. I'll ask again then, what is so Godly about gw bush?

Since he came into power, illegally, due to subverting the vote, he's changed the fabric of America into dirty laundry. He's used illegal, heavy handed tactics to force his will on this country every bit as much as he's done abroad. This man has no respect for human life, for our lives, for anyone's life in the middle east. How can anyone be responsible for the deaths of over a million people and not feel sick to their soul? What on earth is worth that price? I really want to know. You tell me.

There's nothing worth having that comes at the cost of genocide and destruction of countries. What on earth do we believe he's doing over there? If we are too arrogant to ever step outside ourselves and see ourselves as others see us, then we will continue this deadly charade of hypocrisy. We are perfectly capable of engaging in every kind of wrong doing that humanity is capable of, and it's high time we got that through our heads. I don't care how Christian anyone claims to be, if their actions are the opposite of how Christ would act then they're frauds.

If they hate people just because they look or speak different, wear different clothes or have different cultures then they are bigots. They are not like Christ at all. If they want war and more war, they are war mongers and nothing like the Christ they claim to love. If they support torture, rape and pillage and ignore their leader's obvious attempts to defraud the people, then they are hypocrites. They are not patriots, they are not Christians, they are fooling themselves, anxious to serve a crooked human master. They want to worship a man not God.

God gave them eyes to see with and minds of their own, and expects them to use those things wisely. To not be blind followers of such obviously corrupt loathsome leadership. To not ignore the suffering this leader's policies are causing both at home and abroad.

I expect Christians to be amongst the most tolerant, kind, forgiving people on this earth, but are they? Are they supporting bush's torture tactics? Are they happily laying down to allow an abusive government to destroy every freedom we once had?

As I said, I'm not a Christian, but I have every right to be here and live my life, every bit as much as Christians do. Certain Christians, like bush, believe that living on this earth is their right alone, and they're wrong about that. This is not their private world, it is filled with billions of others and they have to share it. They must also strive to get along with those others, and to not accept policies of a government that insists that the only way to keep us safe is to aggressively attack other countries and wage wars without cause or provocation of any kind. That's not even sane much less Christian.

I've had to learn tolerance for all of the religiosity around me, and I have. It wasn't hard. But when exactly will it be a two way street? When will Christians begin to show acceptance of those who are not in their private club? When will the Christians begin to share the planet and show some of Christ's love for the other peoples of the world, and for their own countrymen?

We all have the right to our own beliefs and values, it's not up to the Christians or any other group. It's not up to the government, or the Zionists, or the corporations, or the neo-cons or the right or the left; or the political bullies on the airwaves and in Congress, or the other bullies behind the scenes guiding the mentality of total control by force into the public mind. Freedom means the individual right to have one's own beliefs and to live them without being relentlessly attacked, attacked to death. Nobody's gang is right to abuse anyone else. There's a very old saying, 'Live and let live.' What else is there?

For Christians who are also Americans, you'd think they above all others would understand that, and sincerely support it. Not just for themselves but for everyone. Bush doesn't do that. Freedom is not in contradiction with Christianity, but bigotry, intolerance and hate are. So is war. So is attacking people for having different points of view in politics or religious beliefs. So are small-minded petty assertions that somehow you're special and no one else is. We're all in this together no matter what any group may believe.

Some beliefs are just wrong. They're wrong even though they're widely accepted and familiar to everyone. Just because something is widely accepted doesn't make it true. It just makes it widely accepted. It used to be widely accepted that the world was flat. If you were alive back then and said otherwise you'd have run into some serious trouble. Another belief that's long overdue some correction is almost as old as the flat earth belief, but it's still in full swing. It's the notion of 'God and country'.

