Monday, January 21, 2008

Death and Death and Death

Death and death and death and death, death and death and death. It's everywhere. All the time. It must be the going thing. It's been the going thing since WW2. This government, our government has not stopped killing people all over the world since World War 2. They must really like it.

Yep. They've got a real appetite for it. It can't be denied.

Take Vietnam for example. Two to three million Vietnamese people died in our Vietnam war, though our government will tell you that they didn't count the Vietnamese dead, just like they say they don't count the Iraqi dead. They don't like counting much I guess. It's a drag. Counting takes time away from killing. Killing innocent civilians.

There is a nagging problem with that. People matter. When they die it matters. It matters a lot to the people dying. It matters to their children and families, their spouses, their communities, and don't forget their careers and other involvements. If human beings matter, and they do, then when they are killed we're supposed to be sad about it. We're supposed to care. At the very least we're supposed to count the dead. After all it's not like we're exterminating cockroaches. We don't count dead cockroaches, but we do count dead people.

I think it sends a very clear message around the world that our government cannot be bothered to count the dead on "the other side". A hell of a message too. It's shameful. But it does make it perfectly clear that our government does not respect human life. It does not care about innocent people dying. And of course, once it gets to that point, where it is clear that innocent people dying are no concern to the guys with the bombs and the tanks and the guns, that we have to ask ourselves what they're over there doing.

The claim is that we are delivering another order of Freedom and Democracy, as if it were pizza. Only instead of pizza there is death. Death and death and death and more death. Endless death. And at the end of all that death we're supposed to find a shining pot of golden Freedom and Democracy.

Well, who is it exactly they are so concerned about being free and having democracy? If they don't care that innocent people make up the bulk of all that death and death and death, then they don't care about taking care of those folks political needs. It really doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

What does death and death and death and death have to do with anything? All that does is get a lot of people dead. For all the billion human beings who have died at the hands of an aggressor throughout time, has there ever been a shining reward at the end for those who died? Isn't it true that all of the reward goes to whoever it is doing all that killing and killing and killing? Yes, I do believe that is the deal. All the booty, all the pillage, the raping and the torturing, those are all the bonus rewards of the ones left standing after the smoke clears.

The main reward of course is a great deal more. It usually means that place and everything in it, including what's left of the population is yours now. Your property. Yours to do with as you please. All of the natural resources are yours to take and cash in on. And if the resource happens to be hot on the market you stand to make yourself a tidy bundle. And if it's in very high global demand, such as oil for instance, then you can play all kinds of games towards making other nations dance to your tune in order to get some of that for themselves.

All in all this killing stuff looks to me like a grand con game for profiteers. It's exactly the same thing as a street mugging, only on a larger scale. Someone sticks a gun in your face and demands your wallet; they take it then shoot you anyway. What's the difference?

Even though the facts all point to that, it is never what we are told. When they need us to pay up and buy all the weapons and bombs and troop transports and uniforms and guns and food and boots and bullets and tanks, and then also get INTO those uniforms and go over there and do all that killing for them, they always say it's because the bad guys are coming to get us.

Now, we're usually totally clueless that there even were bad guys because they're not around us. They haven't been sighted. They aren't in the news and we don't bump into them. In fact they're flat nonexistent here in the home land. But they will tell us all about the bad guys and even explain how bad they are and the fact that there aren't any around here up to now won't matter because they'll also tell us they're under our beds and more are on the way.

But if this government is good at anything, it's good at lying its ass off. It has been able to vilify and demonize people all over the world and tell us we need to go get them before they come get us. What's odd is that it's never other countries with nuclear bombs or any record of being generally aggressive or blood thirsty. It's always peasant people, struggling poor people, people who can't defend themselves, who are non-aggressive and who frankly, couldn't find a way to even get here to cause us a traffic delay.

They demonize ordinary people usually at the exact moment they are doing something to make their little nation free and prosperous, which means they are blowing off the big fat rich corporations. That is their crime. That is the reason our troops head out and go kill and kill and kill and kill and kill. It is not allowed by the Western Imperialist Mafioso to say no to our corporations when they want your stuff. When you say no, we come over and prove how bad you need protection.

We're shitty people in the eyes of the world. At least that's how our government is seen. A lot of people who have borne the brunt of our criminal "foreign policy" understand that most Americans are completely clueless about it. They also understand that when bullies are in charge it doesn't matter what the people want. They understand what it's like having domineering, brutal, dishonest thugs and liars in power. That little bit of grace is what keeps those people in far away places able to welcome us when we travel abroad, instead of killing us the second we set foot on their soil. We are very lucky that people in other countries have a hell of a lot more common sense than we do.

Look again at the Vietnam war. Let's go over this briefly, without the propaganda. It's much quicker to cover that way, and much easier to see it clearly.

The largest, most heavily equipped, most modern, most expensive military on Earth (that would be us) had to protect itself from Vietnamese peasant people.

Vietnamese civilian peasant people who didn't have a pot to piss in. Who didn't own appliances. Who ate what they could pick, grow, or fish out of the local stream. Who owned oxen. Who weren't even armed. Who were minding their own business, in their own country, saying nothing to us, doing nothing to us. They had no plans to come here and get us. They don't even have any boats. How are they supposed to get here? Dog paddle?

Millions of dog paddling Vietnamese peasant farmers that you could see on satellite, swimming across the pacific ocean towards America in swarms; each one of them holding a knife in their teeth to use on us when they get here. Our generals would be pointing at the satellite photos spread out on a big table in an underground war room somewhere saying, "Dammit Jim I'm a general not a doctor! They're coming to kick our asses! Look! They all have knives in their teeth too! They're serious about doing us in. We must prepare to fight!"

And the Navy is picking it up on radar too, these huge slow-moving blips coming towards America at 1,000 yards a day and they're saying, "Holy Cow, what the hell are those things? Some kind of new dolphins?" "No son, them are COMMIES. And they're coming for our freedom and democracy. We're toast if we don't do something about it pronto. GOD I hate commies!"

That didn't happen. Nothing happened. Vietnam couldn't have hurt us if they wanted to.

So how did this government's propaganda machine manage to turn these simple peasant farmers into a threat so scary that the mightiest nation on Earth had to stop everything and go over there and stomp the crap out of those people? What could we possibly claim to have been so afraid of? We were lied over there, just like we were lied into the Middle East. Why don't we know better than to fall for such blatant garbage?

How is it that 300 million educated Americans swallowed whole lies that obvious?

This government used all of the identical slimy lies and emotionalist patriotic hypocritical political mouth spew back then on the American people as they are using now. It's identical. The same exact crap. The same lies. Only they had to go kill peasant strangers over seas not to protect this enormous country from terrorists, but to protect us from communism.

Now don't miss the fact that this was another war against an idea, not a thing. Not a monster, not a Godzilla, not a physical three dimensional thing. It's an idea. A huge bloody war to go kill an idea.

What business of ours is it what people 10,000 miles away are thinking about? How would we know what they're thinking about anyway? And why should we care? It has nothing to do with us.

Why do we feel so much fear and loathing over other people's thoughts that the only possible response is to go kill them all? Isn't that a tad unreasonable?

What about, oh, I don't know, having a chat? Maybe you could change their minds instead of blowing their minds into a million pieces. Nicer. Cheaper. Easier. Quicker. Smarter. Saner. It's all thumbs up from my perspective. But no. This government can't stand anyone anywhere having thoughts it does not like. To them that is worse than an armed rebellion at home. If that happens they can just shoot us in the streets, no problem. But if they don't know what we're thinking they get all hinky and paranoid and start tapping all the telephones and capturing all the emails and faxes and cell phone calls and medical records and library records and bank records and school records and work records and grocery store records and shopping records and then they use this massive secret software technology to recreate a virtual-mini-America where every last one of us is represented and reconstructed by this program using all that data they stole about us. Then they extrapolate who we are. Why? Because they want to know what we're thinking.

We're paying for all that too you know. They just don't like to talk about it much. I wonder why. It is such a joyous thing after all, who wouldn't be delighted to know our privacy has been demolished and we're all standing naked in front of Uncle Sam being scrutinized for any sign of potential unapproved thoughts or behaviors?