Somehow these two totally unrelated opposite things have been laid side by side so closely they became one thing. But there is no such thing. The phrase evokes immediate images of a waving flag and parades and patriotism, and it brings up strong feelings of righteousness and honor. All of the things it evokes are about war. The phrase is used specifically to get people to support wars they would not otherwise support. Who needs slogans when your home is under attack? If we were being attacked or invaded we wouldn't hesitate to pick up arms and defend ourselves. It's not about apple pie and glory then, it's a reality that you either fight to defend your own life and property or you die and lose it all.

God and country means supporting wars of aggression, and it's used time and again with other mind games like 'support the troops'. That one means 'support the war of aggression or you won't be supporting your own families abroad killing strangers and being killed by strangers'. It seeks to make you look and feel like you're unpatriotic when the fact is, you just don't support bogus wars of aggression. How about supporting the truth for a change?

There's nothing in either of those phrases that have one single thing to do with God. What's the God part of God and country? There is no God part. What a deceitful phrase it is. Think about it. God has nothing to do with country.

This phrase was constructed by skilled practitioners of social engineering, devised for a very specific purpose. The same purpose that gw bush constantly asserts his religiosity for. By linking God to country, or to anything else for that matter, the lines between them become blurred. Blurred to the point that there's no separation between them in the eyes of the public and the two separate things meld into one.

The public simply hears the God part and the link is automatically established. God and country become inseparable, as though they're the same thing, and the people are then compelled to act is if they are the same thing. They treat the government with all of the respect, reverence, trust and obedience they'd show God. But they aren't the same. They have nothing in common. Just as gw bush's actions have nothing in common with Christian doctrine, God and country are not only opposites, they are in a state of perpetual conflict and competition. They're both competing for people's minds and hearts and lives.

People like to believe that their government is really truly linked to their own religious beliefs and values, and it's strongly encouraged for them to believe that. But why? Because a great deal of what government does cannot be justified. It can't stand on its own merits and be accepted by the public because it's completely unacceptable. A lot of what government does is actually harmful to the people, face it. They take your money at gunpoint and send you off to die in wars they contrive for reasons of their own. They throw people in prison whether they're guilty or not and deprive them of their freedom, property and rights at will. They kill people. They use us for their own purposes and for personal profit long after they leave office.

In order for the government to achieve its goals they need to get the population on board. But why would anyone in their right mind accept being taxed into poverty or being shipped off to kill strangers when its obviously not in their own best interests to agree to or go along with? They wouldn't.

The government knows that and that's why it is always desperate for credibility, and this handy trick is the primo short cut to getting that credibility. They know very well that if they can successfully blur the lines between church and state that in very short order anything the state gets up to will be supported by the people, who will have forgotten that the government is not Godlike. That distinction will be completely lost on the vast majority of the people who will then feel that it is right and noble and valid to do whatever the state demands of them. They will also feel very strongly that those who disagree with the government are disagreeing with their deeply held religious beliefs. Attacking the government becomes the same as attacking God. Disagreeing with the government makes you a traitor. This false connection leads to a breakdown of the peoples ability to think for themselves and to keep the government under control, instead allowing the government to control them. This is the goal of all government. That's just a fact.

And that is precisely why the myth of 'God and Country' is the number one tactic used to get the people of any country to look to their leaders and see them as credible. Hitler did his thing after getting the people on board with the "God and country' trick. Look at England, their royal heads of state are the 'defenders of the faith'. They aren't leaving the connections up to the imagination, they're casting them in stone in the people's minds. This is the only bastion of indelible credibility that governments have, and they are not ashamed to use it. Even our own government uses it in spite of the fact it's against our Constitution for exactly this reason.

It works exactly the same in advertising. That's why sex can sell beer. Sex can sell about anything. They just show you a scantily clad buxom babe next to any product and boom, instant sales. And the funny thing is that the guys who rush out and buy those beers or motorcycles or whatever it is, actually feel they are sexier and that scantily clad buxom babes are just around the corner for them now that they've got the product in hand. Obviously, a well paid model in a swim suit posing next to a carburetor has nothing to do with auto parts. She will not be in the box, nor will some other pretty woman on the street feel any compulsion to date a guy with a certain brand of beer or carburetor.