If that's how they feel about us here at home having mysterious unknown thoughts, just imagine how they feel when people 10,000 miles away are having mysterious unapproved thoughts. They have to stop it immediately.

If they didn't go kill a few million innocent people in Vietnam and poison their pristine natural environment so profoundly that children being born today are still being born with horrendous birth defects, if they didn't go make that sacrifice for us, then surely communism would have marched right over here and eaten us up like a big hungry wolf. Ahoooooh! Ruff!

Is there anything more retarded than that? I can't think of anything.

Was this a variation on the Little Red Riding Hood story? Is America a little innocent girl in the woods going to Grandmas house when the big bad Vietnamese peasant civilians jump out from behind a bush and gobble her up? Is that what we believe?

We should establish that probably, because I think it's pertinent. We really need to stop and find out exactly how fucking stupid we are. All who believe that we are Little Red Riding Hood and the whole world wants to eat us up raise your hand.

Okay. Those are the people who literally to this day still look under their beds at night before going to sleep to make sure Osama Bin Laden isn't under there waiting to get them.

If you are one of those people, you are a stupid person. I'm sorry, but it's true. Only a true pal would have the nerve to tell you the truth. Only if you know the truth can you fix what's broken. I'm only trying to help.

These people were exactly no threat to the United States. Vietnam is 9,665 miles away from us and they had problems of their own. Like trying to free themselves from France who was acting like they owned Vietnam.

A lot of Western countries have this strange form of Alzheimer's Disease. They see little countries all over the world and accidentally think they own them outright. Just because they say so. It's a form of brain damage perhaps, or just imperialism gone wild. Regardless of the reasons for this amazing stupidity, they don't own any of these little countries. At least according to the people who live in them.

What was Vietnam's sin? They told us it was communism but there is communism everywhere, this place least of all should have worried us. No, their sin was refusing to lie down like good little peasants and be slaves for France. That's why America needed to hurry up over there and start the mass slaughter of innocents. It is not all right to refuse to be owned and controlled by imperialist nations who want your stuff. You must comply. If you refuse you will be punished. To death.

That's why we went there. And that's why over 55,000 American boys got killed. To put defenseless people in their places, which is on their knees, to us. That's who we are folks. It's high time we all caught on to it. We have done this over 65 times to dozens of countries since WW2 ended. We just cannot get enough.

Now I know what you're saying, you think it's not possible that our government is a bunch of thugs and thieves who are part of a global crime society. But I know why it's hard for you to believe. You've simply never heard it before. The government never told you anything about that. But dear one you have to realize, that when bad people do bad things and you ask them, "Are you doing bad things?", they always say NO. You do get that don't you?

Now let's take a look at Iraq. We have almost entirely destroyed that little country, and we have credible reports that over a million innocent civilians have been killed in the name of freedom and democracy. Some two million have been displaced and are roaming homeless, desperate and having a damned hard time of it. Their country has been blown to smithereens so that they could be free. They didn't want to be that free. Not so free that they're floating around with no safe place to be, and no home, and no food and no clothing. That's a little too free.

Imagine what it would be like if the tables were turned and it was us who needed to be rid of a horrible dictator. (That's not too much of a stretch is it?) Now imagine that UN troops came pouring into our country one day and they surrounded Washington DC and burned down the White house and the congress and the senate and disbanded our military and told them all to go home. They let go all the police too and told them they weren't needed anymore. Then they sent in their neo-con financial guys who immediately located our Constitution and flushed it down the nearest black hole. Then they take control of all the money in the country by having all of the banks give it up to them, so now they have all of our money and all of the guns and we have no military, no police, no national guard. Got the picture?

Now the news reports say that these guys are swell heroes, and they are here to set us free, but wait, they already set us free when they burned down the capital. So, why are they still here? And why are they going to California and bombing the snot out of it? And why are they also doing that in Texas, and Virginia and New York and Iowa and a whole long list of other places? And why have they killed 18 million of us? They are calling us terrorists now. And when their mercenaries come plowing down our streets in big tanks with bazookas and smoke bombs and hand grenades and they are running over our grandmothers and uncles and school children as if they didn't exist, and we start getting unhappy about it, they bomb the holy snot out of Chicago and say it's crawling with terrorists.