We humans are strongly inclined to blur the lines between totally unrelated things simply because they are asserted to us together and then are repeated; soon we come to believe a great many falsehoods because of this, and we act on them. Such things form the core of some of our most strongly held beliefs and the sad thing is that all the while it was contrived. It was the goal. To get you to connect one thing with another until you couldn't see them as separate anymore. Until you believe that one plus one is one.

It's not like you can accuse the advertising industry of lying. They'll never directly say, "Buy our brand of beer and get chicks". They'll show you ridiculous scenarios on the TV where beautiful girls are interacting with men who have their beer brand in hand. The suggestion is powerful, and what cements it is the emotional response the viewer has when he sees the silly ad. Consciously he knows it's a gimmick, but those emotions inside him don't get that. They think it's real because emotions are always real. And every time they see that brand of beer on the store shelves they'll remind the guy they want that beer because of the chicks on the TV commercials. It's all very subtle and automatic, and in case it needs to be said, it works like crazy. But are the ads lying? Nope. You couldn't take them to court and say it's false advertising, they'd just turn it all around on you as if you're crazy for not being able to tell the difference between a six pack and a chick in a bikini. YOU'd be the one being laughed out of court.

Of course they'd know all along they got you. Yes they entrapped you. Yes they strongly asserted the connection. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars figuring out exactly how to hit you so hard with an emotional connection to beer and sex that you'd almost have to be abnormal to not get sucked in to some extent. It's all subconscious and nearly impossible to deflect. You can't make yourself immune from this kind of emotion based mind control, and that's exactly what it is. It's quite insidious.

Advertisers do this for one reason and one reason only: they want your money. They are going to compel you in any way they can, to get you to want to open your wallet for their products and give them your money. Not just once but again and again and again, that's where branding comes in. They want you hooked for life, opening your wallet for them and only them every single day. They want you to be completely sucked in by their subconscious emotional hooks because they work so well, and corporations have gotten richer than God because of it. They've achieved astounding success and they've perfected the techniques of manipulating masses of people with these emotional hooks, and all the time people don't even notice it happening.

We tend to believe that because we can consciously reject an obviously stupid message that we will not be sucked in, but that's clearly not true. The messages aren't directed at your brain, they're directed at your inner emotions, the ones you don't talk about, the ones that drive you, that you obsess about, are embarrassed about or dream about. We are totally conditioned to receive these hooks deeply into our subconscious minds and we don't even notice the hundreds of companies living inside our heads, compelling us to buy this and that, and only brand X of some make of car or another, or some brand of soda, when the fact is it just doesn't matter at all. And the rest of the fact is you don't even need or want the junk they've gotten you hooked into thinking you have to have or you just won't be okay. We buy things for reasons we don't even understand and feel like when we do, we are going to be rewarded in some way.

Look at McDonalds connecting itself to children having fun. There's nothing fun about a crappy mass produced synthetic meat burger pumped full of chemicals. These things are not in any way related, they have nothing in common. But if you believe they are one and the same, or more importantly if your children believe it, then McDonalds knows you'll drag your kids out to their greasy processed junk food restaurants and fill their bodies with what amounts to cheap toxic waste. They would never dare claim their food is good for your kids. They don't care if your kids get sick, they want your money. They've found the exact formula to get it too.

The examples are endless, you can find them during every commercial. Try some of those pharmaceutical ads. Erectile dysfunction ads showing a man and a woman with the raging hots. Hmmm, somehow that pill is going to affect her too? How is that possible? Or is it? Of course not, the pill won't affect anyone but the poor schmuck who swallows it. But if he swallows it with the belief that it will make him feel sexy and desirable and that he'll be having mad passionate intercourse if he runs out and gets that prescription from his doctor, then he'll have done exactly what the ad was designed to make him do. Buy a bottle of pills because he connects them to sexual intercourse. It works every time. No questions asked, no facts necessary. Just assert that sex is yours with a bottle of this prescription and you go off asking your doctor to write you a prescription.

The government, desperate for credibility, did not miss out on this phenomenon. In fact I suspect they probably invented it. They do it because they want your money too, but they want a whole lot more than your money. They want everything you have and they want you to believe that's a good thing and even to support their agenda even though it's bad for you. They've done it. They really know how to pull this off. They know exactly how to address the public and mix ideas like security with killing a million innocent people overseas to make the public think that the one will assure the other. But it's completely untrue. They have nothing to do with each other.

The so called war on terror is the mother of all head games. There is nothing credible or possible in the statement 'war on terror'. It's a non thing. And that means they've lied us into paying for and engaging in unnecessary wars for reasons that only they know. It's about money and power, but it's not about ridding the world of terror and it's not about keeping anyone in this country safe. A million plus people are dead now. Are you safe yet?

In the first place, acts of terror are civilian crimes, not military attacks. They are carried out by individuals who are not connected in any formal way. They should be treated as crimes and prosecuted as crimes. What killers in our own country are tracked down by invading military forces that shoot everyone in the city in the attempt to locate and arrest a murderer? That would go against common sense wouldn't it? If someone is in trouble for killing innocent people, then how can we go around killing innocent people ourselves in the name of arresting a killer who kills innocent people? You see it doesn't make sense. It doesn't hold up to the slightest scrutiny. It's bull. If we're trying to save lives we probably wouldn't be taking so many of them in the process and be suggesting it makes perfect sense to kill people in order to save them from bad guys. Good grief.

Secondly there are specific reasons that acts of terror happen. They happen when life becomes so unbearable due to the injustice and oppression of some stronger group that they cannot take it anymore. It means there are no legal means to approach oppressors and work out equitable solutions. The oppressors aren't the least bit interested in working anything out, or any equitable anything. They want this other group gone. It means that people are being treated with such disrespect and cruelty that it literally gets to the point where they would rather die trying to fight back than to go on living on their knees. That's what it means.

If we truly want to end terrorism then we're going about it in the worst possible way. We're adding fuel to the fire. We cannot end violence with more violence. We can only end it by addressing the problems and solving them once and for all.

The problems are easy to pinpoint. They're the same problems everywhere you go and find unrest. What's missing is justice and autonomy, the right to decide your own fate and to live free from control and violence from those who don't want you to have those things. Along with that always comes the widespread lack of the most basic levels of prosperity for everyone.

These things are easy to understand. They're perfectly reasonable things to want. Everyone needs these things or life is a very hellish experience. And all of these things are more than obtainable but the reality is that there are those who have far more than enough, more than we can comprehend, and they don't want everyone to have what they need to survive. They'd rather let millions die so that they can have it all for themselves. So, millions of people have nothing and are excluded as if they don't matter, but they do matter. This is what we need to be addressing. This is what we should be fighting for, to bring legal and economic justice to all of the areas of the world where people are being prevented from having what they need to survive and are not able to do anything about it.

When the only thing left is an act of terror, that should be something we can understand. We should be able to see it for what it is and choose to investigate all sides of any story, not just take official stories at face value. Let the other sides speak too. Let them speak for themselves and tell it as they see it because they will see it very differently. Then we can say we have an idea of the truth, but in lieu of that, we have no truth. We're being manipulated into fighting when that's already what the problem is. In effect, we're punishing the victims instead of helping them. We've been sold this gigantic mountain of bull puckie with the same lies that equate acts of terror with insane people who don't even deserve to be heard out, and so off we go killing people by the thousands.

Our current situation is a spectacular example of officials using mind-warping 'one and one is one' tactics to get the public on board with a private agenda of greed and power. Connecting the events of 9/11 to an aggressive military attack and invasion of two other countries really shows how good they are at this stuff. They discouraged our critical thinking immediately after 9/11, while everyone was still in shock and reeling from the blow and they stepped in and said, "Look to us now, you're in terrible danger and you need us to save you. You must trust us and do whatever we say. If you do then we can protect you from the evil people. Stay terrified, but go shopping and just do whatever we say or you will all die horrible deaths". And the traumatized public said, "Okay."