Then to top it all off they say they don't count how many innocent civilians they kill because it just doesn't matter to them.

How long would it take you to get seriously tired of that situation? Do you think five years would about do it? How about 5 days? I'd think so. But wait, it gets better. They also want to write our new constitution, and they want to split our country apart into 101 different little countries who would never be able to defend themselves or fight back against any forces for the rest of known time. And as they continued to slowly bomb us into the stone age and we starved and lost our homes and families would we be thrilled and delighted to know they are just here to get rid of the bad guys? Or might we just want them to go home now?

A war on terror is a non-thing. It can't exist. You cannot fight a concept. It would be like calling a war against gutter balls at bowling alleys. We have to be specific about such things, and they have to exist, in real time and be happening so that we can look at it and say, "There goes one now, let's go get it!". But to just go from bowling alley to bowling alley and size up people in rental shoes and torture them to tell us where the people throwing all the gutter balls are hiding out, that's just nuts. That's criminal in and of itself. We don't need that.

People from far away places or from right here at home who are so angry and so distraught and so at the end of their rope that they feel the need to kill innocent people in an act of violence are people who have more than likely been screwed over. If we were responsible for doing that screwing over, isn't it the decent thing to do to sit down and talk with them about it and see what the problem is? Doesn't that make a lot more sense than just getting our whole army, navy, air force and marines shipped out with half a trillion dollars worth of things that explode, and just go kill anything that moves?

I just think dialogue goes a whole lot further toward understanding other people and closing in on the real potential of making amends, making friends and then living in peace.

But I don't make the rules in this country, and frankly neither do you. So who are these guys in charge of our nation and why are they such bloodthirsty vampires that want to make war on something that doesn't even exist? The simplest answer usually covers it: they like it.


  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Yes, Ang you are right about all of this, I mean, its kind of hard to read your article and not go "well, duh!". However, if you know that these things are happening in OUR name with OUR Tax dollars, then you too are paying into the very system that you excoriate. How is it possible to live with that kind of duality? I do not pay taxes at all, precisely BECAUSE of such criminal activity. Its kind of like having good friends who happen to be black, yet at the same time, we are paying the KKK with the other hand. I mean, thats what it boils down too, isn't it? I understand the need to pay rent, eat, have a life, drive a car, these things all cost money. It is when these things come at the expense of another, unseen or not, that I have a problem with.

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Certainly, you are aware that these vampires, which they are indeed, cannot rule without our consent, right?True, we do not make up the rules of this nation, but to acquiesce by default in paying tax money, so they can continue to rule over us is a passive consenting and they know it. If someone is about to be mugged or raped, and the victim spreads or actually hands over their belongings, you can't really expect the perp, who is already dysfunctional by virtue of their actions, to suddenly get a clue and cease the egregious actions, that's not living by the rules of reality, which are immutable. Stop paying them to destroy us, stop giving assent, passive or otherwise. They NEED us, to do their bidding. If we stop doing their dirty work for them, they have to it themselves, and given your previous blogs concerning the elite, that just aint gonna happen. So why are we helping them to put the rope around our necks? The rope has already been placed, don't add insult to injury by PAYING for it!!!

  3. This is an amazing post. And to anonymous, I say "No it is not obvious or a 'duh' moment because not enough people see it this way. and also to anonymous if you do not pay taxes you go to jail.

    I think the poster is courageous and intelligent. This is the kind of rational talk that no one seems to care about anymore and it is a shame.

    You are clearly speaking the truth.

  4. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I'm almost through all of your posts dating back to the inception of your blog. Some much common sense, wisdom. I've been sharing some of the highlights with my girlfriend who is somewhat oblivious and she's been challenged. You manage to communicate these truths in such a simple, but profound way. I often times attempt but come off as too convoluted. Keep it coming as your conscious sees fit.