The government then immediately launched into it's own ready made game plan, safe in the knowledge that it was now a belief amongst the public that everything they were doing would be for our own safety and security, and they've played this as far as it can go. If anyone criticizes their obvious illegal acts or points out their nonsensical logic those persons are simply attacked and accused of wanting another terror attack to happen. It's easy to whip up a whole lot of hysteria with this game, and a whole lot of other stuff too. In reality, this country is being used as a big dumb obedient thug with a giant club to pound helpless people into submission or just to death in order to allow a small group of corporate greed mongers to get us off to a hundred year war to make weapons sellers futures bright for a long time to come. Just look at who's been raking in the hundreds of billions of dollars of our money, money we'll never see or be able to use to make our own lives better, and you'll know who these phony wars have been waged to benefit. You don't have to be Harry Houdini to figure it out.

There are a lot of co-tactics they can use as the basic big lies begin to wear thin and the public starts waking up. Our consciences are still intact and the deaths of thousands of innocent people, much less over a million, for most of us is a horror beyond comprehension. People do finally begin to see that they've been lied to and used. Then they begin to complain and speak out. Almost every complaint has been anticipated and as you've witnessed, when the complaints hit the fan they are cast aside with a single message from the 'party' in control. Like mockingbirds they all repeat the same sentences. They all make the same bogus claims. They try to turn it around and make the truth out to be a lie, and make the ones criticizing them out to be 'for the terrorists'. This is very dangerous stuff.

It goes further than that too, they've thought this through for a very long time. They knew how to take advantage of the publics emotions as soon as 9-11 happened and get us to connect whatever they were planning to do to security and safety. They knew their lies about going to war would slowly but surely break down as people became aware of the reality of what was being done, and they knew people would see right through the lies and claims that wars and brutality could in any way bring us peace of mind. It's an obvious oxymoron by itself. They also knew that in spite of their ready-to-go think tank created strategies to keep the public unbalanced and unable to confront the leadership to demand changes, after a while the numbers of people would grow large enough to finally be able to make them shut up and get real. They could only use tactics to attack and destroy critics for so long.

So, quietly in the background they built and refurbished prison camps right here on our own soil, and the same big corporations who are raking it in in Iraq got the no-bid contracts. They're even on retainer.

The police have systematically been turned into soldiers, not public servants. They are turned into violent thugs who are encouraged to see the public as the enemy and treat us with ever increasing brutality. The prisons are growing like wildfire, indeed they may be one of the only industries on American soil that are growing. This government intends to keep people from waking up, from catching on and from stopping them, no matter what it takes. With continued total domination of the media that never allows a dissenting channel to come into mass view, they continue to spin their lies and control games and for those who dare to speak up they are ready with astonishing speed to have those people dragged away. This government is clearly terrified that at any moment the public will suddenly wake up and tear them from their liars thrones and give them what they so richly deserve.

Our descent into Orwell's world is well underway, it's not even a question of potential danger, we're in it. We're in it when the government is standing up for it's own law breaking, standing up and arguing in defense of torture, standing up and claiming that corporations are people and that people are not people and so they deserve no due process. It happens when liars lie and mix two unrelated things to inspire our emotions to control our thoughts and actions. We will blindly follow them anywhere they lead us, even if it's right into hell.

Oh yes, it's a very slick, very well orchestrated operation this bush regime has going. It's been staffed with the worlds greatest experts in propaganda techniques to keep Americans on board for as long as possible. Endless lies keep on coming while old lies are repeated and the ones that don't work are quickly discarded and not mentioned again. Many lies are interwoven too, to make layers of lies that are carefully catapulted out to the public to make us think and feel exactly what they want us to think and feel. All it takes is information control and repetition of the lies on every major news channel. People can only draw conclusions from the information available to them, so what they get in the way of information is very carefully decided and controlled. Yes, we have censorship in full swing, and propaganda to a degree so obvious to outsiders it makes their heads spin that we can't see it for what it is. But we can't see it.

The Layers Of Lies combined with Total Information Control makes it so much harder for our own people to extricate themselves from all of the deception. By and large the public will never be able to get a clear idea of who's who and what's really going on.

Most important of all are the foundational lies all the other lies are built on, and those continue to be repeated to this day. God and country. Support the troops. We're making progress. Another 9-11 could happen any second unless you give up more of your rights. The fear mongering, threats of dirty bombs, threats of home grown terror which is nonexistent, threats of raging pandemics, any threats at all that scare people and make them actually turn to the government and beg to be protected, those are the lies holding everything else up. As long as the public still believes the basic foundational lies then whatever evidence comes up to prove that other sets of lies are indeed lies won't be enough to totally break through the deception and expose these guys for what they really are.

The tricks and tactics are getting more desperate too, they're breaking down every last one of our rights and tossing them aside to make sure we can't legally rise up against them. They've already halfway passed so called anti-terror speech laws that entitle the government to imprison people who are aiding the terrorists just by criticizing the government. They're pushing hard to make dissenting opinions a death offense crime. That's desperation. They've made the foundational lies nearly untouchable through hyper-politicization turning our congress into subservient lap dogs who are too afraid to speak the truth while the lies are still so widely believed. The bush regime will continue to get away with all of its crimes and wrong doing as long as the public is kept in fear and anxiety suckling at the governments' big fat phony security teat, hysterically crying out to be kept safe from bogeymen.

They've got America right where they want America. Stupid, believing, and down on our knees begging them to make this country into a hellish police state, a nightmare of control and brutal tactics, a nation of sheep obedient to authority of any and all kinds saying 'please and thank you sir' to guys with badges. That's what the bush team knows it has to have in place long before the slowest Americans finally wake up and smell the coffee.

The bushco will continue to destroy our future as well as our present. It will continue giving our power to corporations while it undermines us more and more, eventually leaving us under continual surveillance, bugged, DNA sampled, drug tested and reporting to authorities for every little thing. They are desperate to maintain total control and keep all of the ground they've gained through their lying and deceiving of the people.

Ground work is being laid through horrendous and shocking legislation that Congress just keeps on rubber stamping. They've denied bush nothing, no matter how much damage it does to the people of this country. No matter how illegal his actions are they stand by ready to make them legal and to cover for his partners in crime. They're injecting prisoners with animal tranquilizers, torturing people, jailing people without cause, without charges and without due process. They are snooping into every teeny space of our private lives to know what we're thinking so they can be prepared to knock us down, and we keep letting them do it and we keep letting them get away with it.

Nixon famously said, "It's not a crime when the president does it". That pretty much tells you who these people are and how really willing they are to say anything it takes to keep people believing that they are good people who are working hard to protect this country. There does come a point though when only the most brainwashed are unable to see the wreckage piling up around all of us every single day. It's something I'd like to study. What does it take to wake some folks up when evidence up the ying-yang won't do it? Well, we're talking about the same animal here too. We're confronting emotion based beliefs, that came into being when liars lied and connected two things that have nothing in common so that they could get what they wanted from the trusting unsuspecting decent people standing before them.

I sincerely hope that bush's idea of Christianity is not an accurate take on Christian beliefs in the minds of American Christians. If it is we're toast. In any case we have to see how asserting religiosity is not proof of being a good person. We have to get it through our heads that church and state have no business being in bed together and that when they are, the offspring is hell spawn and death.

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    ...and don't forget, Blackwater is in business to provide "security", adding to their numbers with central and south american troops. Will they follow orders and shoot to kill U.S. citizens? Will they relish or regret it? Great look at the issues, Ang!